Prayer - God of yesterday, today and tomorrow

(Men) - God of yesterday, today and tomorrow,We call to mind your presence within us and around us.

(Women) - Open our ears that we might hear your Word.
Open our hearts that we might understand your Word.
Open our mouths that we might speak your Word.

(Men) - Inspire us with the Gospel message,
That we may celebrate all that is life giving,
Restore hope where it has been lost,
And work to bring about change where it is needed.

(Women) - May we live the Gospel with courage,
constancy and love,
May we be open to the challenge of true freedom.

(Men) - May we be faithful to you in our daily choices and decisions.
May we make your love known
Through our words and actions.

All - May the triune God rain in our hearts now and forever. Amen.

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02 March 2021

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Pray this prayer at your prayer time.

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