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How do parents - approach Teaching - Human Sexuality - to Teenagers - as Christians? Andrew Dumas
23 May 2024
In 'How do Christians and Catholics Approach Teaching Human Sexuality to Teenagers?' by Andrew Dumas, the author reflects on a lecture about the ethics of sex and sexuality and its reception at his family dinner table, leading to broader considerations on the topic within Christian contexts. Dumas critiques the direct instructional approach, advocating instead for a method rooted in ontological questioning and the deep exploration of love and personal relationships, as modeled by Jesus. He argues that understanding human sexuality in Christian teaching should transcend mere ethical dos and don'ts to foster a foundational love and faith that resonate with God's teachings. This approach, he believes, not only helps in discussing sensitive subjects like sexuality but also aligns with the profound Christian principle of love as the essence of existence and moral guidance.
Beyond Tradition - Envisioning a New Sexual Ethic - Bishop Geoffrey Robinson Bishop Geoffrey Robinson
20 January 2024
Bishop Geoffrey Robinson's presentation on sexual morality is a critical examination of the Catholic Church's traditional teachings on the subject, especially in light of the sexual abuse crisis within the Church. He challenges the assertion that every sexual act must be both unitive and procreative to align with God's will, highlighting that this perspective fails to consider the full complexity of human relationships and the individual circumstances that affect moral decisions.
Blog - the dance of Marriage Marist Laity Australia
14 December 2023
The blog post uses the wedding at Cana, where Jesus turns water into wine, as an allegory for marriage and personal growth. It suggests that like Mary, who notices a need and invites Jesus to help, we should be aware of what is lacking in our lives and seek assistance from those around us, such as a spouse or others. It challenges the individualistic approach to life and marriage, advocating for teamwork and community support. The post emphasizes that marriage is more than just romance and emotions; it is about making daily choices that shape our lives together. It discusses the need for change and growth within marriage, and the importance of creativity and small gestures to maintain the connection. The narrative stresses that a healthy marriage allows for individual growth and reflects the nature of the divine, suggesting that God is present in the union and that marriage is a dynamic vocation of love, intimacy, and sacrifice.
Is it okay to have friends with benefits? Marist Laity Australia
30 November 2023
When faced with profound questions, Jesus often replied with queries of His own, nudging inquirers to delve deeper into their souls. This method inspires us to ponder the cultural context that breathes life into our questions.
Developing a sense of beauty Marist Laity Australia
14 July 2023
In today's world, where materialism and superficiality often take center stage, it becomes crucial to guide young minds toward developing a genuine sense of beauty—one that transcends external appearances. Recently, I had a heartfelt conversation with my niece about body image and clothing choices. It made me reflect on the invisible aspects of beauty and the importance of nurturing self-worth and self-esteem in our loved ones.
Love Marist Laity Australia
09 April 2022
Katie Hood reveals the five signs you might be in an unhealthy relationship -- with a romantic partner, a friend, a family member -- and shares the things you can do every day to love with respect, kindness and joy. 'While love is an instinct and an emotion, the ability to love better is a skill we can all build and improve on over time,' she says.
Stages of Moral Development Marist Laity Australia
27 March 2022
When a person chooses to ignore a religious view such as a Catholic view on sexual ethics, are they operating out of a lack of basic needs rather than seeing the higher needs? Debate and explain.
Conscience Marist Laity Australia
16 March 2022
Conscience is that part of us which helps us make decisions. But what helps shapes our conscience? What forms our conscience? As we explore the nature of conscience we become more aware of factors which helps us to make better decisions.
Natural Law Theory All about philosophy
11 March 2022
Natural Law is a broad and often misapplied term tossed around various schools of philosophy, science, history, theology, and law. Indeed, Immanuel Kant reminded us, 'What is law?' may be said to be about as embarrassing to the jurist as the well-know question ‘What is Truth?’ is to the logician.
Created in the image of God Marist Laity Australia
07 December 2021
The account of creation in the first chapter of Genesis is a biblical reflection on the nature of the human person as one who shares a likeness to God and reflects the image of God. Each human being is unique and is invited to share in the company of God (DV2).
Introduction to Human Sexuality Marist Laity Australia
06 December 2021
What does it mean to human? What does it mean to be human? What is human Sexuality?

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