- How do we taste God?

A house builder does not start with the roof or the tiles. Our relationship with God are within stages like a builder building a house. You need to start with a foundation. The beginning stages is the laying of the cement. There is a natural beginning when we draw upon the natural elements and building blocks of our own lives. God speaks to us most fully through our own life experience.

As parents do, we include our children in what we do? Sadly today, we often send our children off to watch television. Or to a corner of the room of the house to play computer games. We are missing something. To taste God comes from the living moments which we share. Do we garden with our children? Do we clean and tidy with our children? Do we teach our children to cook even though they say to us “I do not know how to cook”? Do we sit down and read a story together? Do we respond with the presence from the place where our children need us to be more fully present?

The taste for God and the desire to seek God first comes from our human relationships. We are design to be in human relationships. God can be revealed through the presence we bring to every living moment and more fully with each other.

Each moment is sacred. Our breath is sacred. Our body is sacred and we are walking on holy ground. Without even speaking the words “God”, “prayer” or “church”, we first reveal God through our lives through the mystery that we and everything around us is sacred.

Our lives are more than what they seem. Without holy words. The foundation that we build for our house, can be a strong foundation, like clement, when we recognise God in each living moment. There are no wasted moments.

We taste God when we become aware of God intricately woven in each living moment. This is the sacrament of human life, relationship and creation.

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12 April 2022

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Be still and know that I am God?

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