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BLOG - A Letter to Marists of 2232 Andrew Dumas
23 July 2024
Reflecting on the 208 years since the first Marists took the pledge of Fourvière in 1816, we envision how this dream will evolve by 2232, guided by Mary’s spirit. Mary's life, marked by faith, courage, and hidden acts of devotion, inspires us to live our faith authentically in today's world. As a lay Marist, I see Mary's call in my life, urging us to embrace a life led by the Holy Spirit and committed to social justice. Fourvière invites us to recognize God's spirit, share good news, and make a difference. Our story, inspired by Mary's, becomes a journey to bring God's light into our contexts and lives, embracing our shared calling with faith and dedication.
A Winter Soccer game - Facing difficulties in our life Andrew Dumas
06 July 2024
On Friday night, I took my youngest son to soccer training. It was the middle of winter, and it had been raining throughout the day. Despite the cold and wet conditions, the coach wanted to proceed with the training. It would have been much easier to stay at home, rugged up in front of the TV. Some parents messaged, saying they would not be coming. The game scheduled for the next day, Saturday, had been cancelled, which only fueled the desire to skip training.
Blog - Seeing in the Dark - How Struggles Illuminate the Divine in Our Lives Andrew Dumas
03 July 2024
We sometimes forget what is really important in life. The worries of this world have a habit of distracting us. No doubt, things like earning a living to pay the bills, being happily in love, having children, and being entertained are important parts of who we are. However, a culture of rampant individualism has skewed our alignment to what is truly important. Mixed into this are desires like greed, power, wealth, lust, and envy, which contribute to why we forget what is really important. Even good things like family can be forgotten under the weight of greed. Even good things like a healthy, loving relationship are affected by large amounts of time spent on the smartphone.
Blog - A lay Marists - reflection on Journey - To my children Andrew Dumas
02 June 2024
In this reflective letter, we explore the profound concept that 'Life is a journey and not a destination,' challenging the societal norms that prioritize wealth, popularity, and success above all else. Drawing from religious teachings, specifically the Beatitudes, you emphasize the value of spiritual richness over material gain and the importance of trusting in God's plan. We relate this to personal experience of volunteering at Marist Farmhouse after university, a decision that diverged from the typical path of society and culture. This choice, while less conventional, proved deeply enriching, teaching invaluable life skills and spiritual lessons. Through the story, we encourage you to embrace the road less traveled, highlighting how such choices can lead to profound personal growth and fulfillment.
Aboriginal Reconciliation - for our lives, - our past, - and for - Aboriginal people Marist Laity Australia
01 June 2024
Has anyone ever hurt you in your life? Have you been treated badly? Have the wrongs of the past affected who you are? When we spend time reflecting on our lives, we can see that hurts, ill-treatment, and wrongs have been part of our story. When we ponder these questions, we find no answers. Our ancestors remain silent. Yet, their effects impact us today. Psychologists recognize that trauma can be passed down from one generation to the next, revealing layers upon layers of hurts, ill-treatment, and wrongs.
The Value of Senior Retreats Andrew Dumas
18 May 2024
The implementation of two senior retreats for Year 11 and Year 12 students provides profound benefits, focusing on personal development and spiritual growth. The first retreat, themed 'Awaken,' encourages students to explore their identities and break down social barriers through engaging activities, fostering a sense of community and connection. This foundation supports the second retreat's theme, 'Journey,' which prepares students for life beyond high school by focusing on transitions, personal challenges, and future aspirations. Both retreats incorporate elements of Catholic spirituality tailored to a diverse student body, enhancing their experience through activities like the sacrament of reconciliation, affirmations, and shared meals, culminating in a Mass that solidifies their learning and spiritual insights. This dual-retreat approach not only deepens students' understanding of their faith and identities but also equips them with leadership qualities and a renewed perspective as they approach significant life transitions.
Blog - Do we pray for the Holy Spirit? Marist Laity Australia
10 May 2024
In this reflection on the Holy Spirit's role within the Church and individual lives, we explore how the Spirit acts as a transformative power, from the early Church narratives like the Annunciation and Pentecost to its vital presence in the sacraments today. We see the Holy Spirit as a source of inner transformation, guidance, and communal unity, echoing the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, which emphasizes the Spirit's role in liturgical renewal, prayer, and the encouragement of ecumenical unity. Through personal and communal encounters with the Holy Spirit, we are called to deepen our understanding and integration of this divine presence in our lives, urging us to live out our faith actively and to embrace the Spirit's call to be like Mary—serving as the hands, feet, and heart of Christ in the world. This reflection concludes with a prayer inviting a deeper infilling of the Holy Spirit to guide, renew, and empower us in our spiritual journey.
Blog - Not Human Hope - Something more.... Marist Laity Australia
20 April 2024
his blog delves into the profound lesson of the Parable of the Rich Fool, emphasizing the fleeting nature of material wealth in contrast to the enduring richness of a life aligned with God's values. Drawing parallels with the Pixar movie 'Soul,' it explores the journey of self-discovery, where the protagonist, Joe Gardner, learns that true happiness isn't found in life's accomplishments, but in appreciating the present moment and nurturing spiritual wealth. The narrative reminds us that our ultimate hope should not rest in human desires or the accumulation of wealth but in the pursuit of a deeper, more meaningful existence rooted in love, kindness, and generosity—the true treasures that resonate with God's hope for humanity. Through this introspection, the blog encourages readers to reflect on the legacy they wish to leave behind, advocating for a life rich towards God and abundant in divine purpose.
Blog - How we are called to be like the angels - bearers of hope? Marist Laity Australia
07 April 2024
In Luke's Gospel, we are encouraged to embody the role of angels as messengers of hope, mirroring the angelic interventions at significant moments, such as the announcement of Jesus' resurrection to the women at the tomb and the Annunciation to Mary. These narratives underscore the importance of delivering God's message despite skepticism and fear, emphasizing personal experience and the Holy Spirit's role in understanding and faith. We are called to be reassurances in the face of doubt, to invoke the Holy Spirit in guiding ourselves and others, and to be bearers of light, faith, and hope. This mission involves helping others discover God's presence in their lives through their own reflections and experiences, emphasizing the freedom to explore faith, and reminding them that they are never alone, with the enduring presence of God's love and guidance, even in our absence.
Blog - How can we face our fears and anxieties? Marist Laity Australia
29 March 2024
In addressing how we can confront our fears and anxieties, the blog explores the encouragement found in Jesus' teachings, specifically the exhortation 'do not be afraid,' despite the inevitability of suffering and death inherent to the human condition. It highlights the importance of embracing these realities through reflection, prayer, and drawing closer to God, using examples from the Bible, such as Mary's courage and Jesus' prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, to illustrate how facing fears with faith can lead to a transformational strength and the realization that we are not alone. Through engaging with our struggles and the divine, the text suggests that we can find rest in God, confront injustices with love and humility, and become vessels of hope and bearers of God's love, embodying the eternal love that lies beyond our immediate realities.
Blog - Little moths in the darkness Marist Laity Australia
14 March 2024
This blog draws a parallel between the task of cleaning out a kitchen cupboard infested with moths and the introspective journey of addressing sin and imperfection in our lives. It reflects on how sin, often denied or overlooked, is akin to the unnoticed infestation that requires thorough cleaning. The blog touches on the Greek concept of sin as missing the mark and expands on the idea that sin encompasses more than just our visible faults or the ones we choose to acknowledge. It stresses the need for external help in our transformation, much like the cleaning of a cupboard goes beyond mere surface tidying.
Blog - Do you pray as a family? Marist Laity Australia
08 March 2024
In this blog, the author emphasizes the importance of family prayer, not as a duty to God but as a necessity for our spiritual growth and connection with Him. Drawing on biblical teachings, they underscore the significance of praying with the right intentions and the transformative power of submitting to God's will over our own. The blog highlights how salvation and spiritual growth are fostered through relationships—mirroring the Holy Family's example—and how prayer serves as a journey that brings families closer to God and each other. The author reflects on the challenges modern families face in finding time for prayer amidst busy schedules, advocating for intentional leadership within the family to cultivate a regular prayer life. Ultimately, the piece calls for a deeper engagement with prayer as a means to experience God's love and mercy in our relationships, urging families to become beacons of hope and vessels of divine mercy by living out their faith together.
Leadership - and the Resistance to Change in the Church - A Reflection on - Progress and Tradition Marist Laity Australia
24 February 2024
This delves into the evolving nature of church leadership and the resistance to change within the Church. Beginning with Jesus' selection of Peter, it highlights the transformative journey of the Church as a living community of faith. Through quotes from influential figures like John C. Maxwell and Pope Francis, it emphasizes the importance of inclusive leadership and embracing change. The narrative explores the crisis of relevance faced by the Church and the necessity of adaptive leadership in navigating it. It calls for a shift towards a more collaborative and participatory model of governance, echoing the sentiment that leadership and learning are intertwined. Ultimately, it advocates for embracing change while upholding timeless values, presenting a roadmap for renewing the vitality of the Church amidst a changing world.
Blog - Transforming Pain Marist Laity Australia
18 February 2024
The blog explores the teachings of Franciscan Richard Rohr on the transformation of pain, emphasizing that if we do not transform our pain, we inevitably transmit it. It discusses how pain and suffering manifest in various aspects of life, including parenting, marriage, societal injustice, psychological shadows, and spiritual disconnection. Drawing from Jungian psychology, the blog highlights the importance of acknowledging and transforming our inner traumas to prevent them from surfacing in harmful ways later in life.The blog further explores different methods and examples of transforming pain, such as Van Gogh's art, Dietrich Bonhoeffer's writings, sports for mental health, and the supportive nature of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. It suggests that spiritual practices, meaningful conversations, and creative expressions can be pathways to dealing with pain and suffering, offering a deeper understanding and acceptance of these experiences as part of the human condition.The narrative also delves into the role of pain in spiritual growth, using the story of Mary's experience of pain and presence during Jesus's crucifixion as a metaphor for being fully present in the face of suffering. It concludes by asserting that pain and suffering, when acknowledged and transformed, can open doorways to divine experiences and personal growth, urging readers to embrace these experiences as opportunities for transformation rather than avoiding them.
Blog - What is my role as a dad? Marist Laity Australia
13 February 2024
This blog explores the crucial role dads play in their children's development by actively engaging in their lives, serving as role models, and guiding them through life's important questions and challenges.
Blog - I did not win lotto Marist Laity Australia
04 February 2024
The blog reflects on the motivations behind why over half of Australians participate in the lottery, suggesting that it may be driven by a desire to escape reality or by greed, and questioning the morality behind such desires. It then draws from a biblical passage where Jesus advises a wealthy man to sell all his possessions to follow Him, prompting a deeper introspective question of who or what we prioritize in our lives. The blog contrasts the wealth of the Marist founders with their choice to serve the poor, advocating for a similar path of service rather than seeking fulfillment in material wealth. It concludes by suggesting that true contentment and purpose are found not in accumulating wealth or buying lottery tickets, but in serving the poor and aligning our hearts with God's will.
Blog - The Adventure of Returning to School Marist Laity Australia
30 January 2024
Embracing the return to school after holidays can be challenging, but it's an opportunity for growth and learning. Life isn't meant to be a permanent vacation; it's about facing and overcoming challenges. Just as eaglets learn to fly when nudged from the nest, we learn and develop by tackling difficult tasks and adapting to change. School may bring unfamiliar situations, but staying flexible and proactive, asking for help, and preparing ahead can help you navigate these with confidence. Remember, support is available, and planning for challenges makes them more manageable. Good luck, and may this school year be a successful journey of learning and growth.
Blog - The Family Man - Living Presence Marist Laity Australia
19 January 2024
In 'The Family Man - Living Presence,' the protagonist, Jack, portrayed by Nicolas Cage, undergoes a profound transformation when an angelic encounter propels him from a life of solitary wealth into one filled with the riches of family life in the countryside. Initially resistant to his sudden shift from a high-powered city broker to a family man, Jack's journey of frustration and disbelief transitions into one of love and genuine presence as he learns to embrace the simplicity and stillness of his new life. His story invites readers to contemplate their own lives, questioning whether work or consumerism has disconnected them from loved ones and whether they can identify the 'angels' that might shift their perspectives. The blog calls for a 'tender revolution' where individuals rediscover love in unexpected places, grow beyond their egos, and accept the mystery of life's pattern, underscoring the need for presence as an awakening to the reality of life rather than a mere action, echoing the sentiment that 'Let your will be done.'
Reimagining Church Marist Laity Australia
14 January 2024
The blog entry titled 'Reimagining Church' explores the concept of 'church' beyond its contemporary association with a large institutional body, urging a return to its roots as 'the people of God' and an inclusive family beyond mere blood relations. It reflects on the character of Peter, a family man and fisherman, chosen by Jesus to be the foundation of his church—a figure with flaws and personal struggles, as depicted in cultural narratives like the TV series 'The Chosen.' The blog critiques the decline in church attendance in Western countries, citing issues like sexual abuse scandals, secularism, lack of women's leadership, and polarization between conservatism and progressivism. However, it suggests that these issues, while significant, are not the core crisis. It advocates for a more engaged and familial concept of church, influenced by Pope Francis's idea of a 'Synodal Church' that is conversational and journey-oriented. The entry calls for action and dialogue within the church as a family, recognizing that like Michelangelo's unfinished David, the church is a work in progress. It concludes by questioning the reader's personal definition of 'church' and encourages reimagining it as an active, family-oriented community where God's will is pursued collectively.
Blog - New Years resolution - Where does Life begin? Marist Laity Australia
02 January 2024
The blog post discusses the transition from structured education to the broader, self-directed learning that life offers beyond formal schooling, suggesting it truly begins at the age of 19. It reflects on the tendency to move away from faith and community during this period, questioning whether life's purpose extends beyond personal achievements and material success. The narrative draws parallels with Mary's unquestioning faith and the concept of divine design, underscoring the value of confronting fears and actively engaging with life's challenges. The author illustrates these ideas with a personal anecdote about mediating a conflict between their children, using it as a metaphor for divine intervention. The post concludes by encouraging a proactive approach to life's journey, inspired by biblical teachings that advocate for trust and courage in the face of fear.
Blog - Christmas and the Earths Awakening Marist Laity Australia
21 December 2023
In the midst of an unusual El Niño that has replaced Australia's typical pre-Christmas heat with unexpected rain, the ongoing destruction of natural habitats for urban development starkly contrasts with the festive consumerism of the season. Reflecting on the teachings of Protestant theologian Sally McFague, who views the Earth as the 'womb of God,' the blog calls for a Christmas awakening to the sacredness of creation. It suggests that honoring the Incarnation—God becoming flesh—should extend to a profound environmental stewardship, recognizing Christ in all aspects of creation and embracing our responsibility to preserve and revere the natural world as an act of divine worship.
Blog - the dance of Marriage Marist Laity Australia
14 December 2023
The blog post uses the wedding at Cana, where Jesus turns water into wine, as an allegory for marriage and personal growth. It suggests that like Mary, who notices a need and invites Jesus to help, we should be aware of what is lacking in our lives and seek assistance from those around us, such as a spouse or others. It challenges the individualistic approach to life and marriage, advocating for teamwork and community support. The post emphasizes that marriage is more than just romance and emotions; it is about making daily choices that shape our lives together. It discusses the need for change and growth within marriage, and the importance of creativity and small gestures to maintain the connection. The narrative stresses that a healthy marriage allows for individual growth and reflects the nature of the divine, suggesting that God is present in the union and that marriage is a dynamic vocation of love, intimacy, and sacrifice.
Blog - How do we live an - integral ecology - in our families? Marist Laity Australia
08 December 2023
In the document Laudatio Si Pope Francis calls all people to live an “integral ecology”. That people develop a sense that all life is connected. This is a very Christian belief as it is the sacrament of creation. That God is revealed through creation itself. God is the Creator who has entered creation in the person of “Jesus Christ”. Christians call this the “incarnation”. The fact that God has entered creation reveals to us the sacredness of creation. All of creation manifests the glory of God.
Blog - Playing Zachariah Marist Laity Australia
05 December 2023
The blog post reflects on the author's experience playing the role of Zechariah in a life-sized Nativity Play. Zechariah, an old man in the biblical narrative, initially does not believe the angel's message that his wife Elizabeth will bear a child, as she is beyond childbearing age. The post delves into Zechariah's skepticism, rooted in the science and logic of his time, and his subsequent suffering, symbolized by his inability to speak—a punishment for his disbelief, but also a spiritual journey towards trust.The author draws a parallel between Zechariah's story and our own lives, suggesting that everyone, at times, plays the role of Zechariah.....
Is it okay to have friends with benefits? Marist Laity Australia
30 November 2023
When faced with profound questions, Jesus often replied with queries of His own, nudging inquirers to delve deeper into their souls. This method inspires us to ponder the cultural context that breathes life into our questions.
Blog - The Power of Intergenerational Learning Marist Laity Australia
28 November 2023
In an era marked by rapid change and global upheaval, the wisdom from Pope Francis' 2022 message for the 55th World Day of Peace rings with renewed urgency. His call for 'Dialogue Between Generations, Education and Work: Tools for Building Lasting Peace' beckons us to rediscover the transformative power of intergenerational learning—a time-honored bridge to harmony and understanding. In a world grappling with the pandemic's aftermath, the Pope underscores dialogue as the essential path we must tread, avoiding the extremes of apathy and upheaval.
Blog - Beyond the Mess - Cultivating Collective - Responsibility - in Housekeeping Marist Laity Australia
21 November 2023
Maintaining a clean and orderly home is a Herculean task, especially when children are in the mix. Their innate ability to accumulate and scatter possessions is matched only by our own adult tendencies to add to the domestic chaos. This realization often comes into sharp focus when we step into the pristine environment of someone else’s abode, prompting an introspective look at our living spaces.
Blog - Remember who you are Marist Laity Australia
04 November 2023
In the cinematic masterpiece 'The Lion King,' we find Simba grappling with his identity and destiny. The spectral vision of his father, Mufasa, implores him to 'remember who you are,' a pivotal moment that ignites Simba's journey back to his rightful place. However, it is his encounter with the sagacious Rafiki that serves as the true catalyst for Simba's awakening. Rafiki's challenge and the realization of his family's plight galvanize Simba to shift his focus from the frivolities of an aimless existence to a profound desire to forge a difference.

Blog - Responsibility through our failures Marist Laity Australia
29 October 2023
My children attended a public primary school, where, as you entered the grounds, amidst the vast stretches of verdant ovals, four flags stood tall and proud. Each bore a word, representing the core values of the school. The word 'responsibility' prominently stood out among them. As a parent, and more so as a father, this word resonates deeply with me. Responsibility is, after all, our mantle to bear. If we, as guardians, falter in our responsibilities, how can we expect children to uphold the same values?
Blog - Let my desire be Your desire Marist Laity Australia
21 October 2023
The same prayer that Mary prays at the beginning of the Gospel is the same prayer that Jesus prays at the end of the Gospel. “Let Your will be done”. In our fast-paced world. Where the consumer often wins. The ego and individual often gets the control seat.
Blog - A Promotional Job Marist Laity Australia
29 August 2023
In the second half of term three in schools often there is a rush for new job advertisements of new coordinators, assistant principals and principals. Sometimes teachers come up to you and say “so are you going to apply for this new position?” while others not applying begin chatting behind the scenes saying “I wonder who will fill this new position?” Our culture is often fixed on climbing this corporate ladder. As if there is something wrong if you do not apply for a promotional position.
Blog - The Parramatta Eels - Being Spiritually Lost Marist Laity Australia
23 August 2023
On a warm Saturday afternoon in September 1986, I vividly recall my childhood memory of entering the family television room. It was a moment etched in time, a time when my small frame joined my family to witness the triumphant victory of the Parramatta Eels in their last rugby league grand final. The game was one of endurance, built on a foundation of staunch defense a battleground marked by mud, blood, and wearied players. Yet, amidst the grit, there shone an unyielding self-belief, a conviction that the seemingly impossible could be achieved. Gathered around the television, my siblings, parents, and I cheered fervently, a collective electric energy pulsating through the room. This shared experience was electric, a moment that imprinted the essence of the Parramatta Eels within me. From that day in 1986, I embarked on an ardent journey, fervently following each and every game, nurturing my passion for the team.
Blog - Being more Active - Confirmation and Synodality Marist Laity Australia
20 August 2023
On Sunday, my youngest son will receive the sacrament of confirmation in our local Catholic Church. He has chosen the Franciscan name Maximillian Kolbe after being inspired by the story of him over the dinner table. On Thursday, his grandparents took him to the confirmation practice as both my wife and myself were not able to attend. We were later to hear that the regular Diocesan Bishop of Broken Bay was not able to attend, but rather, our former Bishop, David Walker would be there. Following, in preparation, my wife and I visited our local Koorong books. As we walked out of the Koorong Books, Bishop David Walker was walking in. How random? I thought to myself or rather, is this serendipity? How funny we were only talking about him, by chance he would be our bishop on Sunday, then he suddenly appears. I think there is no chance in this, but rather, that, we are all somehow connected.
Blog - Orges are like onions Marist Laity Australia
11 August 2023
In the original film Shrek, Shrek talks to the donkey about being like an onion with layers. Stating “Ogres are like onions. We both have layers.”Each of us have these layers that need to be stripped away. Sometimes these layers unnecessary as they are, allow us to operate and exist in various settings such as at work, at school, or in our family environments. We have different roles and different expectations. We may even behave differently.
Coffee and the Second Half of Life Marist Laity Australia
04 August 2023
Recently I was sitting outside of a coffee shop waiting while my wife ordered coffee inside. From a distance I overheard two older men in their late 60s talk about business, management and how they can more effectively direct people to do things and be productive. They used words like “2IC” or “second in command”. I reflected silently to myself, “when you are on your death bed, will you care about these things?” and “have they entered the second half of life in a Jungian psychological sense?” When life seems to have fallen apart. Where our systems and or ways of seeing things seem to no longer work. In the Second Half of Life through individuation each person tries to integrate things of deeper of value things which may have been sub conscious through our personal choices and our sense of who we are. Our identity.
Blog - An operation Marist Laity Australia
30 July 2023
Yesterday I had an operation. I felt a little scared and worried as to what would happen. Lying almost naked with just a patient gown with no underpants. Prior, as my wife drove me to the hospital at 5 a.m a song came over the radio by Leona Lewis. I felt god speaking directly to me through the song.
Blog - Missing the Invisible Marist Laity Australia
27 July 2023
In the Christian creed we pray that God is visible and invisible. As people who reflect God, we too are visible and invisible. However, we often forget the invisible or what is hidden as not as important. They are inextricably linked.
Is Church like Macdonald’s? Marist Laity Australia
24 July 2023
Often, I ask my kids the questions “do you want to go to church?” 98% of the time they respond “no”. As a father I want them to desire with their heart a willingness to go to church. Not because they have to or not because they are forced too. Sometimes I feel quite lost in this situation. I often go to church alone. In the Catholic church, going to church can be like going to Macdonald’s. We go in quickly. We go out quickly. We don’t talk to many people. There is a man dressed up in suite red and yellow who smiles and waves. In the Catholic church the colours are a little bit different, maybe, white, green, red. He smiles. Are we meant to smile back? In the time in MacDonald’s, conversations do not have time to go very deep. This is a culture of consumerism. What do I want? What would you like from the MacDonald’s menu? Clearly the old Catholic church seems not to cut it. At least not like French fries.
How do we live a more integrated life as a Lay Marist? Marist Laity Australia
12 July 2023
In our modern Western culture, it is all too common to compartmentalize various aspects of our lives. We tend to view ourselves through the lenses of our professions, roles, and identities, even how we are feeling in one moment often forgetting the interconnectedness of each part. As Lay Marists, we are called to embrace an integrated life, where our roles as teachers, parents, and members of the community may merge more harmoniously.
Blog - Embracing the real in faith Marist Laity Australia
03 July 2023
In a world inundated with distractions and illusions, it can be challenging to discern what is truly real. As Christians, we are called to seek the truth and embrace authenticity in all aspects of life. Recently, I had a thought-provoking experience that highlighted the stark contrast between the reality of homelessness and the façade of materialism. We explore the significance of encountering the real and how it can deepen our understanding of faith and compassion.
Blog - Do this in memory of me Marist Laity Australia
12 June 2023
Reflecting on the phrase 'do this in memory of me,' it is essential for us as Marists to understand that our participation in the Eucharist goes beyond receiving the body and blood of Jesus. As Christians, we are called to actively partake in the saving action of Jesus Christ. This requires us to embrace the fullness of our faith and respond to Jesus' call to take up our cross and follow him. Just as Marcellin Champagnat, Jean-Maree Chavoin, Francoise Perroton, and the Virgin Mary exemplified the way of Christ, we too are called to model Jesus in every aspect of our lives....
Blog - Is Jesus truly in the bread and the wine at mass? Marist Laity Australia
07 June 2023
It raises a deeper question does it not? Our scientific and rational minds cannot comprehend such as reality. As the first century Jewish people questioned “How can he (Jesus) give us his flesh to eat?” We are like first century disbelievers. This does not make sense.
Blog - How to live the virtue of simplicity Marist Laity Australia
02 June 2023
Living the virtue of simplicity as a Christian in a complex and materialistic world can be challenging, but it is possible with conscious effort and a focus on your faith. Here are some suggestions for embracing simplicity in various aspects of life.
Parents are called to become beacons of hope Marist Laity Australia
11 March 2023
Sometimes I find I can be quite grumpy when I come home with my kids. When my daughter has been using her phone for 1 hour, I can snap at her or when my 8 year old son says “can we play handball?” I can respond with “I am too busy”.
Marist is a verb Marist Laity Australia
13 February 2023
The early Christians were not called Christians they were known as “the people of the way”. When we call ourselves “Marist” do we lose a sense of who we are? A noun or a name can be static. Something anchored to our memories. Rather could we say “we are people in the way of Mary”. So that the word “Marist” is seen more as a verb than was a noun. “In the way of Mary” is so much more active. It looks to the inspiration of the past through others who have come before us, to be active in the living moment as instruments who as John Claude Colin said “think as Mary”, “feel as Mary” and “act as Mary” did.
Blog - Men are called to be emotionally involved. Marist Laity Australia
05 February 2023
Yesterday was the first day back for one of my sons to school. He did not want to get out of bed at 7.15 am to prepare for school. Part of me wanted to get angry with for not doing what I wanted and thus force him to get moving. Part of me thought “this is not the best way to start the year with anger”. Next to his bed where he still lay I started doing a whole series of sit ups, push ups and leg crunches. Hoping that this energy would motivate him to start moving. This did not work. As he is smaller than I, I grabbed him like a puppet and walked him to in front of the mirror of the bathroom. I started to sing a song which I made up on the spot “Let’s get going and start the day. It’s time to go to school and start the day”. At the same time, I started dancing with him. Moving his arms up and down and outwards. Despite him feeling tired and not wanting to move. It was a silly song, but soon the negative emotions started to melt away. Humour. Suddenly giggles and laughter appeared. Within about 3 to 4 minutes of singing and dancing my son was ready to get ready for school. There was something about the human contact and humour I had with him which changed everything.
Blog - Overcoming Little Church Monsters Andrew Dumas
22 January 2023
The year is 1984. My 4 brothers and sisters and I pile into mum and dads 929 station wagon. We are going to church at 9 am. We are 6,7,8 years of age. We sit in the first row at church like good abiding Catholics. My brother and I start poking each other. We start whispering into each other’s ears. The giggles start. We are bored. Then all of a sudden dad leans over and says, “if you boys don’t stop it, you are going to get it when you get home”. The antics continue. Dad seems to be very unhappy.
VBlog - Getting your Skin Checked Out - Life is Difficult Marist Laity Australia
21 January 2023
This morning my son and I had an appointment with the skin doctor. It is important to regularly get your skin checked out. My son was very resistant saying “no I do not want to see the doctor”. He stayed in bed arguing. I said to him that it is important to get your skin checked out regularly. He ignored me. I then said “Life is hard. Once you accept that life is difficult you are more able to move through it”. This reminded me of the opening pages of Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Travelled.
VBlog - Is Christmas about Jesus? Marist Laity Australia
26 December 2022
Is Christmas about Jesus? For 39% of Australian population in the national census of 2021 the answer is definitely no. Christmas is just a cultural practise.
VBlog - The Burden of Christmas Marist Laity Australia
20 December 2022
This video explores the burden often placed on parents to prepare for Christmas and how families can think a little bit differently to prepare.
Blog - Religion is not cool Marist Laity Australia
13 December 2022
Our world today shy’s away from religion and spirituality. Stating “Religion is a personal thing”, “don’t mix religion and politics” and “my beliefs are my own business”. Religion has become a not so cool commodity and is largely rejected by secular culture. But for a Christian, from a Christian perspective as a person who believes in the infinite love some call “God”, where does that leave us? Should we abandon sharing our deep inspiration? Quiet the opposite. But initially, we should use not secular values to combat this. We will lose this argument. Secular culture which values things like logic, science, material, and objectivity. Saint Francis of Assisi would say “preach the Gospel and where necessary use words”. We are called to go deeper than what seems obvious. Through what seems to be hidden. We need to look more deeply. We are called to embody a deeper inspiration where Christ is living inside of me.
Blog - How can Parents live as Marists? Marist Laity Australia
25 November 2022
Being a parent is a very difficult job. When our children at different ages place demands on us. When they are born there is a continuous stream of nappies. When they are 2 they wake up at 2 am throwing up. As young children at 5 they want our attention. Mummy! Daddy! As teenagers they want to rebel. As young adults they confuse us and maybe do things we would not do ourselves. Then parents have outwards pressures like keeping a job to pay the bills. Like cleaning and tidying the house. Like mowing the lawn or tending the garden. Finally, parents have relational issues. Will the relationship stay together? As both spouses grow, they change both mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Do our spouses grow with us? Do they accept our changes? Do they want to spend quality time that nurture an already stretched relationship?
Blog - What do teenagers need from their dads? Marist Laity Australia
08 November 2022
As kids grow into being teenagers the needs of kids change. Often growing up, dads seem to work a lot more, spending less quality time with their children. This is due to work demands but also cultural norms which often see mum playing an increasing parenting role. But teenagers need dad’s presence just as much as they do mum.
Blog - Going into the desert with our children Marist Laity Australia
10 October 2022
Around the age of 12 our children start thinking for themselves saying things like “I don’t want to go to church”, and “Why do we have to go to church?” When around 1910, Pope Pius 10 did not do us a favour by making weekly church attendance compulsory. Children and adults need to form a love for God and a desire to engage with God’s community freely. But at a young adult, they may not have the emotional or spiritual maturity to do so. Mixed into this we, have a western culture which prioritises the individual. Where all pain seems bad. Where do things against the flow of our culture seems not right.
Blog - an unconventional Assumption Marist Laity Australia
16 August 2022
Today is the Feast of the Assumption. The day we celebrate where Mary is assumed into Heaven body and soul. At 12.25 pm today I had a religious education class. I was struck that over three quarters of the students pleaded with me to go to church at 12.30 pm. The school I teach had not organised mass for students to attend and I had planned other work to do. We walked quickly next door. The church was filled with many older people many seemed retired. Suddenly, the church streamed with many young people moving in. Sitting at the edge of the pew all the way up the column. Many older people moved over to allow the young students to sit down. It was as though the Holy Spirit was pouring out. It felt right to be there even though it was not planned.
Blog - Journaling is a spiritual tool Marist Laity Australia
08 July 2022
The year of 1992 changed my life because my English teacher asked me to get a second exercise book and start journaling at the beginning of each lesson for 10 minutes. For the past 30 years I have kept a journal. Through the ups and the downs. Especially in difficult moments. Keeping a journal has helped me process my emotions. When someone has died. Breaking up with a girlfriend. Losing a job. Changing jobs. Dealing with major family issues. Mental illness. COVID. The list could go on.
Blog - do we stay engaged with our children? Marist Laity Australia
30 June 2022
When you are married in a Christian or Catholic Church, you are often asked the question “do you promise to raise your children in the Christian faith and guide them?” But when couples have babies, things start to get busier and busier. As children they grow, there are more and more demands on parents. In the busyness of life, we forget the original words and our promise. But are they first about words of faith? Saint Francis said, “preach the Gospel and where necessary use words”. This suggests that we are called to primarily embody the Gospel, rather than starting with religious words. Can we teach the Gospel without even speaking. Could the words that we use, are rather the fruits of our lived experience. But we often place things the other way around. Words first. Karl Rahner said “the Christian of the future will be a mystic, otherwise there will be no Christian”. The Christian of the future must move more deeply than just the words we use.
Blog - to be people of the Beatitudes Marist Laity Australia
23 June 2022
Jesus did not say “Blessed are those who are happy”. Jesus did not say “Blessed are those that make money”. Jesus did not say “Blessed are those powerful and in control”. Rather Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn”. Rather Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are poor”. Rather Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are humble and persecuted”. It is so that the love of God might be seen through you and me. We are called to become instruments of God’s love. We need to realign our values and choices. We cannot do this alone. To be people of the Beatitudes is to choose the road less travelled. Not to choose suffering. But to choose to be instruments of hope. To be chose to be beacons of hope. So that the love of God can flow through our hearts.
Blog - Does being a Christian matter? Andrew Dumas
12 June 2022
No. Being a Christian does not matter. At least for the 80 to 90% of Australians who in the past 40 years who have walked away from various Christian Churches. There are an assorted reasons why “the church no longer matters”, but at its core, is the loss of faith in Jesus Christ. Our culture today places importance on continually being happy, on constant entertainment and on earning money. Did Jesus say “Blessed are the happy” .No. Rather, he taught blessed are the poor”, “Blessed are those who mourn” and “Blessed are the persecuted”. Constant happiness, entertainment or earning money fit into the culture of the ego and places the individual in the driver’s seat. Being a Christian does not cut it.
Blog - hard to accept the election Marist Laity Australia
22 May 2022
As Australians wake up this morning, they have a new government. But not just a new party in power, but a new way of doing government. Change can be a very hard thing for some. Like the process of dying. We cannot accept the reality and instead create in our heads reasons for this false reality. When Donald Trump lost the November 2020 election, he created a storyline of a “rigged election”. It is hard for our ego to let go of how things were or how things should be. We ignore facts and prefer the way we think.
How are Christians called to engage with people of other belief systems? Marist Laity Australia
20 April 2022
Recently, I helped lead a retreat with year 12 students. In the small group which I ran, two students openly talked about their use of rocks and crystals for healing. They spoke about how these different types of rocks, such as jade, had healing properties. Immediately I thought “this is wrong” and “isn’t the Christian teaching that Jesus is the Son of God more correct and ultimately more powerful?” But….I realised in that moment I could create a slanging match or debate about who is right and who is wrong. “Of cause, I am right” I thought… But are these questions at the level of my own ego. Where my ego has an ambition always to be right and always be in control.
Blog - what advice would you give married couples? Marist Laity Australia
19 April 2022
About 6 weeks ago my seven year old son had COVID. I woke at 2 am in the morning to the words “I cannot breathe”, “I cannot breathe”, I cannot breathe”. Racing to my son’s bed I smacked his back to help clear the flem which was preventing him breathing. The flem cleared and he began to throw up. He was sweating.
Who do we think God is? Marist Laity Australia
13 April 2022
When a baby is born it clings to its mother’s chest. Gaining an insight by touch and smell of the mother’s closeness. The heart beat it knows very well. The father hopefully to will hold their baby. Research shows that the father too greatly influences the development of the baby through their connection. In this beginning moment in time the mother and the father may seem like God to the baby. Providing everything.
Blog - How do we taste God? Marist Laity Australia
12 April 2022
A house builder does not start with the roof or the tiles. Our relationship with God are within stages like a builder building a house. You need to start with a foundation. The beginning stages is the laying of the cement. There is a natural beginning when we draw upon the natural elements and building blocks of our own lives. God speaks to us most fully through our own life experience.
Blog - Forget about God Marist Laity Australia
11 April 2022
There is a forgetting that is occurring in Christian communities. A loss of the importance of being a follower of Jesus Christ. At a recent year 12 retreat I helped to facilitate, some students wrote in their evaluations “I am not religious” or “I am not Christian”. Some parents I know who were brought up Catholic have decided not to baptise their Children. Even in my own immediate family my own children say “why do we have to go to church”. It would seem I am fighting a loosing battle.
Blog - My children asked what is inflation? Marist Laity Australia
16 March 2022
In Australia the price of living is going up sharply. The cost of vegetables seems to have doubled or tripled. The price of fuel has never been this high. I said at the dinner table last night “inflation is increasing”. My children responded, “what is inflation?” They have never experienced inflation in their lifetimes. My ego and mind immediately thought “how do we make more money to get by?”
Blog - Teaching our children to walk through the desert of prayer Andrew Dumas
03 March 2022
During Lent we are called to follow Jesus’ last moments of his life. Often the last moments of a person’s life can be quite difficult. This can be like a desert. Prayer helps prepare us for this moment. It connects us to God and raises our minds beyond what we can see to a deeper reality.
Blog - Blessed are you when you are bored Marist Laity Australia
29 January 2022
“Blessed are the poor”. This is the first line in the Beatitudes of Luke’s Gospel. There seems to be a flipping of values of what seems important. When our modern culture says “Blessed are those who are successful” or “Blessed are those who are rich”. What is wrong with riches and success? They can prevent us from accessing God’s kingdom. They close our hearts to the possibility of something more. Through our pride or continuous greed.
A lay Marists New Years Message 2022 Marist Laity Australia
01 January 2022
The “Marist Millennium Pledge” is a Formation tool which can use to help structure our discernment and way of living as Marists. Across a total of 12 months a person is invited to discern about ten things where God is calling them to follow Mary and Jesus. These commitments will take time to emerge. Over several months, through our own prayer life and our encounters with spiritual friends or Marists these pledges will begin to appear.
A lay Marists Christmas message - December 2021 Marist Laity Australia
25 December 2021
Two years ago, in the summer of 2019 to 2020 Australia experienced the worst fires in modern history. Estimates of up to 3 billion animals have died according to the WWF. Whilst 17 million hectares were burnt down according to government estimates. For the past 2 Christmases Australians have been blind-sided by the COVID pandemic. We have been asked to isolate and this year epidemiologists recommended us to isolate again
Hearing the hidden voice Marist Laity Australia
18 December 2021
Recently, I was watching the movie “The Two Popes”. It follows a dialogue between Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis before Francis becomes pope. In it pope Benedict says “I can no longer hear the voice of God”. But, once Benedict said “I have decided to resign as being pope” he again could hear the voice of God. Is this because he was ignoring the voice of God? More, broadly, is it because each of us have stopped listening and rather ignoring. This is a reciprocal thing. We tune out to God’s voice. Maybe, we don’t know the language or vehicle of how God communicates to us.
Is the Catholic Church in Australia stuck in 3rd gear? Marist Laity Australia
11 December 2021
I have three children. Two of who are in their early teenage years. They have arrived at the tipping point of “dad, why do we need to go to mass?” Over the past 6 weeks I have taken them to a neighbouring parish hoping for them to gain an experience of an engaging Australian priest who would enliven their desire to go to church. I was very careful to pick from the roster a mass which this priest would attend. But despite my efforts, each time we would attend a priest from overseas presided. They were very friendly priests, but the same result. A foreign priest with a very strong ascent. We would even sit in the front row despite my kids reluctance. On driving home each time my kids would say “dad, what did he just say?” I thought to myself, this mass may well have been in Latin, as
The Immaculate Conception is for everyone Marist Laity Australia
08 December 2021
Today is the feast day of Mary the Immaculate Conception. This celebration is not just about Mary but all of creation. The teaching of the Immaculate conception says that Mary was born without original sin. This does not mean that Mary in her life time could not sin, but rather, chose not to. This provides all of us hope against a theology that says that all of creation has fallen and that humanity is depraved. Rather, creation has the divine spark of grace in the beginning and this is seen in Mary.
Find a new way to love Marist Laity Australia
19 November 2021
As a married man, forgiveness to has been one of the keys of keeping my relationship with my wife together. There have been many times when we have fought with one another and listened to one another about hurts and a lack of awareness or will. There have been countless occasions where I or my wife have had tear filled eyes. And the words “I am sorry” are spoken.
We must learn humility Marist Laity Australia
02 November 2021
Our Western culture has a different way - the perfection game. Where we want to climb the ladder of success all the time. We celebrate our successes and ignore our failures. We have turned religion into this? What are you doing right? What are you doing wrong? Is life all about image? Is life all about achieving an honour point system? How many points have you scored?
Why have young people stopped going to church? Marist Laity Australia
23 October 2021
Leaders of the church have been asking for about 40 years “why is it that young people have stop going to church”. This question has now become “why is it that nearly everyone has stopped going to church”?
How should parents teach their children about sex and sexuality? Marist Laity Australia
17 October 2021
In Western culture there is a conundrum. By late teens or early young adulthood when a person is becoming more sexually active the question arises “how do we teach our children about sex and sexuality?” This question, may have been ignored by the parent as the child has grown through childhood and teenage years. The parent may seem lost in an array of questions such as “What do I teach my child?”
Blog - Stop the Violence Marist Laity Australia
09 October 2021
In 2020 there are estimates that people world-wide spent $152 billion on computer games. Most of these computer games promote violence. Some of these top games include Hitman 3, Resident Evil Village and Deathloop 2021. These games simulate killing where users glorify murder.
Praying with Sarge 2 - Social leaning Marist Laity Australia
20 August 2021
Guided meditation and a reflection on Social leaning. Meditation is a form of prayer. Focus on your breathing. Breath in and breath out. Breath deeply. Focus on the prayer word Maranatha or Come Lord Jesus
Having fun with our children Marist Laity Australia
01 August 2021
My children have been on school holidays. Always, entertaining kids can be quite difficult. Take yesterday. My wife had to work leaving me, dad, to look after the kids. We had planned to go to the skate park.
Blog - A case for Women in leadership in the Church Marist Laity Australia
15 July 2021
If we are to truly reflect the divine feminine and masculine image, we must consider women in leadership. Yet, our culture and our Catholic tradition choses to say “this is not our practise”. This is not just about who is right and who is wrong, but rather, if we do not embrace more women in leadership, what will that do? I can see what it has done, and this has been devastating.
Blog - 5 minute Reflection on Simplicity Marist Laity Australia
29 June 2021
Simplicity is a very important for both Christians and Marists. It asks the question - 'What is the most important thing in our lives'? We are called to let go of what is not as important. Yet, this is very hard. Especially in our culture and society that encourages the opposite.
Blog - Are you really Christian? Marist Laity Australia
23 June 2021
As we enter July here in Australia we enter one of the coldest months of the year. One of the saddest memories I have of volunteering for St Vincent De Paul Night Patrol is arriving at Central Station park on a -1 degree July Night many years ago. The wind was blowing, and it was freezing. At 11.30 pm we were to pack up and go home to a warm bed and shower. But one of the last visitors was a couple with a stroller. They had a young child pushing her along. Maybe 2 years old. After a hot milo and some fruit which we had left, they decided to spend the night in the park in freezing conditions. A family of 3. My heart when out to them.
Blog - ‘Who do you say I am’ is transformational Marist Laity Australia
19 June 2021
Jesus poses the question to his followers “Who do you say I am?” in Matthew 16:13-16, Mark 8:27-29, and Luke 9:18-20. When we listen to the question, we hear a surface level answer “some say John the Baptist, still others Elijah, while others one of the prophets”. But Jesus is looking for a deeper answer “who do you say I am?” Simon responds, “You are the Messiah”. But in in effect the Messiah was something they did not expect. Jesus was not a political Messiah who would free Jews from the Romans. But are we today to answer also with surface level answers? Jesus’ is someone far beyond our words or labels. In effect, the question is an existential question. A question which could have an infinite ending. When Moses asks the burning bush for a name God answers, “I am who I am” (Exodus 3:14).
Feast of Pentecost Marist Laity Australia
23 May 2021
In ancient times in Judaism, The Jewish feast of Pentecost (Shavuot) was primarily a thanksgiving for the first fruits of the wheat harvest (from Wikipedia). Pentecost celebrated the many fruits and gifts which God would provide.
200 Years of Catholic Schools amongst the persecuted Marist Laity Australia
22 May 2021
On Monday May 24, we will celebrate 200 years of Catholic schools in Australia. Most schools will celebrate with a mass. Yet, in this moment, do we remember the first 40 years of British settlement (From 1788 to 1820), where the Catholic church, many other churches, religions and Aboriginal customs were outlawed. Thus, many religions, and many churches began in Australia like the early Christian church, with oppression. Where the government of the day sought to stop their practise. With many lay people hidden in homes continuing religious traditions. Do we celebrate with the 200 years anniversary the many people who risked their lives for their religious faiths and traditions? This causes us to think, where in the world today are religious groups oppressed? As Catholics and people of religion, are we not called to identify and help the oppressed groups?
Just Mass and Liturgy are not working Marist Laity Australia
16 May 2021
Recently I was having a conversation with another parent whose daughter finished school 3 years prior. She commented that during her daughters schooling religion and spirituality focused on academic and priority on thinking. Sadly, since leaving school, her daughter has completely abandoned religion. I thought to myself, this is typical for most young people in Australia. Someone in the teenage years, faith, religion and spirituality do not grow up.
Blog - People of the Resurrection Marist Laity Australia
07 April 2021
We have gone away for a break. This reminds me of how Jesus would go off often by himself for some rest. Into the wilderness. By himself. After such as a crazy year of uncertainty, of Covid, of my mum being in hospital 3 times, changing jobs, of many fires in Australia and recently floods. It is good to step away from craziness. To find a space to rest.
How can lay people model Mary and Joseph? Marist Laity Australia
21 March 2021
We live almost 2000 years later, in a very different culture, religion, and country than Mary and Joseph. Yet, Mary and Joseph’s life has something very deep to say to us about the loving way they had with God. But in the busyness of our world today, taking care of our own children, going to sport, housework, work, or even watching Netflix or Disney online we can lose a sense of the connections that Mary and Joseph modelled.
BLOG - Why do I need to go to church? Marist Laity Australia
16 March 2021
Yesterday it was raining very heavy in Sydney. I thought it would be a good chance for my family to go to church on Sunday morning. Since COVID 19 our regular Sunday mass attendance, as a family, had almost disappeared. Instead, when it is sunny my family goes and spends 2 or 3 hours skateboarding at the local park, whilst, I would take my mum to church. It was hard because the local church, up until recently would only accept 100 people total. Thus, having a family of 7 (with grandma) is much harder than just mum and me (2).
a Jewish Sabbath Marist Laity Australia
07 March 2021
On Saturday. For Jewish people, Friday Sundown to Saturday sundown is the time of Sabbath. The Sabbath was a time to stop and reflect. It is not just simply because God commanded the Sabbath (Exodus 20:11), on the seventh day, to rest. But on the seventh day God rested. Thus, to rest is to follow God’s own example when God created the world.
Laudatio Si the Big Furry Spider Marist Laity Australia
15 February 2021
On the weekend I was blessed to participate in the “Laudatio Si Action Platform” Zoom conversation with Father Joshtrom Kureethdam and Father Bernard McKenna and 90 other Marists lay people and religious. As I listened, in my heart I pondered “are these just words?” Sure, I agree with the philosophy and rationale behind climate science, but how does this change me? How does this change my own community? How does this change my family?
Nazareth Renovation Marist Laity Australia
31 January 2021
Recently, my family visited some friends and relatives and their home. It was a very friendly household. We spent much of the time speaking about their home renovations. Painting the all the walls. Installing a new kitchen. A new bathroom. A large TV. Inside of me there was a temptation saying, “I want this too”. A perfect home with nothing out of place.
How old are you? Marist Laity Australia
29 January 2021
This question was raised by a colleague at work yesterday. We responded 44, 47, 34 and then my colleague answered “I turn 60 this year”. She said it as if there was something wrong. I pondered to my self, “why is it our western culture devalues our older generations?”
It is too hard to pray Marist Laity Australia
14 January 2021
At times I find it hard to pray in my family. A few days ago, I posted the “Retreat in the life for couples” with every intention to pray and reflect each day with my wife and partner. But. This has not happened.
Contemplation on the New Year Father Ben McKenna SM
05 January 2021
Christmas and New Year have provided us with the opportunity to pause, to watch, and to wonder at the event of the Word continuing to be made Flesh in our time. Perhaps we have found ourselves pondering with Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, and the Magi at the unfolding of a Revelation among us that draws us to wonder, to encounter, to hope, and to be replenished with a new Divine-given energy.
A New Year’s Resolution Andrew Dumas
31 December 2020
Watch this 5-minute video from Marist Laity Australia. Download the Prayer sheet. Pray the prayer individually or share with your family or community.
How can the church evolve? Andrew Dumas
28 December 2020
I would like to propose a reason for the rapid decline of church participation in Australia. From the 2011 to the 2016 Australian National Census Christianity declined to 52.1%. From the percentage 90% of whom do not regularly practice their faith. I propose that these two percentages are actually linked. They show the devolving nature of Christian participation. This is not just a decline in numbers, what individuals can be we’re engaged simply by attending, but reflected that the reason than simply being upset or displaced from the disillusionment of the church. Some reasons may include the lack of women in leadership positions, the royal commission into the sexual abuse of children, or the treatment of the LGBTi Community. These are important issues, but the devolving nature of the church goes to a deeper reality...
Being Rejected at Christmas Andrew Dumas
24 December 2020
On Wednesday, my own home church contacted me and, asked “Can you give up coming to church on Christmas day this year because the government had just halved the numbers of people who can attend church?” When I told my mum of eighty, she was quiet upset. All her life she has gone to church on Christmas day.
The enemy this Christmas Father Michael Whelan SM
22 December 2020
In our search for possible factors within the Catholic system that might have had some bearing on the incidence of sexual abuse and the poor way it was handling, we turn now to the question of belief and, more specifically, how we think of Jesus Christ.
A Climate Emergency Father Ben McKenna SM
22 December 2020
Yesterday, 12 December, on the 5th Anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, called on the leaders of the world's nations to declare states of 'climate emergency' in their countries to spur action to avoid 'catastrophic' global warming.
Screens zap imagination and ideas Manoush Zomorodi
20 December 2020
Neuroscientists show that when you get bored, this can be the most productive and creative time of your day. Yet with social media and smart phones we have removed this time. When we are folding the laundry or walking to work, but that is when our brain gets really busy. Once you start daydreaming your brain moves from the conscience to the sub-conscience and this allows different connections. In boring time, you can solve some of the most nagging problems. But now, we chill out on the couch, watching TV while replying to email at the same time. Neuroscientists tell us when we multitask, doing 4 or 5 things at once, we are not multi-tasking, but using more energy to shift between different tasks and we have a limited supply of energy. Dr Gloria Mark says when people are stressed, people shift their attention more often. As people get less sleep, the more likely they are to check Facebook. We are in a habitual cycle.
A Christmas Reflection for 2020 Andrew Dumas
18 December 2020
As we conclude 2020, this year will be forever marked as the Covid year. Where many parts of the world have struggled and continue to struggle to contain the Covid virus. As Marists, we feel called to go out into the community. To care for the poor, the outcast and to the edges of our society. There is a certain level of guilt not to have done some of the things we could do to work to care for others. The question, “Where would Christ and Mary be amongst this”? Who are the good angels?

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