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BLOG - A Letter to Marists of 2232 Andrew Dumas
23 July 2024
Reflecting on the 208 years since the first Marists took the pledge of Fourvière in 1816, we envision how this dream will evolve by 2232, guided by Mary’s spirit. Mary's life, marked by faith, courage, and hidden acts of devotion, inspires us to live our faith authentically in today's world. As a lay Marist, I see Mary's call in my life, urging us to embrace a life led by the Holy Spirit and committed to social justice. Fourvière invites us to recognize God's spirit, share good news, and make a difference. Our story, inspired by Mary's, becomes a journey to bring God's light into our contexts and lives, embracing our shared calling with faith and dedication.
Francis and the Sultan - Studies of Religion - Christian Significant Person Franciscan Media
07 July 2024
The video 'Francis and the Sultan' explores the historical encounter between St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan al-Kamil of Egypt during the time of the Crusades. It highlights themes of dialogue, mutual respect, and understanding across religious and cultural divides.The story begins with the backdrop of the Crusades, specifically the conflict over Jerusalem, a holy site for both Christians and Muslims. Despite the ongoing violence, the video focuses on the efforts of Francis, who, disillusioned by the crusades' violence, seeks a path of peace and brotherhood. He travels to the Muslim camp, not as a crusader but as a peacemaker, aiming to understand and engage with the Muslim world through dialogue rather than confrontation.
Marcellin Champagnat - Short Movie FMS Champagnat
25 May 2024
The short film on Marcellin Champagnat narrates his life from his birth during the French Revolution in 1789, emphasizing how the era's ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity deeply influenced him amidst widespread societal cruelty. His educational struggles and spiritual awakening, spurred by his family and a transformative encounter with a dying boy, led him to found the Marist Brothers in 1817, dedicated to providing Christian education to underprivileged youth. Despite challenges, his vision flourished, and the narrative concludes by highlighting the enduring legacy of the Marist Brothers, whose mission continues to evolve and adapt to modern needs, incorporating laypeople and expanding their educational outreach globally.
Caroline Chisholm - the emigrants friend Olive Flynn
12 May 2024
Caroline Chisholm, known as 'the emigrants' friend,' was a pivotal figure in the history of early Australian settlement, particularly in aiding women who immigrated to Sydney around 1850. Born Caroline Jones in 1808 in Northamptonshire, she was inspired from a young age by stories of distant lands and the virtues of emigration. After marrying Captain Archibald Chisholm, she moved to Madras, India, where she began her philanthropic work by establishing the Female School of Industry for the daughters and orphans of soldiers. The family later moved to Sydney, where Caroline was struck by the dire conditions faced by female immigrants. She established a home for these women, providing them shelter and work opportunities, significantly improving their lives and the moral conditions of the colony. Her efforts extended to organizing land settlements for families, advocating for family reunification, and influencing emigration policies. Caroline Chisholm's work was characterized by her exceptional organizational skills and deep compassion, leaving a lasting impact on Australian society and the lives of countless immigrants.
The Power of us National Geographic
22 April 2024
'The Power of Us,' a National Geographic documentary, explores the evolution of human cooperation and leadership across various societies and historical contexts, drawing parallels and contrasts with modern political systems. The documentary begins with an examination of simple democratic systems in small tribes and evolves into a discussion about the complexities of governance in large modern states. It features an interview with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who reflects on the challenges and responsibilities of leadership in a nation as large and diverse as the United States.
Ask us anything - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people University of Sydney
22 April 2024
The YouTube video 'Ask Us Anything - Aboriginal People and Torres Strait People' features a series of questions and answers that highlight the experiences, cultural significance, and challenges faced by Indigenous Australians. Participants address casual racism encountered in daily life, such as stereotypes and misconceptions about their heritage. The video also explores the importance of dancing in Indigenous ceremonies as a way to tell stories and pass on history, emphasizing that there is no such thing as a 'bad dancer' in these contexts.
Story - From Rugee to Mayor DW Documentary
21 April 2024
'From Refugee to Mayor' is a documentary that follows the inspiring journey of Ryyan Alshebl, a 29-year-old from southern Syria who has resettled in Althengstett, Germany. Originally fleeing war-torn Syria eight years ago and surviving a perilous journey that included a dangerous boat ride to Greece, Ryyan has made a remarkable transition from a refugee to the mayor of Ostelsheim.
Song - The Notebook - Never Let Go Brian Adams
17 March 2024
This song delves into the themes of sacrifice, resilience, and the essence of true heroism. It questions the listener's willingness to make significant sacrifices for the benefit of others, even strangers, and to act selflessly without seeking recognition or reward. The lyrics challenge the notion of what it means to be a legend or a hero, suggesting that true greatness lies in the ability to give more than you take, to persist through adversity without the need for external validation, and to maintain integrity and strength in the face of life's challenges.
Movie - The Notebook The Notebook
17 March 2024
'The Notebook' is a 2004 romantic drama directed by Nick Cassavetes, based on Nicholas Sparks' novel of the same name. The film stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as the young couple, Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton, alongside James Garner and Gena Rowlands, who portray the couple in their later years. The story is set against the backdrop of the 1940s in South Carolina and spans several decades, exploring themes of love, loss, and the enduring power of memory.
Homeless Teenagers - Surviving Chicago Winter - Poverty Documentary - Real Stories Real Stories
16 March 2024
The documentary 'Homeless Teenagers Surviving Chicago's Winter' provides a deep and emotional exploration of the lives of young people experiencing homelessness in one of America's largest cities. The narrative unfolds through the personal stories of several teenagers who, despite their circumstances, exhibit resilience, hope, and a desire to improve their situations.
Movie - Cabrini Angel Studio
08 March 2024
The movie 'Cabrini' portrays the story of a determined woman striving to make a difference in a society rife with prejudice and inequality. Set in America, described as 'the greatest nation on Earth,' the narrative quickly introduces a grim reality where Italian children face worse conditions than rats. The story highlights the challenges posed by societal disdain towards immigrants, particularly those with 'brown skin,' and the xenophobic sentiment that advocates for their deportation.
Story - Saint John Vianney - Third Order Marist Marist Laity Australia
06 March 2024
This video presents an insightful overview of Saint John Vianney, known as the Curé d'Ars, highlighting his remarkable piety, humility, and dedication to the sacrament of confession. Saint John Vianney, a 19th-century French priest, profoundly impacted Christian spirituality and pastoral care. His close association with the Marist congregation, particularly his friendship with Fr. Jean-Claude Colin, and his membership in the Marist Third Order underscored his deep commitment to fostering religious vocations and his admiration for the Marist vision.
The woman at the well The Chosen TV Series
03 March 2024
John 4:5-42. A scene from the series The Chosen.
A Simple Pattern Marist Sisters
15 February 2024
A short story of the life of Marist Founder Jeanne Marie Chavoin.
Documentary - the Working Poor Endevr
06 February 2024
The documentary 'The Working Poor' provides a profound examination of the challenges and systemic issues faced by low-wage workers in the United States. Through personal narratives, it uncovers the harsh reality of individuals struggling to make ends meet despite being employed, highlighting the inadequacy of minimum wage, lack of access to basic benefits, and the necessity of working multiple jobs. The stories of Germania, a fast-food worker, and Joe, a construction worker, serve as poignant illustrations of the wider economic and social inequalities. The documentary critiques the notion of the American dream and the economic recovery post-recession, showing that while job numbers may have increased, the quality and sustainability of these jobs do not lift the working poor out of poverty. It also touches on the broader implications of these systemic failures, including the impact on families and the disappearing middle class. The narrative is a call to action for policy reform and a more equitable distribution of economic growth and opportunities.
Interview with Father Kevin Bates sm Father Kevin Bates SM
06 February 2024
This interview was conducted in 2014 with father Kevin Bates and Marist Laity Australia. This interview covers a series of theological questions such as 'Does God help?', 'Who is God?', 'Where have you found God most in your life?', 'What do you mean by sacrament?' This is a candid interview where father Kev shares from his own life experience. His answers speak to Marists and non Marists alike. They inspire us to ponder and reflect ourselves questions which call us out of our own ways of seeing. Thank you father Kev. We will miss you....
The Central Australian Aboriginal Womens Choir ABC News
29 January 2024
The YouTube clip about the Central Australian Aboriginal Women's Choir showcases the choir, which comprises members from six different communities. The women sing in Western Aranda, Pinjara (a living language of Central Australia), and English. Singing is portrayed as a vital aspect of preserving their language and culture. Some of the songs are newly written by choir members, while others date back to the 1920s, written by their ancestors. The choir members express a deep connection with their culture and heritage through their music, particularly enjoying sharing and celebrating their culture with others. The clip highlights the significance of their music in keeping the language alive and the personal impact it has on the choir members.
Overcoming Our Struggles - Amanda Riche
27 January 2024
The video titled 'Overcoming Our Struggles' by Amanda Riche details her challenging life journey, including homelessness in Seattle. Amanda speaks candidly about her survival mindset, focusing on the positives despite her circumstances. She recalls a traumatic childhood marked by a drug-addicted mother, an abusive father, and a harrowing experience in foster care. Choosing to dissociate from her pain, Amanda found solace in envisioning joy and love. She expresses gratitude for the kindness shown to her and emphasizes the importance of authenticity, empathy, and community support. Amanda's story culminates in her finding contentment and safety in having a home, attributing her success to the collective support she received. Her wishes reflect a desire for strength, others' well-being, and a world filled with understanding and compassion. Amanda's narrative highlights the beauty and complexity of the world, advocating for interconnectedness and human potential for goodness.
Grace Tame Grace Tame
26 January 2024
A sexual abuse survivor and Australian of the Year 2021. The 26-year-old who helped lead the fight to overturn a law preventing sexual assault survivors from speaking out has been named Australian of the Year for 2021.
Active Listening - One Human Family Reflections on Life
25 January 2024
The video 'One Human Family' by Jay Bowen from the Upper Skagit Tribe encapsulates a profound message of interconnectedness, wisdom, and cultural values. Jay Bowen begins with a historical anecdote about the Hopi elders and their philosophy of universal kinship, emphasizing the tribe's deep-rooted belief in listening with the soul. He highlights the importance of leaving prejudices behind, valuing the wisdom of silence and elders, and recognizing individual gifts for communal service. Drawing on his personal reflections and the practice of writing 'Morning Musings,' Jay Bowen underscores the impact of our actions on others and concludes with a powerful reminder of our shared humanity and responsibility, advocating for the acknowledgment of everyone's indigenous roots to the Earth and the necessity of nurturing our universal family.
Movie - One Life - Nicholas Winton Nicholas Winton
21 January 2024
'One Life,' a 2023 movie, is a profound and emotional biographical film that chronicles the life of Nicholas Winton, a British humanitarian known for organizing the rescue of 669 Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II. The film delves into Winton's early life, his decision-making and actions leading up to the Kindertransport, and the challenges he faced while orchestrating this daring rescue. It also explores the impact of his deeds on the lives of those he saved and the ripple effect of his actions through generations. Portrayed with depth and sensitivity, the film highlights Winton's humility and the late recognition of his heroism, revealing his personal struggles and the moral complexities he navigated. With powerful storytelling and compelling performances, 'One Life' pays tribute to Winton's legacy, emphasizing the extraordinary impact one individual can have in the face of adversity and the enduring importance of compassion and courage.
The Chosen - Jesus trying to make Peace The Chosen
01 January 2024
In Season 3, Episode 8 of 'The Chosen,' titled 'Jesus Arrives at the Decapolis & Tries to Make Peace,' the narrative focuses on Jesus and His followers arriving in the Decapolis, a region predominantly inhabited by Gentiles. The episode depicts Jesus' interactions with the local community, showcasing His efforts to bring peace and understanding between different cultural and religious groups.
Passing of Barbara Ashwell Marist Laity Australia
22 December 2023
Barbara Ashwell was a foundation member of Marist Laity Australia in 2003. Barbara was a very active member of Marist Laity Australia for more than 10 years. She attended many Marist Laity Australia reflection days, retreats, ran the Bexley Marist Laity group, was the newsletter editor. Even up until May this year she was zooming with our online Marist Laity events. Barbara passed away on December 19. We will greatly miss her. Please pray for Barbara, her family and many Marists who miss her.
The Story of Saint Barbara Marist Laity Australia
22 December 2023
Saint Barbara, a Christian martyr from the mid-3rd century, was the daughter of a wealthy pagan named Dioscorus, who secluded her in a tower to protect her from outside influences. Despite this, Barbara embraced Christianity in secret. When her father discovered her faith after she had three windows installed in a bathhouse to symbolize the Holy Trinity, he subjected her to cruel tortures. Barbara remained steadfast, experiencing miraculous healings and divine interventions. Ultimately, she was executed by her father, who was immediately struck down by divine lightning. Her steadfastness in faith and her tragic end have made her a symbol of resilience and courage in Christianity.
Jonathan Roumie (Jesus) surprises Gen Z The Chosen
17 December 2023
Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus in 'The Chosen,' surprises a group of young people touring the Utah set of Golan, representing Jerusalem. He shows them around, including the set built to withstand the elements, the area where they film Jerusalem's story, and the Pool of Bethesda set which doubles as a courtyard. Roumie then engages with the group in Provo in a candid conversation about his personal struggles, his faith journey, and how a profound moment of prayer and surrender led to unexpected financial help and eventually to his role in 'The Chosen.' He emphasizes the impact the show has had on people, seeing it as his calling.
Homeless in Queensland ABC News
15 December 2023
The acute housing shortage in Queensland, Australia, is driving up rents and exacerbating homelessness. Jasmine Sloan, a single mother, became homeless after her rent was raised by $200, forcing her to split up her family over different temporary accommodations. Youth homelessness is also on the rise, with an 88% increase in young people seeking support. The narrative includes the perspective of a 21-year-old student living in a share house, who previously spent three years in a youth hostel. The issue of social housing shortage is highlighted, with the government acknowledging underinvestment and committing to more social and affordable housing projects. The video also touches on the use of motels for emergency accommodation but stresses that a long-term solution is still needed.
Your Chosen - Christmas Party - with Phil Wickham - and Vanessa Benavente The Chosen
12 December 2023
The 'Your Chosen Christmas Party w/ Phil Wickham & Vanessa Benavente' appears to be from a livestream event. It starts with lyrics from a song, followed by the host in Canada discussing the live chat, encouraging interaction, and mentioning updates about the chosen app. The host, Dallas Jenkins, teases an exclusive sneak peek of 'The Chosen' Season 4, interviews with Vanessa Benavente (who plays Mother Mary) and Phil Wickham, a discussion about a Christmas special, and personal anecdotes about the filming of 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.'
Why Beatify Jean-Claude Colin? Father Alois Greiler
10 December 2023
The presentation titled 'Why Beatify John Claude Colin' discusses the potential beatification of Father Jean-Claude Colin, founder of the Society of Mary (Marists). The speaker reflects on the various perspectives within the Marist community about recognizing Colin as a saint, mentioning other Marist figures who have been canonized or considered saintly, such as Saint Peter Chanel. The talk emphasizes that Colin himself understood and used the process of beatification and canonization, promoting it for others like Chanel.
Story - Michael Evison Michael Evison
10 December 2023
Michael shares his lifelong connection with the Marist community, which began when he was ten years old and continued through his education with the Marist Brothers at Mossman and later at a high school in North Sydney. His profound admiration for his teachers led him to join the brothers for some time, and although he ultimately left, he continued teaching in Marist schools as a lay teacher and maintained strong friendships within the community.
Forgiving The Unforgivable - Abdallah Family The Project - Abdallah Family
26 November 2023
Leila and Danny Abdallah experienced a profound tragedy on February 1, 2020, when three of their children, Antony (13), Angelina (12), and Sienna (8), along with their cousin Veronique Sakr (11), were killed by a drunk driver. The children, along with other family members, were walking to a local shop to buy ice cream when the accident occurred​​.
2004 - Boston - Marist Laity - Conference Marist Laity Australia
24 November 2023
2004 Boston Marist Laity Conference. This video was inspired by Marists who contributed to the development of Marist Laity Australia. Sister Mary Keegan smsm, Sister Marie Berise sm. Beryl Prescot and Barbara Ashwell. Thank you.
Enriching Many – Jeanne-Marie Chavoin - Part 2 - Wither? Sister Edmund SM
11 November 2023
In 1806 Jeanne-Marie Chavoin met the clerical student destined by God to play an important part in her spiritual formation. She was to feel the benefit of his guidance up to the last year of her long life. At the time of their first meeting, Jean-Philibert Lefranc was twenty, the same age as herself. He was Father Guillermet's nephew, and spent his holidays at Coutouvre.
The Prince of Egypt - Learning Activities Dream Works
27 October 2023
This is a great film to watch as a family or in class. There are deep Jewish and Christians connections to our common biblical origins. Discuss the answers together.
Stan Grant - My lament for my country Stan Grant
12 October 2023
In Wiradjuri country, central New South Wales, a land scarred by colonization and warfare, the author reflects on the profound spiritual resonance between the suffering of First Nations people and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Amidst this landscape, he encounters a man seeking solace from his own pain in a church, illustrating the deep lament pervasive among Indigenous communities. These sentiments, inextricably linked to the historical injustices faced by his ancestors, find parallels in the church's teachings, challenging the notion that Christianity is solely an instrument of colonization. For the author, Easter symbolizes a period of darkness rather than resurrection, akin to the feelings of hopelessness experienced by his community. He emphasizes the distinction between Christendom and Christianity and highlights how First Nations people have always known God, with their own term 'Baiame.' Through personal anecdotes and literary references, the narrative powerfully articulates the profound sorrow, hopelessness, and lament that defines the Indigenous experience, urging for a deeper understanding and acknowledgment of their history and pain.
Brother Sun, Sister Moon Franco Zeffirelli
04 October 2023
At the heart of Pope Francis’ document on the Environ ment, Laudatio Si, is Saint Francis of Assisi. Saint Francis is one of the first Christians concerned with the environ ment. Born in 1181. Saint Francis modelled a new way of living that radically shook the foundations of the church of the time. Saint Francis moved away from the upper rich merchant class which was emerging in European culture of the 12th century or “Majors”, and embraced a life with the lower class or “Minors”.
Saint Francis and the Sultan seeking peace Robert Lentz O.F.M.
04 October 2023
Saint Francis in the 1219 traveled to Egypt to engage with the Islamic sultan Al Kamil during the crusades. Francis went to seek peace. After Francis had approached the Christian generals, they rejected him. Francis stayed in the camp with Sultan in dialogue. There was a mutual understanding and appreciation of each other.
Is the nation ready for deep listening? Miriam Rose
20 September 2023
Is the nation ready for deep listening? Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann AM in conversation with Deakin University's Professor Mark Rose, Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Strategy and Innovation. A renowned Aboriginal artist and educator, Miriam Rose is dedicated to creating bright and fulfilling futures for Aboriginal children and youth. She was the first fully qualified Aboriginal teacher in the Northern Territory and continues to advocate that education is a matter for the whole community and must be adapted to suit contemporary Aboriginal needs.
Unpacking the Australian Constitution ABC
20 September 2023
The ABC episode titled Unpacking the Australian Constitution delves into the history of the Australian Constitution, the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and personal perspectives on what it means to be Australian.
Voices on the Voice - Marcia Langton Marcia Langton
01 September 2023
The keynote speaker, Professor Marcia Langton AO, is introduced as a notable figure in Indigenous rights advocacy and discusses the importance of constitutional recognition and the proposed Voice to Parliament, emphasizing practical implications beyond symbolism. The presentation also delves into Australia's history of constitutional reform and the impact of apologies, shedding light on ongoing challenges faced by Indigenous communities and the need for constitutional reform.
Story - Bowraville Indigenous elders - reflect on the past and share thoughts - on the Voice ABC News
25 August 2023
In a segment featured on the 7.30 TV program, Indigenous elders from Bowraville candidly reflect on their past experiences and share their perspectives on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The discussion provides insights into their personal histories, memories of historical events, and their opinions on the current push for Indigenous rights. The elders express a range of emotions and thoughts, highlighting the impact of past referendums and experiences of exclusion. Annie B balangari discusses the 1967 referendum on Indigenous rights, emphasizing the importance of being counted in the census. She remembers the negative impact of the question on Indigenous people and the subsequent widespread support for the 'yes' vote, but also acknowledges pockets of racial intolerance that surfaced.The elders delve into their memories of Bowraville, a town with a history of exclusion of Indigenous people from hospitals and schools. They reveal the pain associated with such experiences and discuss the ongoing challenges faced by their community.
Two Crowns - The Life of Maxmillian Kolbe - Move Promocja Kondrat-Media
14 August 2023
'Two Crowns' is a biographical film that chronicles the remarkable life of Maximilian Kolbe, a Polish Franciscan friar and priest who became a symbol of selflessness and heroism during World War II. The movie portrays his journey from his early years to his eventual martyrdom at the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Documentary - Maximilian Kolbe HM Teleivision
14 August 2023
The documentary explores the life and legacy of Maximilian Kolbe, a Franciscan friar and priest known for his selflessness and courage during the Holocaust. Born as Raymond Kolbe in 1894 in Poland, he early on believed that he was destined for martyrdom and dedicated his life to spreading the devotion to the Virgin Mary. He founded the Crusade of Mary Immaculate to counteract the influence of freemasonry and promote love for Mary.
January 26 an Aboriginal Elder’s Reflection boriginal Elder Avon Worlden
25 July 2023
In this passionate and heartfelt speech, Aboriginal Elder Avon Worlden identifies themselves as a representative and elected Deputy Chairperson of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, acting as the cultural authority for their people. They acknowledge the absence of proven traditional owners at Ground Zero, but assert their knowledge of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act for the land and waterways they occupy.
Miriam-Rose on the importance of deep listening Miriam Rose
10 July 2023
In this presentation, Aboriginal Elder Miriam Rose welcomes the audience to the Daily River region, acknowledging the traditional owners of the land. She shares her personal connection to the land and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to live there. Miriam Rose discusses her upbringing, including being raised by her uncle, who was a police tracker, and her journey into education. She emphasizes the importance of art and culture in education and the role of storytelling in Aboriginal traditions. Miriam Rose also talks about the Miriam Rose Foundation, which she established to support young people in the community. She shares the challenges faced by the community, including the loss of young lives to suicide, and highlights the significance of walking together and understanding each other's cultures. Miriam Rose discusses her faith, the role of spirituality in her life, and the concept of Didi (deep listening) in Aboriginal spirituality. She expresses the need for greater understanding and dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, emphasizing the importance of listening and learning from each other. Miriam Rose concludes by discussing her role as an elder and the ongoing responsibility to support and guide the community.
Documentary - Australias Dark Secret ENDEVR
03 July 2023
The documentary 'Australia's Dark Secret: The Inhumane Treatment of Indigenous Peoples' sheds light on the dire living conditions and systemic neglect faced by Indigenous communities in Australia. The film takes viewers on a journey into remote areas like Utopia, where Aboriginal people are denied basic facilities and services that others take for granted. It exposes overcrowded housing, lack of sanitation, limited access to clean water, and the absence of healthcare and education resources. The documentary challenges the perception of Australia as a wealthy and developed country by revealing the stark disparities and ongoing struggles faced by the country's first inhabitants
Marcellin Champagnat‘s dream FMS Champagnat
06 June 2023
Marcellin, born in the small village of Lebasat in France, witnessed the lack of educational opportunities and the mistreatment of children in existing schools. Motivated to bring about change, he founded a school in Lavala to teach reading, writing, and religious values to underprivileged youth. Marcellin's vision inspired the formation of a network of Marist schools, which rapidly expanded across continents. From Sydney to London, Cape Town to Iberville, and finally Peking, Marist education reached all five continents. Today, spanning 80 countries, nearly 500,000 children and young people receive a quality education in over 600 Marist schools. Guided by Marcellin's dream of accessible education for all, the Marist global network continues to embrace new technologies and collaborate as a global family, generating opportunities and fulfilling its educational mission for children and adolescents worldwide.
Brother Tony Clark Brother Tony Clarke
06 June 2023
Tony Clark is a Marist Brother hailing from the River Inn of New South Wales. He has dedicated several years of his life to serving others, including his recent work in South Africa and a long tenure in Timor-Leste. Tony's extensive experience also includes significant contributions to the Marist Brothers in Melbourne and Perth....
Song - Dare to Dream Marist Sisters
01 June 2023
DARE TO DREAM, composed for the International Marist youth gathering in 2016 celebrating 200 years of the Promise of Fourviere. Grateful for the legacy of the first Marists and still motivated by their inspiration,.... we sing today: 'Let your heart's desire reach high, living the joy of the Gospel, sharing your Marist light'.
Communities gather to mark National Sorry Day - May 26 ABC
26 May 2023
May 26 marks National Sorry Day. This is the story of Noel, an Aboriginal individual who discovered his Aboriginal heritage in 2006. He believes it is important for people to share their stories, hoping that it will encourage others to do the same. Noel is part of the Willem Will Reign community on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, a unique group of Indigenous people from across Australia who come together to learn, connect with their culture, and feel a sense of community. They have established a scar tree as a symbol of healing and reconciliation, providing a place for remembering and contemplation on Sorry Day. The community hopes that this tree will continue to grow and serve as an eternal symbol for their journey towards a brighter future.
Group Activity - Rabbit Proof Fence Recorded Picture Company
26 May 2023
'Rabbit-Proof Fence' is a powerful and poignant true story set in Australia during the 1930s. It follows the journey of three young Aboriginal girls, Molly, Daisy, and Gracie, who are forcibly removed from their families by the Australian government as part of its policy to assimilate Indigenous children into white society. The girls are taken to a remote settlement, but determined to return home, they escape and embark on an incredible journey back to their families, using the vast rabbit-proof fence as their guide. The film highlights the resilience, strength, and indomitable spirit of these girls as they defy all odds and navigate the harsh landscape, facing numerous challenges and encounters along the way. Their story sheds light on the unjust treatment of Indigenous Australians and serves as a powerful testament to the unbreakable bond between mother and child and the enduring spirit of the Aboriginal people.
Stolen Generations - One Family‘s Story ABC
21 May 2023
Summarizes the personal accounts of individuals who were forcibly separated from their families and taken away from their communities, reflecting on the lasting impact of these experiences. The video expresses their struggle to understand and cope with the traumatic events of their childhood, as they were removed from their cultural and spiritual roots. They recall the confusion, fear, and heartbreak they felt as they were taken away and placed in unfamiliar environments. These Aboriginal people recount attempts to stay connected with their families through letters and their longing to return home. The profound loss and longing for their loved ones are evident as they grapple with their identities and a sense of belonging.
How did WW1 change life for Indigenous Australian soldiers? Future Learn
25 April 2023
During World War 1 many Aboriginal Australians signed up to serve in the Australian army. They were treated equally and with a sense of mateship along with other soldiers. This gave Australia a sense one of the first forms of Aboriginal Reconciliation.
Song - I am, you are, we are Australian The Seekers
25 April 2023
I came from the Dreamtime. From the dusty red-soil plains. I am the ancient heart. The keeper of the flame. I stood upon the rocky shores. I watched the tall ships come. For forty thousand years I've been. The first Australian
Bishop Barron and Jonathan Roumie - A Conversation Word on Fire
12 March 2023
Friends, at the Good News Conference, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jonathan Roumie for a conversation moderated by my brother, John. We covered a wide range of topics in our conversation, from “The Simpsons,” to “The Chosen,” to acting tips, to the Word of God.
The Annunciation Scene. The Nativity Movie
04 March 2023
Watch The Annunciation scene from the Nativity Movie.
Movie Scene - The Healing of Mary Magdalene The Chosen
11 February 2023
The Gospels talk of Mary of Magdalene having 7 bad spirits healed by Jesus. These bad spirits or 'demons,” indicates an ailment. Jesus comes to her and heals her.
Movie - Bakhita - From Slave to Saint Online Catholic Store
08 February 2023
In 1948 Aurora Marin arrives with her family at the convent of the Canossian Sisters of Schio, Italy, where Sister Bakhita has just died. Aurora was hoping to see her before she died. She gathers her children around the picture of Bakhita and tells them of the incredible life of the woman that had raised her as her nanny.
60 Minutes - Human Trafficking in Australia 60 Minutes
29 January 2023
When reporter Nick McKenzie received a tip-off about this story last year, he couldn’t believe what he was being told. Twelve months of investigating though has not only confirmed it, but also established it is much worse than he first thought. In a joint 60 MINUTES, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald special report, McKenzie exposes what could be one of Australia’s largest human trafficking operations. What he has discovered are vulnerable Asian woman being coerced into enduring shocking conditions as sex workers. In fact, their treatment is so poor that even police admit not enough is being done to help them. Meanwhile the crime bosses make huge profits off this multi-million-dollar industry, while making a mockery of Australia’s supposedly strict border security.
Sisters, Pearls and Mission Girls Rebel Docs
29 January 2023
In 1907 a group of young Irish nuns came ashore in one of Australia’s most rugged and inhospitable regions - the far northwest. Their task was to 'civilise and evangelise' the local Aboriginal people, first at Beagle Bay then the notoriously wild pearling town of Broome.This epic story of the Sisters of St John of God is set against one of the darkest and untold periods of Australia’s past where slavery, leprosy, Japanese attack and brutal government policies impacted on the local Aboriginal people.Using rare archival material, re-enactments and contemporary anecdotes, the shared experiences of the Aborigines and the Sisters create a compelling story of loss, determination and survival.
Song - God Is In This Story Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave
21 January 2023
There's torn up pages in this book. Words that tell me I'm no good.Chapters that defined me for so long. But the hands of grace and endless love. Dusted off and picked me up . Told my heart that hope is never gone.
The Chosen Vid Angel
16 January 2023
This is a powerful account of the life and experience of the person of Jesus Christ.You will fall in love with the person of Jesus but also the dynamics of those who meet Jesus.The App is Free to download. There are no adds. You can watch the TV Series “The Chosen”.
Link - Marist Sisters in the Asia Pacific Marist Sisters
16 January 2023
Check out this informative Marist Web site. It contains news from different parts of the Marist world, an outline of Mission and Spirituality, Resources on Jean Marie Chavoin, stories of Marist Sisters who have passed, and much more.
Link - Marist Fathers Australia Marist Fathers
04 January 2023
Check out this awesome Marist Web site. It contains the most up to date news section, an outstanding Social Justice blog (JPIC), it explores the Marist beginnings, and information about the Marist Vocation.
Story - Falling down the stairs Father Richard Rohr
29 December 2022
About ten years ago I was invited to dinner by a familyin Cincinnati (it's always nice to invite the pastor). This niceItalian family had three charming children. The youngestwas named Christopher; he had big brown eyes, and hehad just learned to run. After dinner he ran through theliving room and fell down the stairs. But we didn't heara sound or any crying, so we were very worried becausewe didn't know whether he had injured himself.
Chapter 4 - Missionary, Marian and Religious Sister Lindsay James SMSM
17 December 2022
A question that arises as one reads through these letters is: Why was there such 'a longhistory' of some eighty-six years between Françoise Perroton’s setting out on board theL’Arch d Alliance in 1845 and the recognition of the Congregation she was to launch 'asan Institute of Pontifical Right under the jurisdiction of the Sacred Congregation ofPropaganda Fide by the Decree of Approbation of 30 December, 1931'?
Jonathan Roumie Gods role in his life Jonathan Roumie
11 December 2022
Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus in the series 'The Chosen'. Seeing himself as a flawed human being and questions why did he end up here? Why is he deserving? He has moments where he has questioned God. Why are you bringing me through all of this if it is not going to amount to something.
Chapter 3 - Missionary, Marian and Religious Sister Lindsay James SMSM
02 December 2022
The spirituality of these groups was based on what Justin Taylor would describe as a sub-school of Jesuit mystical spirituality that developed from the teachings of three Jesuits - Louis Lallemant (1578-1635), Jean-Joseph Surin (1600-1665), and Francois Guillord (1615-1684). The three mystical elements that they advanced were the spirituality of all the baptized with its integral missionary dimension, the concept of Jesus as model, and the spirituality of - a term which will be discussed below. These three elements may be discovered in the letters as a universal/missionary, Marian spirituality of 'assimilation'.
This is a story of a life of a teacher Unknown
30 November 2022
A student once approached a Teacher. 'Teacher.' she said, 'teach me the way to wisdom.'
Chapter 2 - Missionary, Marian and Religious Sister Lindsay James SMSM
29 November 2022
In nineteenth century France, the impact of the two great forces of the French and Industrial Revolutions had had a traumatic effect on all aspects of French life. The structures that underpinned French society, previously based on feudalism and agriculture, were replaced by urbanization and industry. Such powerful forces of change created a mindshift in all things French that the Restoration Charter of 4 June, 1814, could not reverse. Among all other facets of French life, the religious dimension was radically changed. This then is the context that must be studied in order to determine the origin and nature of the spirituality expressed in the letters of the Pioneers.
The Season of Advent Father Jim McKeon
27 November 2022
We have begun the season of advent our time of waiting for Christ to be born. It is only until the final week of Advent that we look at the scriptures of the events leading up to Jesus in Bethlehem. Through this whole season of Advent starting this first Sunday we do the much longer journey of what would life be like when the Messiah comes? We do this through the lens of the people of Israel each week. Today we hear from the prophet Isaiah. To do that we look at the people 6th and 7th centuries before Christ. Were a people who had been invaded and occupied and exiled. They saw their nation divided. They saw their civil and religious structures collapse at various times. Today, we look at the people of Ukraine and think what would they be hoping and longing for?
Chiara Lubich Trailer Ignatius Press
27 November 2022
Portraying the life of Chiara Lubich, the founder of the Focolare Movement, this powerful movie tells the dramatic story of the spiritual and human adventure of a young teacher from Trento, Italy, who, amidst the devastation and despair from the bombings of World War II, was called to build a better, more united world, becoming a strong witness and advocate of universal brotherhood as a prerequisite for dialogue and peace among men. Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Giacomo Campiotti (Mary of Nazareth; St. Philip Neri), it reveals a charismatic figure who chose love as the compass of life, and found her mission and purpose through the passage from the Gospel, 'May they all be one.'
Movie - The Nativity New Line Cinema
26 November 2022
The Nativity (2006) is a movie depicting First Century Palestine and the context where the Gospel story begins. Anwser question questions describing this context.
Chapter 1 - Missionary, Marian and Religious Sister Lindsay James SMSM
25 November 2022
In 1845, a Frenchwoman from Lyon embarked on board the Catholic mission vessel L 'Arch d' Alliance for an eleven month voyage that would take her to the island of Wallis (Ovea) in Oceania. For this intrepid woman, Mademoiselle Francoise Perroton, this journey, taken at the age of forty-nine, was no sudden impulse. She was to write that 'From 1820 I had my heart set on being one of those whom God calls to do the work of missionaries'.
The Life of Pi Father Jim McKeon
20 November 2022
Yann Martel’s novel the Life of Pi tells the story of Pi. A young man is the only human survivor when a ship full of zoo animals sinks in the middle of the ocean. Pi finds himself on a life raft with a hyena, zebra and a tiger. The hyena eats the zebra. The tiger eats the hyena and pi fears for his life. His aim was to tame and to befriend the tiger. Over many months they are adrift together at sea. Encountering many adventures and their survival is a tale of awe and wonder.
Refugee Zahras Story Zhara
10 November 2022
Please support Zahra, her family and all the other families that were detained on Nauru for so many years in the name of the Australian Government. Offshore detention has ruined people's lives and Australia has a duty of care to them. We are calling for everyone who was randomly sent to Nauru and Manus to be granted permanent protection in Australia. Here is Zahra's story, one of so many, that illustrates the horror of the Offshore detention regime and the damage it has done to people.
Marist Sisters in the Outback Father Ben McKenna
30 October 2022
In 2005, Bishop Brian Heenan (Rockhampton Diocese) sent a letter to various religious congregations asking if there was anyone available and willing for ministry in the western parts of the diocese. Mary Kiely, the St. John of God Sister who had been covering the territory in a 4WD for the previous five years had been voted into leadership. For twelve years before that, Annemarie Jensen PBVM, a qualified pilot, had flown a small plane to minister to the people of the 'outback'. (A real flying Nun).This aerial ministry began in 1981, the plane being piloted by several diocesan priests.
Enriching Many – Jeanne-Marie Chavoin - Part 6 - Harvest Sister Edmund SM
24 October 2022
Perhaps we are too apt to think of the Foundress of a religious congregation in the Church as a mighty soul breathing on the earth and finding new branches of her movement, all shining, complete and wanting for nothing, in the place where she has breathed. This is, to some extent, the inner truth. For it is the spirit that quickeneth, the bricks and mortar of themselves being profitless. But in the field of practicali­ties, the foundation of each house is a matter of hard work, of courage to face a host of difficulties, patience to attend to a swarming mass of detail. We find all this in Mother St. Joseph's search for a house towards the close of 1835. ¥any possibilities were envisaged and ex­plored. But to no avail. Thus hopes that seemed bright and promising in the dioceses of Grenoble, Gap, Belley and Lyons came to nothing. Finally, negotiations were happily concluded and preparations begun for the opening of a convent at Meximieux, about eighteen miles outside Lyons.
Movie - Meet the Robinsons Disney Film
23 October 2022
Meet the Robinsons is a great family and community film which tells the story of Lewis. Lewis has many creative gifts, but as time goes on he continues to make mistakes and what would seem like many failures. This failure gets him down. He tries to run away from his gifts and failures, but it is only through these failures and mistakes that Lewis discovers the gift of who he really is. We encourage you to watch this movie together.
Enriching Many – Jeanne-Marie Chavoin - Part 5 - Crosses and Beginnings Sister Edmund SM
22 October 2022
The quietness of the town of Belley and the splendour of its panorama were an ideal setting for a convent. And 'Bon Repos', perched on a hill overlooking the town just opposite the opening into which the Rhone pours its tempestuous waters, offered an escape from the noises of the world. For over a century it was the Mother House of the congregation, the only house returned to the Marist Sisters after the 1903 religious persecution.
Song - God Is In This Story Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave
22 October 2022
There's torn up pages in this book. Words that tell me I'm no good. Chapters that defined me for so long. But the hands of grace and endless love. Dusted off and picked me up. Told my heart that hope is never gone
Enriching Many – Jeanne-Marie Chavoin - Part 4 - The Design Takes Shape Sister Edmund SM
20 October 2022
'I WENT at once to Cerdon,' says Jeanne-Marie Chavoin in her brief memoir, 'to fix up about our leaving Coutouvre, which we did as soon as possible.' The invitation to Cerdon brought peace of soul. All doubt had vanished, leaving in its stead the certainty that at last God's hour had come.
Enriching Many – Jeanne-Marie Chavoin - Part 3 - The Corner Stone Sister Edmund SM
19 October 2022
At a time when apostates were quite common, Pierre and Jean-Claude Colin came of staunch and deeply Catholic stock. Their father, Jacques Colin, died a fugitive for his religion barely a month after the death of his sorrowing wife. This heroic woman had encouraged his resistance to the enemies of the Faith, had told him to die rather than submit to their demands. Known for her piety during life, Madame Colin's last act was to confide her young children to the care of Our Blessed Lady. Sebastian Colin, a paternal uncle and prosperous cotton weaver, took the orphans to his home and brought them up as members of the family.
Enriching Many - Jeanne-Marie Chavoin Sister Edmund SM
15 October 2022
This story are by no means a deep study of Jeanne-Marie Chavoin's spirituality. That will come later from a more able pen. This is just a straight­ forward, homely sketch-a modest attempt to gently lift the veil of silence which enshrouds her. May shepardon the liberty, since God is glorified in his works. A realist approach has been our aim-to let Jeanne­ Marie speak and act naturally without being encumbered by undue literary padding or personal commentary.
Video - The Story of John Claude Colin - Part 1 Marist Laity Australia
13 October 2022
A cartoon of the story of John Claude Colin. Part 1. The first part in John Claude Colin's life one of the founders of the Marist Society. John Claude Colin is born in France in 1790 at the same time the French Revolution is breaking out. From this Chaos and the later wars brought on by Napoleon, Mary will invite the first men and women to found the Society of Mary. The original vision was for a multiple branched society even though at the time in the 1800s the church could not conceive of lay people, brothers, fathers and sisters being in one group. The original vision given by Mary had a multiple branch society in mind. Soon the early Marists would pledge themselves and be invited to go on mission. Both in the remote regions of the mountains of France and also to the outer islands of the Pacific. Soon they will go out beyond their comfort zones for Mary.
The Marist Laity - Finding the way By Father Frank McKay sm
15 September 2022
You received around Easter the new Decreta Capitularia of the Society of Mary, No. 112 speaks of the responsibility of the Superior General and his Council and of the Provincial Superiors and their Councils to foster the development of the Third Order and lay Marist groups. The nature of the responsibility is specified when the decree goes on to speak of your duty to 'initiate reflection and research with the laity themselves on how to integrate lay Marists into the global mission of the Church in the way envisaged by Father Colin.'
Meeting Miriam Rose and Aboriginal Spirituality Maria Baden
11 June 2022
I first met Miriam-Rose through her writing and artwork, back in the early 1990s, when Studies of Religion was first introduced as a new HSC course. For the first time ever, Religion, compulsory in all Catholic schools, could actually count towards the TER (as it was called in those days). We had a long line of students opting to do the one-unit course. And we, as teachers, needed to prepare ourselves to teach it. We were heavily in-serviced and I still have folders of copious notes handed out to us by CEO.
7 keys to Marcellin Marist Brothers
06 June 2022
Exploring 7 key virtues of Marcellin Champagnat…Simplicity, deep concern, open-mindedness, trust in God, trust in Mary, strength of character, family spirit and practical wisdom.
The Life that Suited Jeanne-Marie Chavoin A simple Pattern
23 April 2022
The pattern for the life that suited Jeanne-Marie Chavoin.Was based on the person of Mary, the mother of Jesus.Mary was her model in living out the gospel. As a member of a religious congregation. In post-Revolution France.
Resurrection - You are my witness IFC Films
18 April 2022
Mary Magdalene is the first witness of the resurrection and the apostle to the apostles.
Movie - Mary Magdalene Garth Davis
15 April 2022
Judea, 33 AD. Mary is a faithful young girl from the village of Magdala (close to Galilea Lake) unsure to follow the traditions and destiny reserved to the women, living only as wife and mother, in her wish to be free. After to reject a marriage proposal of Ephraim, a family friend, her brother Daniel and her father Elisha make her an exorcism in the belief that she is possessed by a demon. Trying to find a solution Elisha asks help Jesus, a healer who is earning fame between the Jews of the zone with his speeches about a kingdom of peace and love free of hate, tyranny, oppression and prosecution, to heal Mary and that finally she obeys and submits to their will. Astonished by the charisma, personality and words of Jesus, Mary decides to follow him despite the strong opposition of her family.
Movie - The Passion of the Christ Mel Gibson
09 April 2022
Documentary and Trailer of the Passion of the Christ
Please pray for Polina and Ukraine Isabella Ross
05 March 2022
Please pray for Polina and Ukraine for peace. Polina was shot and killed in Ukraine's capital city of Kyiv. She was travelling via the family car in her neighbourhood with her mum and dad, and two siblings. Her parents were also killed as a result of the shots fired by the Russians, and her two siblings are being treated for gunshot wounds.
Hotel Rwanda Hotel Rwanda
02 March 2022
In 1994 the world turned its back on the country of Rwanda. Over 600,000 died in a genocide. This movie documents the story of Hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina brave act to protect 1000s of refugees from being killed.
Rosemarys Way Rosemary's Way
26 January 2022
Rosemary’s Way celebrates the remarkable Rosemary Kariuki and the group of vulnerable migrant women of suburban Sydney whose lives she helps transform from isolation to connection. Rosemary is our vibrant host over the course of a year, as we witness her reaching out to isolated migrant women from cultures as diverse as Iraq, the Congo and Peru.
2022 Australian of the Year - Dylan Alcott ABC News
26 January 2022
Congratulations to Australian of the Year 2022, Dylan Alcott.As a teenager, tennis player Dylan Alcott was bullied over his disability and 'dreaded being in a wheelchair'.Now 31, Dylan has made history as the first man to achieve a Golden Slam, using his success on the tennis court to reshape perceptions around disability through the Dylan Alcott Foundation, Get Skilled Access and AbilityFest — Australia's first accessible and fully inclusive music festival. 'It may shock a lot of people but the thing I am proudest of now is my disability and I love it.'
Young Indigenous women learning the art of business ABC News
13 January 2022
A group of young Indigenous women from south west Victoria have been learning the art of business, and are already turning a tidy profit.
New Leadership Team in Australia Marist Sisters
05 January 2022
December. Sr Gail Reneker will take up the role of Unit Leader of Australia with Srs Julie Brand and Beverley Lewis as her Assistants. The gathering was also an opportunity to give thanks to Sr Catherine Lacey who has been Unit Leader for the past seven years and to Sr Ruth Davis for her role as Unit Assistant for the last three years.
2013 Marist Lay Immersion Marist Laity Australia
05 January 2022
In 2013 5 lay people travelled from Australia to the Phillipines on immersion. They went to gain a sense of what it means to be in Marist community and ministry in the Philippines.
Gathering becomes crucial to the incarnation Michael Whelan sm
19 December 2021
We are communal animals. It is in our nature to gather. It is not surprising therefore that the Incarnation manifests itself in human beings gathering. It is our faith that the gathering can become empowered and informed and shaped and led by the Holy Spirit of God. Today’s Gospel – Luke 1:39-45 – is a good example. Mary, prompted by the Angel’s message to her – “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; … And now, your relative Elizabeth in her old age has also conceived a son” (1:35-37) – goes to Elizabeth. When she greets Elizabeth, John is brought into the gathering – “he leaped in her womb”.
A hornets nest Michael Whelan sm
12 December 2021
In today’s Gospel – Luke 3:10-18 – a lot is happening! The crowds are pressing on John the Baptist for instructions as to what they must do. They are “filled with expectation”. This is a dangerous situation, especially with the Roman authorities hyper-alert to any signs of the Pax Romana being upset. John deflects attention from himself: “I baptize you with water; but one who is more powerful than I is coming; I am not worthy to untie the thong of his sandals. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire”.<
Father Barron visits Lourdes - Mary, the Immaculate Conception Father Bishop Barron
08 December 2021
The story of Saint Bernadette and Mary the Immaculate Conception.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception Father Kevin OShea
08 December 2021
The feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary is usually December 8th. But this year December 8th is a Sunday, and the Sunday Liturgy for Advent takes precedence, and so the Marian feast is celebrated on this Monday. It is linked in our minds with Lourdes
TV Scene - Joseph & Mary On the Road to Bethlehem The Chosen
06 December 2021
Have you ever thought about what Mary and Joseph would have talked about on the road to Bethlehem? They barely knew each while bearing the weight of the greatest moment in human history.
Joys and Hopes Michael Whelan sm
05 December 2021
Pope Paul VI at the end of the Second Vatican Council said “in previous times, in the past and in the present century, that church was absent and cut off from human culture”. This is a damming thing to say. Siege mentality that was often used.
The Aboriginal Tent Embassy Michael Anderson
30 November 2021
Michael Anderson (Nyoongar Ghurradjong Murri Ghillar) is an Aboriginal rights activist, leader of the Euahlayi tribe of 3,000 people living in north-western New South Wales, and Native Title claimant to their traditional lands on their behalf.From 1969 Mr. Anderson was a leader in the Australian Black Power movement and was appointed by his peers as the first Aboriginal ambassador to white Australia after he and three comrades established what was later called the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on the front lawns of Australia's parliament house in 1972.
Song - Born on that Day - Matt Maher Matt Maher
30 November 2021
Emmanuel, the God who saves. I hear a voice from Heaven declare. 'Prepare the way'. Emmanuel, oh praise the name. I hear the sound, Heaven cried out. And love made a way
Reasons to be afraid Michael Whelan sm
28 November 2021
Central to our thinking about the Christian life is the Incarnation – God’s being in the flesh. That is both a historical fact – which includes the political, the cultural, the social and the physical – and a theological fact. The reality of the Incarnation means, amongst other things, that we encounter God in history not outside history. We must resist any temptation to avoid the historical facts of life. Sometimes the Church has been regarded as some kind of metaphysical reality that stands outside history
One familys desperate efforts to reach the EU BBC
19 November 2021
A story of a refugee family who have fled afghanistan making their way to the EU.
Book - My cry for that all that lives Mary Burke
03 October 2021
The stories in this work date back to the first century in the Christian era. They are the foundation stories of Western cultures and have held profound and world-shaping meanings for its audiences - for better or otherwise. As readers of this literature, we would like to pay attention to where these stories hit a chord or a dischord with us in che 21' century. How do we, reading through an eco-feminisc lens, encounter these stories and what liberating meaning might we find in chem? We may wonder, in face, are chey really 'good news' for women, for marginalised peoples, for the Earth in our world today? And if so, how?
A Refugee Story - Biloela family ABC News
29 September 2021
Three years ago Border Force officers removed Nades Murugappen, Priya Nadaraja and their two young daughters from their adopted Queensland town of Biloela.
What is missing? Michael Whelan sm
26 September 2021
What is missing? What is it that gets in the way of the good news? Of being transformed by the good news? The paradox is that we gain control by letting go. Blessed are those who can let go.
Falling in Love Michael Whelan sm
19 September 2021
Falling in love is a metaphor for being a disciple .
A ZOOM conversation between 3 Marists for the celebration of the Holy Name of Mary Marist Laity Australia
13 September 2021
Marist Spirituality ZOOM conversation between 3 Marists about the questions 1- What name or image of Mary most resonates with you today?2- What Scriptural story of Mary speaks to you today?3 - Who in the world today models the qualities of Mary?Their answers are striking yet empowering. How do we model Mary in the world today causes us to think beyond what we see to a deeper reality.
Wake up Michael Whelan sm
12 September 2021
Waking up is the work of a lifetime. Most of us will have particular moments of insight and new awareness from time to time. These are a normal part of an inner journey by which we become who and what we are – God’s creation. Today’s Gospel – Mark 8:25-37 – describes a moment of awakening for the disciples. It comes after many missed opportunities, it must be said. It is rare for human beings to grasp the first opportunity that life offers to wake up.
Reflection on Solitude - Mark 7:31 Michael Whelan sm
05 September 2021
We can recognize here the place of solitude in Jesus’ life. The English word “solitude” has its roots in the Latin word, solus, meaning “alone”. It is, however, quite different from simply “being alone”. Solitude is about being present to yourself – really present. That can indeed be aided by being alone. However, we can also experience solitude in a crowd. And we can resist solitude when we are alone. Solitude is a choice. It is facing the truth within. Solitude is an essential part of becoming
Father Daniel Swartz Father Daniel Swartz
05 September 2021
Recently Father Daniel Swartz was serving in Afghanistan. His own military group lost 13 people in a bombing in Kabul. Here is his story and testimony.
What does it mean to be church? Michael Whelan sm
29 August 2021
The kingdom – the Person – slowly emerges as a reality for us individually and communally in the context of human society. We must have rules and rituals for society to function. But those rules and rituals are not to be regarded as the instruments of our moral triumphs, but enablers of grace – the graced emergence of the kingdom.
Its never too late to change Dr. Gregory P. Smith | TEDxByronBay
24 August 2021
Completely disillusioned with a society that rejected him, Gregory P. Smith walked into a rainforest near Byron Bay and became a hermit for 10 years. He exited the forest, on the brink of death and still haunted by personal demons, to eventually gain a Ph.D.
A Hard Teaching - John 6 Michael Whelan sm
22 August 2021
If we have grown up within a Eucharistic faith, we may glide over “this teaching” that so affronted the disciples. Here is a little exercise. Imagine you are there with the disciples. Take a little time to construct the scene in your imagination. Catch Jesus’ eye. He holds your gaze and tells you: “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood you will not have life in you”. Hold his gaze. After a moment he says to you: “Do you also wish to go away?”
Jesus heals Simons mother-in-law The Chosen online TV Series
20 August 2021
Simon or Peters Mother in-law is sick to the point of death. Jesus comes to Simons house and heals her of her sickness.
How to listen when Country speaks | Back To Nature ABC TV
18 August 2021
Richard Swain, or Swainy, is a Wiradjuri man and river guide. He talks to Aaron and Holly about . I recon everywhere is sacred. It is hard to go somewhere that is not special in Australia. The relationship between people and country has been so long and so harmonious. That is why the country still speaks. Whenever you are walking through the bush and you are really relaxed. Birds are chirping. You might get off track. You don’t feel as good and the bush goes quiet. That is country speaking to you, When you get back on track things feel good again. That is your genealogical memory. You are from the Earth. She sings to you when you hear those songs.
Audio - The Assumption - Progressive womens perspective ABC Radio
15 August 2021
Each year on the 15 August the Marian feast celebrates the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, but other churches refer to it as the Dormition and emphasise her falling asleep. Young Catholic film-maker Bridget Curran talks about her research into Mary's miracles and former nun Bernice Moore reflects on the celebration of Mary.
Everything is more than it seems Michael Whelan sm
15 August 2021
What we generally refer to as the “real world”, is largely constructed by human beings. It is a necessary fiction. Imagine trying to live without (at least some) shared meaning and values, agreed rules, regulations, and so on. Chaos and anarchy would ensue – at least until someone or some group takes charge and constructs an alternative “real world”. Dystopian movies such as the Mad Max series make much of this horrible possibility. 
Who can not worry? Michael Whelan sm
08 August 2021
Today’s Gospel – Matthew 6:25-34 – seems like a call to mobilize our willpower and strive not to worry. That would be a formula for worry! Add Jesus’ authority and the worry will be intensified by false guilt. This text needs careful interpretation.
2015 Marist Lay Immersion Marist Laity Australia
02 August 2021
In 2015 13 lay people travelled to the Phillipines on immersion. They went to gain a sense of what it means to be in Marist community and ministry in the Philippines.
Our hearts are wrestless Michael Whelan sm
31 July 2021
In today’s Gospel – John 6:24-35 – we are told that the people are “looking for Jesus”. What do they want? What do they expect? Jesus says to them: “You are looking for me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves”. Still, they do not understand what he is pointing out to them. So they ask for a program, a sort of moral schedule that will ensure that they will be able to please God: “What must we do to perform the works of God?”
Marist Voices Newsletter plus Audio Marist Laity World Committee
31 July 2021
Listen to the audio of the Marist Voices is a publication to share and promote the life of the Marist laity.
Fourviere Conversation between 4 Marists Marist Laity Australia
30 July 2021
4 Marists discuss questions regarding the foundation of the Marist dream at Fourviere and what would be the Marist founders vision for us today.
At the heart of it is how we deal with Vulnerability Michael Whelan sm
24 July 2021
In today’s Gospel – John 6:1-15 – we see Jesus with his disciples in an awkward situation. A large crowd had followed Jesus in the wilderness. Why? Because they believed in him as the Son of God? No! It was “because they saw the signs that he was doing for the sick”. They were not reading the miracles as “signs” but as power. Vulnerable people seeking invulnerability? They wanted some of that power channeled in their direction! This led to a potentially embarrassing outcome: “Jesus said to Philip: ‘Where are we to buy bread for these people to eat?’ He said this to test him, for he himself knew what he was going to do. Philip answered him, ‘Six months’ wages would not buy enough bread for each of them to get a little’.”
News - Let us start again from the Promise Marist Father P. Antonio Airo, sm
24 July 2021
Everything at this time - for at least the past 15 years and, particularly, in these past years - makes us feel that something is moving: within us, among us, in our 'branches' (Laity, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers), in the Christian churches, in our Church and in the whole world. The papacy of Francis, a new springtime of the Church that relaunches us decisively from the Gospel and from the Council. Our Western world, secularized almost to the point of no longer recognizing its roots, its culture, its values. Our Congregation, stirred by the new breath of Justin Taylor's 'Reset' - yet almost indifferent to it. The pandemic, that has sown deaths, which shaken many to the point of anguish, which seems to destabilize every 'ordinary' to which we had become accustomed or even resigned, in a one-way street of? well-being. But precisely this dramatic planetary event is placing us - we, here, today - before the mystery of the Passion and Death, which brings with it seeds and signs of Resurrection and new life: 'We are all in the same boat'. 'Nobody saves himself alone'.
Song - Faith in the Future Fr Rob Galea
14 July 2021
Catholic students from across the Australia have joined together in a video performance of my song ‘Faith in the Future’. This is the national Australian song for Catholic education 200th anniversary.
St Peter Chanels Baptism Marist Fathers
12 July 2021
On Jul 12, 1804, in the hamlet of La Potière, near Montrevel-en-Bresse, France, Peter Chanel was born to Claude-François Chanel and Marie-Anne Sibellas, their fifth child. Three more siblings were to come. A few days later, Jul 16, in the main parish church of Montrevel, baby Peter was baptised. 
The story of ZarZar in Ranong Thailand Zarzar
11 July 2021
My name is Zar Zar and I am 17 years old. I live in Ranong with my father, mother, and cousins. My parents are Mon ethnicity and also migrant workers. I am currently studying at Marist Asia Foundation (MAF) in Ranong, Thailand.
TV scene - Calling the disciples The Chosen online TV Series
11 July 2021
From the TV series 'The Chosen'. Watch the miracle of the fish and the calling of the first disciples.
We are but travellers here Michael Whelan sm
04 July 2021
A reflection on the Gospel Mark 6:1-6. A very wise old psychotherapist once told me that the work of the psychotherapist is to help people feel at home in the world, while the work of the spiritual director is to help people not feel at home in the world. If you are in anyway reflective, you will be aware of the “more than”. The presence of the “more than” can have varying and sometimes quite challenging effects on us.
Jairus and the lady - Gospel Reflection Michael Whelan sm
27 June 2021
Unlike the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Mark’s Gospel has no account of Jesus’ birth or early life. Mark plunges straight into the story of John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus. A brief reference is made to the temptations in the desert then Jesus begins his public ministry. There is a sense of urgency. The first disciples are called, the sick are healed, demons are cast out, parables are told, Jesus sails back and forth across the Sea of Galilee, from the Jewish side to the Gentile side . . . he is on a mission!
Marist Conversations - Episode 1 Marist Youth and Young Adults USA
27 June 2021
Marist Young Adults from Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York talk with Bro. Michael Flanigan from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Their conversation is about Marcellin Champagnat's experience starting the Marist Brothers as a young adult and how that connects to our Marist Community today. The conversation took place at the Marist Brothers Center at Esopus, NY during the Fall 2019 Lavalla Weekend Experience.
Lost in the Storm Michael Whelan sm
20 June 2021
All three synoptic Gospels give accounts of the calming of the storm – see Matthew 8:23–27; Luke 8:22–25 and Mark 4:35-41 which is today’s Gospel. Each of the accounts is remarkably similar. There is one extraordinary detail, however, that sets Mark’s account apart. At the height of their fear, Mark tells us that “they” – the disciples – said to Jesus, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” Don’t you care! What a thing to say to Jesus!
Planting Seed Michael Whelan sm
12 June 2021
“The kingdom of God is as if someone would scatter seed on the ground, and would sleep and rise night and day, and the seed would sprout and grow, he does not know how.” So begins today’s Gospel – see Mark 4:26-34. What a peculiar way to speak of “the Kingdom of God”! But parables are like that. They present the imagination with a series of triggers that can awaken us to new and deeper truths. Consider the last phrase as such a trigger – “he does not know how”. It challenges our taken for granted understanding of what it means to know. It invites us to open ourselves to a much deeper knowing – one that might, in fact, look more like “unknowing”.
Feast of the Holy Trinity - Matthew 28:16-20 Michael Whelan sm
29 May 2021
Today is the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. It is a celebration of the Loving Community that we call God. Our Gospel text is a brief and simple one – Matthew 28:16-20: “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”
Explore Pentecost in the Gospels - John 15:26 Michael Whelan sm
23 May 2021
Today’s Gospel – John 15:26-27 & 16:12-15 – reminds us of another Johannine theme: “Truth” – “when the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth”. “Truth”, as used by John, can only be understood in the context of the other themes, especially, menō.
Mark 16:15-20 Michael Whelan sm
16 May 2021
Endings are part and parcel of everyday life. Endings change things. Endings may be predictable or unpredictable, remarkable or unremarkable. The day ends, a night’s sleep ends, a meal ends, a conversation ends, a journey ends, a relationship ends, a career ends, a life ends. Day to day living simply would not go on without endings.
John 15:9-17 Michael Whelan sm
09 May 2021
Our Gospel today – John 15:9-17 – contains nine explicit references to love. Together they emphasize a profound and practical truth: Being a disciple of Jesus is being in love. The first of these references sets the context for the others: The Father’s love for Jesus. In his First Letter John spells this out: “God is love . . . all love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God . . . God sent his only Son into the world so that we might live through him. In this is love, not that we loved God but that he loved us” – see 1 John 4:8-10.
Luke 24:35-48 Michael Whelan sm
18 April 2021
One of the truly striking features of the Gospels is that they are focused on Jesus himself. Jesus is the Good News! That is nowhere more so than in today’s Gospel – Luke 24:35-48. When describing the reactions of the disciples, Luke uses words like, “startled” and “terrified” and “frightened”. However, perhaps the most interesting of his descriptions is, “in their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering”.
Noel Davis RIP Emmaus Productions
13 April 2021
Tributes to a beloved Australian Poet. My Easter has been coloured by the passing from this life to the next of someone who had a profound significance in the shaping of my Marist vocation.
John 20:19-31 Michael Whelan sm
10 April 2021
In John’s Gospel, Thomas seems to be a man of drive and energy, ready to take on a challenge, a man of high ideals. But he also likes to be convinced that what he is doing is worth it. We meet him in John 11:16, when Jesus announces his intention of returning to Judea to visit Lazarus: “Thomas, who was called the Twin, said to his fellow disciples, ‘Let us also go, that we may die with him’”. Thomas does not really know what he is saying!
Mark 16:1-9 Michael Whelan sm
04 April 2021
Listen to the hopelessness in those opening lines of today’s Gospel – Mark 16:1-8: “When the Sabbath was over, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices, so that they might go and anoint him. And very early on the first day of the week, when the sun had risen, they went to the tomb. They had been saying to one another, ‘Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?’” It is not difficult to imagine the women walking with their heads down. The harsh truth of what they had personally witnessed was weighing heavily on them. From the arrest of Jesus, through his “trial”, torture and eventual brutal crucifixion, they had every last ounce of hope wrung out of them. That Friday was not a beginning but an unimaginably horrid ending.
Mark 14:1-15:47 Michael Whelan sm
28 March 2021
Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State from 1997 to 2001, published a book entitled, Fascism: A Warning (London: William Collins, 2018). She was eleven when she escaped from Czechoslovakia with her parents and two siblings. She lost “three grandparents, and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins … among the millions of Jews who had died in the ultimate act of Fascism – the Holocaust”
Father Peter returns to Myanmar Marist Father Ben McKenna
25 March 2021
Father Peter Nawt Lawt, a Diocesan Priest from Myanmar, left our Marist Fathers General House Community 2 weeks ago to return to his home Diocese in Myitkyina Myanmar. Amidst the political turmoil caused by the military coup he felt he needed to be with his People in this time of their need. He had been staying with us, completing his Licentiate in Canon Law, due to a connection with Fr John Larsen, who had spent some years in that part of Myanmar where father Peter comes from.
Polish Catholic family, killed by Nazis for helping Jews Catholic News Agency
24 March 2021
Early on March 24, 1944, a Nazi patrol surrounded the home of Józef and Wiktoria Ulma on the outskirts of the village of Markowa in southeast Poland. They discovered eight Jewish people who had found refuge with the couple and executed them.
John 12:20-33 Michael Whelan sm
21 March 2021
It is easy to forget – and we must not forget! – the huge transformation that the disciples have to go through in their thinking of the Christ. The standard assumptions would have been strongly influenced by the legends of David passed down through the ages. At the very least, the Christ would meet some acceptable criteria of human success. Little if anything in current thinking prepared them for a Christ who would be vulnerable, apparently defeated by the powers that be, left to die an ignominious death like a criminal on a Roman cross for the passing world to mock.
Pray for Myanmar GMA News Online
20 March 2021
Kneeling before them in the dust of a northern Myanmar city, Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng begged a group of heavily armed police officers to spare the children and take her life instead
BLOG - Why do I need to go to church? Marist Laity Australia
16 March 2021
Yesterday it was raining very heavy in Sydney. I thought it would be a good chance for my family to go to church on Sunday morning. Since COVID 19 our regular Sunday mass attendance, as a family, had almost disappeared. Instead, when it is sunny my family goes and spends 2 or 3 hours skateboarding at the local park, whilst, I would take my mum to church. It was hard because the local church, up until recently would only accept 100 people total. Thus, having a family of 7 (with grandma) is much harder than just mum and me (2).
John 3:14-21 Michael Whelan sm
14 March 2021
In today’s brief Gospel text – John 3:14-21 – John has Jesus make a summary statement of human moral possibilities: “The light has come into the world, and people loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. For all who do evil hate the light and do not come to the light, so that their deeds may not be exposed. But those who do what is true come to the light”.
Mark 9:2-10 Michael Whelan sm
28 February 2021
The second affirmation occurs at the transfiguration of Jesus. The transfiguration begins the testing period leading to Jerusalem and the Cross – the second half of Mark’s Gospel.
Mark 1:12-15 Father Michael Whelan SM
21 February 2021
We are in the presence of someone who has experienced an event that has turned his world on its head – he has been driven into the wilderness by the Spirit of God! By any measure – if it is true what we say about the Incarnation – it should also turn my world on its head.
Father Bob Barber Marist Fathers
20 February 2021
Please pray for Father Bob Barber and for the Marist Fathers, Brothers and communities who will miss Bob. The Society of Mary in Australia and worldwide mourns the passing of Fr Robert (Bob) Barber SM on Feb 13 at Lismore Base Hospital, NSW. In announcing his passing, Marist Provincial, Fr Anthony Corcoran, adds 'We have unexpectedly lost a dear confrere and friend, a good and kind Christian man, a generous Marist and faithful priest. May he rest in peace.'
Mark 1:29 Father Michael Whelan SM
07 February 2021
A short reflection on Jesus calling of his disciples and mission of Jesus Christ.
Mark 1:21 Father Michael Whelan SM
31 January 2021
A short reflection on authority both in Jesus in his day, but also today.
In the Blink of an Eye Seven News
30 January 2021
A group of seven carefree siblings and cousins, enjoying a moment of childhood independence as they walked to get an ice cream from the shops on a hot Australian summer evening. Then - without warning - the unthinkable.
The Smiling Boy Neil Sanders
25 January 2021
1989. Two lines of Kurdish refugees, children in the foreground and adults behind. Eyes forward or staring down the barrel of the camera, they stand squashed together, chests pressed into the backs of their line neighbour as though queueing for some inane activity. Only one young boy in a small blue parker breaks the continuity by looking directly into the camera and smiling. His smile is broad and genuine, as though he recognises the photographer – as one would smile at a friend or a beloved relative. He is calm. He shows no fear. He looks happy.
Mark 1:14 Michael Whelan sm
24 January 2021
A short reflection on the calling of Peter in the Gospels.
The Shoe Maker Jean La Fontaine
17 January 2021
A story about simplicity. There once was a shoemaker who was a very happy man. While he fixed shoes he sang at the top of his lungs, and delighted passers by laughed and waved to him. People often stopped at his shop simply to share his happiness.
The Oak Seedling Unknown
16 January 2021
A small oak seedling was growing in the forest. It looked around and saw that some seedlings turned into great oak trees while others became no more than little shrubs. The trees were strong and beautiful. The shrubs were weak and ugly.
The Family of Marists Marist Laity Australia
14 January 2021
It is post-Revolution France. A handful of young seminarians share a dream -- to form a new religious family under the banner of Mary. They would be known as 'Marists'. On a weekend of priestly ordinations in 1816, like young apostles at Pentecost, twelve youthful priests and seminarians pledge to form the Society of Mary.
Pioneer mission anniversary Marist Fathers
09 January 2021
On January 09, 1825, Fathers Jean-Claude Colin and Etienne Déclas strode from the presbytery of Cerdon high in the Bugey mountains of eastern France to climb to the village of La Balme. This was to be the first renewal mission to be preached by the infant Society of Mary.
Breakthrough Film Breakthrough film
04 January 2021
Breakthrough is a beautiful film of a mother’s faith to achieve the impossible. When her son fell through the ice, the mother’s love caused her to hope for extra-ordinary.
Father Paul Martin sm appointed Bishop In Every Way
03 January 2021
In the Apostolic Letter that appointed Fr Paul Martin SM as the tenth Bishop of Christchurch, Pope Francis referred to Paul’s background in education, his pastoral ministry, and, more latterly his management of the Society of Mary’s world-wide finance. These are indeed some of the skills and experience that Paul brings to his new position. However, those who were present at his grand ceremony of Ordination to the Episcopacy in Christchurch saw more than a glimpse of the real man who will fill this position.
The Family Man Movie – Family Man (2000)
29 December 2020
Jack is a 40-year-old mega rich entrepreneur who has everything. Women, cars, money. Or at least he thinks he has everything. After risking his life to save a man held up in a store robbery, an angel, Cash, appears to him and offers him a glimpse of an alternate life. What would happen if Jack chose not to become a mega rich entrepreneur, but instead chose to get married and have children? To live a much simpler lifestyle. Not in a million-dollar apartment in the city, but in a family house in the country.
This is my eighth Christmas locked up in immigration detention. Mardin Arvin
26 December 2020
I was exiled to that prison in August 2013. The comments underneath were full of hate towards refugees. Do the people writing this know that this place was a torture camp? Have those people ever asked themselves why refugees leave their families and flee their homelands?
Being Rejected at Christmas Andrew Dumas
24 December 2020
On Wednesday, my own home church contacted me and, asked “Can you give up coming to church on Christmas day this year because the government had just halved the numbers of people who can attend church?” When I told my mum of eighty, she was quiet upset. All her life she has gone to church on Christmas day.
My halted journey toward freedom JN Joniad and Ashfaq Hussain - Eureka Street
10 December 2020
On 26 July 2013, I was with my classmates on my way home from my English language class. Suddenly, two bomb explosions occurred, one in the market and the other in the neighboring bazaar. I was just walking around the market (which was just 20 meters away from me) and going back to my village to the main town to catch a bus. The second blast almost hit me. Fortunately, I was behind a bus that saved me with just minor injuries, but I lost one of my most cherished classmates.

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