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The increase in the NONES Professor Harvey Cox Hollis
27 November 2022
The number of people unaffiliated with any church or religious organisation has been on the increase. They are sometimes called the NONES. These are often people who describe themselves as spiritual but not religious. This is the fastest-growing denomination in America. Notice they do not want to call themselves Atheists. These are people who are very much in search mode. Who are looking. They are looking for meaning. These are people who are seeking some kind of path in life. They really do not like the doctrine and institutional structures through which we have inherited much of the Christian message. They want ot get at what is essential. They touch on the mystery and depth without all the furniture which goes along with it...
What does recontextualisation mean for the Church and Religious Education? Andrew Dumas
06 November 2022
Within the Religious Education high school classroom in Australia most students come from a plural context with different faith perspectives, values and life experiences. McCrindles research states “Overall, only 9% of Christians actively practise and regularly attend a place of worship” (2022). That means out of a class of 28 students you might have 2 or 3 students who regularly attend church. This is well outside the mono Christian culture and context that existed in the past generations where there was high church attendance and a prevailing Christian world view that encouraged church attendance.
How can Christian Churches respond to rapidly declining numbers? Andrew Dumas
06 October 2022
Christian churches have until recently used a reconfessional approach to problem of declining church numbers. This video puts forward a new approach of recontextualising how we engage with others. Hermeneutics are important. But the question is - which one will we use. - Studies of Religion. Post 1945.
The Early Church in Australia Marist Laity Australia
09 August 2022
Early development of the Catholic Church in Australia for Religious Education and Studies of Religion. Topics covered - First Settlement, Anglican Church by Force, Period of Persecution, The early Catholic Church in Australia, James Dixon, castle hill rebellion, Father Jeremiah O’Flynn, and Influence of the Convict System.

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