How do we live a more integrated life as a Lay Marist?

In our modern Western culture, it is all too common to compartmentalize various aspects of our lives. We tend to view ourselves through the lenses of our professions, roles, and identities, even how we are feeling in one moment often forgetting the interconnectedness of each part. As Lay Marists, we are called to embrace an integrated life, where our roles as teachers, parents, and members of the community may merge more harmoniously.

As Lay Marists, we wear multiple hats and juggle various responsibilities. We are teachers, fathers, mothers, spouses, friends, and Marist members. Taking time to reflect on the question 'Who am I?' helps us understand our true identity beyond societal roles or false expectations. By recognizing our intrinsic worth and unique gifts, we can approach each aspect of our lives with authenticity and purpose.

Western culture often encourages us to separate our personal and professional lives, creating distinct compartments. However, an integrated life invites us to recognize the interconnectedness of these different facets. Our values, beliefs, and Marist principles should permeate every aspect of our lives, guiding our actions, decisions, and interactions with others. But we forget.

Sin and false understandings can distort our perception of reality and hinder our ability to live an integrated life. The origin of the Greek word for “Sin” comes the concept from archery “to miss the mark”. Like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, sin tempts us with false narratives and misguided truth. By acknowledging and addressing sin or the shadow in our lives, we can cultivate a deeper connection with truth, authenticity, and genuine relationships.

Socrates, the ancient philosopher, emphasized the importance of self-reflection and the examined life. By taking moments for introspection, we gain clarity on our values, motivations, and goals. Engaging in regular self-reflection allows us to align our thoughts, actions, and intentions with our Marist values, fostering personal growth and a more integrated way of being.

As Lay Marists, we look to Mary as a model of faith and discipleship. While we may not replicate Mary's actions from two thousand years ago, we can learn from her example and apply it to our own lives. Mary's unwavering trust, humility, and openness to God's will inspire us to live purposefully and more authentically in our contemporary context. But we need God’s help to model Mary. We need regular prayer and a willingness to look beyond the self.

Central to the Marist charism is the importance of human relationships. Jesus taught us to 'love our neighbor,' recognizing that genuine love and connection to bring about an integrated way of life. By nurturing meaningful relationships, we encounter the beauty, diversity, and shared humanity of those around us. Through acts of love, compassion, and understanding, we break down the walls that separate different areas of our lives, fostering a sense of unity and integration.

Living an integrated life as a Lay Marist requires reflection, intentionality, and a commitment to love and authenticity. By embracing the question of 'Who am I?' and recognizing the interconnectedness of our roles, we can align our actions with our values and cultivate a more integrated way of being. Drawing inspiration from Mary, reflecting on our lives, and the lives of others and addressing the impact of “when we miss the mark” enable us to see reality more clearly. Ultimately, it is through love, genuine relationships, and a wholehearted embrace of our Marist identity that we can live a truly integrated life.

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