Stolen Generations - One Family‘s Story

Summarizes the personal accounts of individuals who were forcibly separated from their families and taken away from their communities, reflecting on the lasting impact of these experiences. The video expresses their struggle to understand and cope with the traumatic events of their childhood, as they were removed from their cultural and spiritual roots. They recall the confusion, fear, and heartbreak they felt as they were taken away and placed in unfamiliar environments. These Aboriginal people recount attempts to stay connected with their families through letters and their longing to return home. The profound loss and longing for their loved ones are evident as they grapple with their identities and a sense of belonging.

Mindful Colouring - Pentecost

Spend 20 minutes mindfully colouring this artwork. Print the PDF and share this as a family, school or community.

As Mary did - Part 45. Marcellin Champagnat

Marist Spirituality. Marcellin Champagnat

World passes the 1.5 degree warning threshold

According to an ABC News report, researchers are once again raising concerns about the state of the climate and warning that temperatures are expected to reach record levels in the next five years. The World Meteorological Organization states that there is a two-thirds chance the global average temperature will surpass the critical threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius for the first time between now and 2027. This breach of the limit signifies the rapid acceleration of climate change and the increasingly severe impacts it will have. The continued high-level emissions from human activities and the emergence of an El Niño weather pattern in the Pacific contribute to the rising risk. The report emphasizes that even temporary breaches of the 1.5-degree threshold have significant environmental consequences, including more extreme weather events and devastating impacts. Scientists are calling for urgent action to reduce emissions and prevent further damage. The article concludes by stressing the importance of not becoming desensitized to these alarming warnings and highlights Australia's vulnerability to climate-related disasters. It urges the government, businesses, and policymakers to respond swiftly and take responsibility for reducing emissions and addressing the issue.

Event - Embrace the Wind - May 28

Will you help us celebrate 'Embrace the Wind – Marist Pentecost Prayer Event' through an online Zoom prayer? We would like to invite you to join us together with Marist Laity Australia on Sunday May 28 at 7.30 pm (Sydney time) to celebrate in person. We will pray, sing, reflect and discuss together. This online zoom forum enables us to enter conversation and dialogue with each other. To listen to the word of God, not just within ourselves but other Marists from across the world.

Go and Make Disciples

In his message titled 'Go Make Disciples,' Father Jim McKeon reflects on Jesus' final words and the Great Commission before His ascension. He acknowledges that the Australian Catholic Church has struggled with making disciples, relying on large Catholic families in the past. However, with declining birth rates and increased migration, the Church has seen a shift. Father Jim emphasizes the need to understand what it means to be a disciple, defined as a disciplined follower of Jesus who rearranges their schedule to prioritize Him. He questions whether Catholics are truly rearranging their lives to put God first or simply fitting Him in where convenient. Father Jim highlights the importance of making Jesus a priority above all else and the challenges of doing so in a busy world. He encourages the Church to fulfill the mission of making disciples by understanding the thresholds individuals go through in their journey to discipleship and committing themselves to Jesus. As the Feast of Ascension approaches, Father Jim reminds us that Jesus demands our allegiance and emphasizes the significance of being disciples ourselves before making disciples.

How to deal with dark times | Tim Keller

This sermon by Tim Keller begins with an apology for the upcoming message, acknowledging the contrast between the joyful worship service and the dark theme of Psalm 88 that will be discussed. The speaker highlights that while the psalms often end with a note of hope, Psalm 88 does not, making it a unique and challenging prayer. The psalm teaches four lessons: darkness can last a long time for a believing Christian, dark times are an opportunity to learn about the grace of God, greatness can be cultivated in dark times, and darkness can be put into perspective. The sermon emphasizes the realism of Christianity, cautioning against false expectations and highlighting the mercy of understanding the reality of suffering. The speaker also discusses how the psalmist's desperate prayer, though not perfect, is included in the Bible as a testament to God's understanding and grace. The sermon concludes by suggesting that dark times are not only places of learning but also opportunities for personal growth and the development of greatness.

A Marist heart for children and youths

The inspirational story of the Marist Brothers who are present in the world today wherever there are children and young people in need of support and accompaniment. Whether it be in humble schools, slums, or large urban centers, the Marist Brothers strive to be by their side, embodying the presence of Mary. Their mission extends to diverse contexts, from the orchards of Uruguay to the heart of bustling cities, from football fields to areas in need of healing and access to WiFi. The Marist Brothers are driven by their deep affection for children and young people, rooted in their DNA of brotherhood. Their ultimate goal is the transformation of lives and the affirmation of human dignity. Through their fraternal identity, they offer a gift to the world, providing care and guidance to children and young people, nurturing their spirits and cherishing their well-being. This charism is the cornerstone of their mission in serving the needs of children and young people in today's world.

Praying Our Fears - Timothy Keller

In this sermon, the speaker reflects on a passage about fear. The speaker emphasizes the importance of obeying God and following His lead, even in the face of danger and uncertainty. They mention that God's protection works when we are moving forward and obeying Him, and that even in difficult times or painful experiences, God is using them to shield and protect us. The speaker refers to a fairy tale by George MacDonald to illustrate the concept of following God's path, even when it seems uncertain or challenging. They also discuss the idea of locating our glory and security in finite things, which can lead to anxiety and fear. Instead, they encourage the audience to find their glory in God and His approval. The speaker suggests that through prayer and confidence in God's forgiveness and sacrifice, we can find assurance and overcome our fears.

Song - Dare to Dream

DARE TO DREAM, composed for the International Marist youth gathering in 2016 celebrating 200 years of the Promise of Fourviere. Grateful for the legacy of the first Marists and still motivated by their inspiration,.... we sing today: 'Let your heart's desire reach high, living the joy of the Gospel, sharing your Marist light'.

Brother Tony Clark

Tony Clark is a Marist Brother hailing from the River Inn of New South Wales. He has dedicated several years of his life to serving others, including his recent work in South Africa and a long tenure in Timor-Leste. Tony's extensive experience also includes significant contributions to the Marist Brothers in Melbourne and Perth....

Prayer for the Aboriginal Voice

Pray this Prayer in your community, family and school. We join our voices together in support of an Aboriginal Voice through song, story, reflection, discussion and stillness.

John Norris

We pray for John Norris who passed away during the week. John was the husband of our long-standing member Val Norris. Please pray for John and his family in your communities. We pray and thank God for the life of John.

Group Activity - Rabbit Proof Fence

'Rabbit-Proof Fence' is a powerful and poignant true story set in Australia during the 1930s. It follows the journey of three young Aboriginal girls, Molly, Daisy, and Gracie, who are forcibly removed from their families by the Australian government as part of its policy to assimilate Indigenous children into white society. The girls are taken to a remote settlement, but determined to return home, they escape and embark on an incredible journey back to their families, using the vast rabbit-proof fence as their guide. The film highlights the resilience, strength, and indomitable spirit of these girls as they defy all odds and navigate the harsh landscape, facing numerous challenges and encounters along the way. Their story sheds light on the unjust treatment of Indigenous Australians and serves as a powerful testament to the unbreakable bond between mother and child and the enduring spirit of the Aboriginal people.

Frank Brennan - A Legal lite, Watertight - Indigenous Voice to Parliament

In 'An Indigenous Voice to Parliament: Considering a Constitutional Bridge,' Frank Brennan offers an urgent and multifarious contribution to the national debate on Indigenous constitutional recognition in Australia. As a white Jesuit with a long history of advocating for Indigenous Australians, Brennan presents his extensive involvement and expertise on the subject. He discusses his personal experiences and disagreements with prominent figures, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the historical significance and special place of First Nations Peoples in Australian society. Brennan highlights the need for a high-quality, bipartisan process in designing the Indigenous Voice and achieving success in the referendum, expressing concerns about deficiencies in the current approach and the potential consequences of a flawed process. Despite the challenges and divisiveness, Brennan remains committed to the cause and hopes for a more civil and open approach to shaping Australia's future.

Marcellin Champagnat Short Movie

The General House Communication Office has launched a video to convey the message of Saint Marcellin in Marist centres worldwide.This 10 minute video, prepared in collaboration with the Tabor Producciones company

Marcellin Champagnat‘s dream

Marcellin, born in the small village of Lebasat in France, witnessed the lack of educational opportunities and the mistreatment of children in existing schools. Motivated to bring about change, he founded a school in Lavala to teach reading, writing, and religious values to underprivileged youth. Marcellin's vision inspired the formation of a network of Marist schools, which rapidly expanded across continents. From Sydney to London, Cape Town to Iberville, and finally Peking, Marist education reached all five continents. Today, spanning 80 countries, nearly 500,000 children and young people receive a quality education in over 600 Marist schools. Guided by Marcellin's dream of accessible education for all, the Marist global network continues to embrace new technologies and collaborate as a global family, generating opportunities and fulfilling its educational mission for children and adolescents worldwide.


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Top Rated Web pages for May 2023
1Event - Embrace the Wind - May 28
Will you help us celebrate 'Embrace the Wind – Marist Pentecost Prayer Event' through an online Zoom prayer? We would like to invite you to join us together with Marist Laity Australia on Sunday May 28 at 7.30 pm (Sydney time) to celebrate in person. We will pray, sing, reflect and discuss together. This online zoom forum enables us to enter conversation and dialogue with each other. To listen to the word of God, not just within ourselves but other Marists from across the world.
2Mindful Colouring 4 - Young John Claude Colin - Praying in the Forest
Spend 20 minutes mindfully colouring this artwork. Print the PDF and share this as a family, school or community.
3Discernment in the life of Jeanne Marie Chavoin
The early Christian community was a faith community, sharing a common belief in a resurrected Jesus, a loving Father and an empowering Spirit. So strong was this belief and the power it had to draw its members together in true communion that it be­ came a counter-cultural and prophetic force, able to attract new members from every class of people and race, holding them together in a life of mutual love and service.

Every religious community modelled on the early Church com­munity is called to be a faith community with these and other similar characteristics.
4Bearers of Hope - Sr Marie Nash sm
In this present period of the beginning of the Third Millennium we wish to turn in a special way to her (Mary) the one who in the night of the Advent expectation began to shine like a true Morning Star, for just as this star, together with the dawn precedes the rising of the sun, so Mary from the time of her Immaculate Conception preceded the coming of the Saviour Her presence in the midst of Israel a presence so discreet as to pass almost unnoticed by the eyes of her contemporaries shone very clearly before the Eternal One who had associated the hidden daughter of Zion with the plan of salvation embracing the whole history of humanity.
5Matt Maher - As it is in heaven
Our Father, who art in Heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Come and let Your glory, Come and let Your glory fall.

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