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Invitation to an Event - Living with Todays Paradoxes Marist Laity Australia
04 May 2024
Marist Laity Australia would like to invite you to join us on a Spirituality Day entitled 'Living with Todays Paradoxes'. Exploring questions like 'How do we maintain hope and joy in the face of global challenges and personal trials?' and 'What does it mean to be a peacemaker in today's world? Key note speaker Brother Tony Leon fms who has worked many years in Marist spiritual formation both in Australia and internationally.
Marist Laity Australia Newsletter - April 2024 Marist Laity Australia
30 April 2024
The April 2024 newsletter of Marist Laity Australia, penned by Cathy Larkin, shares Easter greetings and introduces Fr. Michael Carroll SM as the new Marist Fathers representative on the committee, while expressing gratitude to Fr. Paul Mahony SM for his past service. The newsletter announces upcoming events, including a Reflection Day on 'Living with Today's Paradoxes,' on Saturday MAY 4, the celebration of the origins of the Marist Family with the Promise of Fourviere, and a weekend gathering for Marist Laity members to focus on their identity and future in synodality. It pays tribute to the late Mary Teresa Roddy, a dedicated Marist laywoman, recalling her compassionate service in Bougainville and her influential roles within the Marist Missionary Sisters. Additionally, it marks the 25th anniversary of Saint Marcellin Champagnat's canonisation, emphasizing his Christ-like virtues. The newsletter promotes the 'Beyond the Pew' program to enhance family spirituality and announces an Earth Day challenge to share eco-friendly resources, emphasizing Marist themes of living simply and authentically in a secular world. Finally, an invitation to the 2024 Marian Lecture online on May 7.
Webinar - Synod and Synodality - Bishop Vincent Long Garrett Publishing
28 April 2024
The webinar discusses 'Synod and Synodality' and reflects on recent synodal processes within the Catholic Church. The speakers emphasize the importance of these processes not just in producing documents but in fostering communal relationships, nurturing hope, and inspiring transformative action. Cardinal Greg and Pope Francis highlight the spirit-led approach to the synod, urging openness and support for all, especially the weary and oppressed. Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen shares his experiences with synodal processes in Parramatta and Rome. He describes how the local synod in Parramatta, held concurrently with the Universal Synod, encouraged bold and creative engagement, reaching out to diverse community members and incorporating their voices into a meaningful ecclesial dialogue. Despite challenges, including opposition and disruptions, the synod was marked by a spirit of unity and purpose, reflecting a rich diversity of the local Catholic community.
UN climate Chief - 2 Years - Deadly warning to the World Al Jazeera
23 April 2024
The news story 'Why has UN climate chief set the world a two-year deadline?' centers on a stark warning from UN Climate Chief Simon Steel, who asserts that humanity has just two years to implement substantial changes to prevent irreversible damage to our planet. This urgent message comes at a time when the world is experiencing unprecedented natural disasters and record-breaking temperatures, emphasizing the critical nature of immediate and effective climate action. Steel highlights that overcoming political hurdles is as crucial as tackling the scientific challenges, with a specific call to action for wealthier nations, which are responsible for the majority of global CO2 emissions.
Marist Laity - Branching Out Marist Laity
06 April 2024
The video discusses the evolution and current state of Lay Marists, a community dedicated to Marist spirituality, highlighting its growth and adaptation over time. Initially, Lay Marists were closely associated with clergy and religious congregations, meeting in groups through parishes, schools, or communities. However, the introduction of the internet and the establishment of an online community have broadened the ways in which individuals discover and engage with Marist spirituality.
Christlife - Marist Association - March 2024 Marist Association
04 April 2024
The Christlife Podcast's second edition for 2024, presented by Tracey DeBlais from the Marist Association of St Marcel and Champagnat, offers a comprehensive look into the March edition of their Christ Life publication and updates from the Marist Association. The podcast features a segment with Stuart Maclaury, Acting Director of Mission and Catholic Identity at Newman College, Perth, as part of the 'Meet a Marist' series. Richard Quinn, Executive Director of the Marist Association, contributes as the editorialist, highlighting various articles, announcements, and reflections not fully covered in the audio format.
Arthur Brooks - and Oprah Winfrey - in Conversation - Build the Life You Want
09 February 2024
The conversation between Arthur C. Brooks and Oprah Winfrey, moderated by Jeffrey Goldberg, covers a wide range of topics centered around happiness, personal growth, and the application of metacognition. They discuss the importance of facing and understanding one's emotions, the benefits of gratitude, and how service to others enhances personal happiness. Oprah shares personal anecdotes to illustrate how she deals with challenges and negativity, emphasizing the value of self-reflection and gratitude. Brooks explains psychological concepts in accessible terms, providing insights into achieving happiness through understanding and managing one's emotions. They both advocate for the idea that happiness is a skill that can be developed through deliberate practice and mindfulness.
On the front lines of surveying homelessness ABC America
05 February 2024
The ABC clip 'On the front lines of surveying homelessness across America' covers volunteers across the U.S. participating in the Point in Time count, a federally required survey to assess and respond to homelessness. The report highlights challenges, such as undercounting, the impact of the count on funding, and the efforts to address homelessness at local, state, and federal levels. Concerns about the accuracy and timing of the count are discussed, alongside the initiatives to improve housing and support for homeless populations.
Documentary - Climate change - Averting catastrophe DW Documentary
29 January 2024
The documentary 'Climate Change - Averting Catastrophe' explores the impacts and challenges of climate change across various global regions, including the melting permafrost in Siberia, the retreating glaciers in the Alps, and the drying of Lake Chad in Africa. It highlights the urgency of addressing climate change through various efforts like renewable energy expansion, reforestation, and innovative solutions like synthetic palm oil and high-altitude wind power. The documentary underscores the importance of global cooperation and rapid action to mitigate the environmental and human costs of climate change.
In Dialogue - The Synod - Bishop Alan McGuckian SJ - Sister Denise Boyle FMDM We Are Church Ireland
27 January 2024
In a dialogue between Bishop Alan McGuckian and Sister Denise Boyle, the conversation spanned Bishop McGuckian's background, emphasizing his Jesuit roots and roles within the Church, including his innovative work with the Living Church project. They discussed the nuances of Vatican II's teachings, particularly the shared authority between the Roman Pontiff and the College of Bishops, and explored the themes of co-responsibility, synodality, and the challenges of communication within the Church's hierarchical structure. The significance of prayer and spirituality in the Synod process was highlighted, as was the rich diversity of opinions, especially the impactful contributions of women and laypeople. They reflected on tradition's vitality and the importance of inclusivity in addressing concerns about youth, women, and the LGBT community. The dialogue also touched upon the transformative potential of increased female participation in Church proceedings, the community's needs during times of loneliness, and the importance of unity and collective decision-making, marking a historic moment where women had an equal voice in the bishop's synod.
What the Fossil Fuel Industry Does not - Want You To Know - Al Gore - TED Al Gore
01 January 2024
In his presentation 'What the Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn't Want You To Know,' Al Gore discusses the urgent climate crisis and the significant obstacles in addressing it, particularly focusing on the fossil fuel industry. He highlights how this industry has consistently opposed climate legislation at various levels, using fraud and falsehoods to mislead the public and maintain control. Gore criticizes the industry for its lack of sincere commitment to reducing emissions, pointing out the conflicts of interest in key climate policy-making forums. He calls for a stronger global response to overcome these obstacles and accelerate progress towards sustainable energy solutions.
57th World Day of Peace - Pope Francis Pope Francis
01 January 2024
In his World Day of Peace message on January 1, Pope Francis addresses the intertwined relationship between technological advancements, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), and the pursuit of global peace and human fraternity. He highlights the potential of science and technology to improve human life and foster peace, while also cautioning against the risks posed by AI, including the threat of exacerbating inequalities, conflicts, and individualism. Emphasizing the importance of ethical responsibility, human oversight, and respect for human dignity in the development and deployment of AI, the Pope calls for a global cooperative effort to ensure that technological progress contributes to the betterment of humanity and the creation of a more equitable, just, and peaceful world.
Al Gore - How to make radical climate action the new normal - TED Talk Al Gore
31 December 2023
In his presentation 'How to Make Climate Radical Action the New Normal,' Al Gore emphasizes the urgent need to address the climate crisis, which he identifies as a critical conflict between human civilization and Earth's ecological systems. He highlights the devastating impact of greenhouse gases, equating their heat-trapping effect to multiple atomic bombs exploding daily, and points to extreme weather events and rising temperatures as undeniable evidence of climate change. Gore underscores the disproportionate impact on vulnerable communities and stresses the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, to combat the crisis. He advocates for a transformative approach towards sustainability and renewable resources, urging for a reformed capitalism that considers environmental impacts and calling for global collective action to achieve net-zero emissions and prevent further ecological damage.
The Year We Left AVAAZ
30 December 2023
The YouTube video 'The Year We Left' seems to be a heartfelt message about environmental care and the power of collective action. The speakers reflects on the type of world we will leave for future generations, expressing hope inspired by a community of millions who act to make the world better. The speakers emphasizes the importance of staying hopeful despite challenges and highlights the significance of small actions like signing petitions, sharing online, or donating.
2023 Christmas Message - Bishop Michael - God is with us Bishop Michael Kennedy
24 December 2023
In the presentation, Bishop Michael reflects on the significance of the name Emmanuel, which means 'God is with us,' a theme that is particularly poignant during Christmas. He highlights that this name embodies the deep connection between God and humanity through Jesus Christ, who shares in our human experience. He speaks about God's presence in various aspects of our lives, including our efforts to be virtuous, our failures, our joys, and our struggles.
Christmas Message - Bishop Vincent Long Bishop Vincent Long
23 December 2023
Bishop Vincent Long's Christmas message for 2023 reflects on the journey of synodality within the Diocese of Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, emphasizing a move towards a Church of communion, participation, and mission. He draws parallels between this ecclesial vision and the radical newness of the Incarnation at Christmas, which challenges structures of domination and calls for a new era of justice, love, and compassion. The message encourages an ethic of communion with all life forms and a commitment to justice and reconciliation, aligning with the marginalized and working towards a future inspired by the God of vulnerability and radical communion.
Is Pope Francis dividing the Church ? - Father Casey Cole ofm Father Casey Cole
20 December 2023
The video by Franciscan Father Casey Cole discusses the controversies surrounding Pope Francis, highlighting the division among those who view him as an exceptional pontiff and those who deem him a heretic. Father Casey contends that Pope Francis isn't confusing but rather, misunderstanding arises from poor catechesis among Catholics, a leadership style that emphasizes dialogue over dictation, and the complexity of moral issues that don't lend themselves to black and white answers. Father Casey argues that the confusion attributed to Pope Francis is exacerbated by the ill-will of his enemies who spread misinformation. To remedy the situation, Father Casey suggests better catechesis, an open-minded approach to Church leadership, a nuanced understanding of morality, and a discerning engagement with the sources of Church news and teachings. He invites those critical of Pope Francis to read his works with an open mind and trust in the Holy Spirit, rather than follow fringe leaders.
Marist Laity Australia Newsletter - December 2023 Marist Laity Australia
18 December 2023
The December edition of the Marist Laity newsletter reflects on the organization's future engagement with young adults and those seeking reflective opportunities, with a follow-up meeting planned in February 2024 and events throughout the year to deepen prayer and reflection. It also touches on the enduring conflicts where Jesus lived, with a poignant reflection from Fr. Jim Carty SM and a message of hope from Pope Francis, emphasizing God's unwavering presence. The newsletter extends gratitude to committee members and bids farewell to Michael Evison as he retires. It memorializes three influential Marists who recently passed away, celebrating their legacy and contribution to the community. Additionally, it highlights the impact of Street Retreats, where students engage with the homeless in Sydney, fostering compassion and understanding beyond mere observation​​.
The Secret of Fatima explained EWTN
14 December 2023
'The Secret of Fatima explained' EWTN Vaticano delves into the second part of the secrets of Fatima. It discusses the Virgin Mary's call for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart and the promise of peace if her requests are met. The program features an interview with Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who clarifies the Church's response to this request and discusses the consecrations performed by Popes Pius XII and John Paul II. The text also touches on Sister Lucia's writings, including her views on Mary as co-redemptrix and the responses to her letters, providing a theological and spiritual perspective on the Fatima message. The transcript further explores the ongoing relevance of the message of Fatima, emphasizing themes of conversion, intercession, and peace. Sister Lucia's final interactions with Cardinal Bertone are also recounted, offering personal insights into her experiences and the enduring impact of the Fatima apparitions.
Bill Gates - talking about poverty - and COP28 Bill Gates
12 December 2023
In the interview at COP28, Bill Gates discusses the challenges and approaches to solving climate change, with a focus on the inequity of its impact, which hits the poorest the hardest, particularly those dependent on agriculture. Gates emphasizes the urgency for global cooperation in reaching zero emissions by 2050 and the significance of innovation in clean energy and agriculture to outpace the effects of climate change. He highlights investments in drought-resistant crops and sustainable technologies, underscoring the importance of adaptation and mitigation, especially for subsistence farmers in developing countries who are disproportionately affected by climate change. Gates also reflects on the potential of wealthy individuals to contribute significantly to these efforts, advocating for their involvement in driving innovation and supporting global health and climate initiatives. Despite the daunting task ahead, Gates expresses optimism due to human ingenuity and the potential for improvement in the human condition, even as he acknowledges that keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees C is unlikely.
Pope Francis - COP28 Address - Environment Pope Francis
10 December 2023
In his speech, Pope Francis passionately addresses the urgent and interconnected issues of environmental degradation and societal division. He underscores his absence but emphasizes his spiritual presence and the pressing need for collective action on climate change, which he deems an offense against God and a structural sin. He criticizes the unsustainable consumerism driving ecological damage and calls for humility in recognizing human limitations. Francis laments the prioritization of national interests over the global common good, obstructing meaningful international cooperation. He refutes the notion that poverty and high birth rates are to blame for environmental issues, pointing instead to the disproportionate ecological debt owed by wealthy nations to poorer countries.
An Honest and Sensible Conversation about Global Energy - Scott Tinker Scott Tinker
03 December 2023
Scott Tinker's presentation, titled 'An Honest and Sensible Conversation about Global Energy' focuses on the complexities of energy access, security, and its impact on global development, particularly in less affluent regions. He emphasizes the critical role of energy in fostering human flourishing and economic growth. Tinker begins by discussing the interplay between faith, science, and doubt, highlighting the importance of skepticism in scientific inquiry. He then delves into the global issues of energy, economy, and climate change, arguing that these are interconnected and cannot be addressed in isolation.
Beyond Words - Seeking Action - in the Synodal Pathways We Are Church Ireland
22 November 2023
This Synod Symposium discusses the concerns and issues related to the synodal process from various perspectives. The speakers highlight experiences of laypeople in the church, pointing out discrepancies and disappointments in how the synodal process has been managed. There's a particular focus on the lack of real listening and the perceived manipulation of the laity, as well as a failure to adopt co-responsibility in church governance.
Are Christians concerned about climate change? EWTN
19 November 2023
The YouTube clip 'Are Christians Concerned with Climate Change?' discusses the intersection of faith and climate science, particularly focusing on the views of Christians regarding climate change. Dr. Jessica Moorman, an Evangelical Christian and paleoclimatologist, shares her journey into climate science motivated by her faith. She studies past climates using geological records to understand current climate changes, attributing the planet's warming and extreme weather events to human activities like burning fossil fuels.
Jonathan Pageau - encourages World Leaders - to pursue the supreme Good Jonathan Pageau
19 November 2023
The YouTube clip titled 'Jonathan Pageau encourages World Leaders to pursue the supreme Good' presents a speech in which Jonathan Pageau addresses the theme of the 'supreme Good' in the context of a meaning crisis similar to one experienced by ancient Athens. He references the philosophical debates of that era, particularly the ideas of Plato who posited that behind the physical world are eternal forms, with the highest being the form of the Good. For Plato, everything exists to participate in the Good.
Strategies - The Marist Laity Finding - the Way Envisaged - by Father Colin Father Frank McKay sm
06 November 2023
The idea of forming small groups of laity should not be too difficult to accept for members of a Society with Jean-Claude Colin as Founder. His vision and procedures in founding the Society were anything but amorphous and indeterminate. In his lecture 'Structures of Government' given to the Framingham workshops in 1980, Jean Coste observed that Colin was not a latter-day Confucius proposing a kind of general wisdom with which many people could identify. Colin did not found a spirit, nor even a kind of spirituality. He founded a congregation. And he spent his life formulating its distinctive features. The Society of Mary was meant to be something specific and to work for something specific. Colin's conception of the Society was not a bunch of individuals merrily and zealously going their own way. He conceived the Society as a corporate body from which each Marist is sent on mission. Anterior and superior to what any Marist may feel called to do is the work of Mary.
Pope Francis - I like to think of the Church - as God’s faithful people Pope Francis
27 October 2023
I like to think of the Church as this simple and humble people who walk in the presence of the Lord (the faithful people of God). This is the religious meaning of our faithful people. And I say faithful people so as not to fall into the many ideological approaches and schemes with which the reality of the people of God is “reduced”. Simply faithful people, or also, “God’s holy faithful people” on the way, saind and sinner. And this is the Church.
Diocese of Parramatta - concludes its first ever Synod - a model for engagement - discernment - and decision-making Parramatta Diocese
27 October 2023
Over the weekend of 13 - 15 October 2023, the Diocese of Parramatta successfully concluded its inaugural Synod, a momentous event that brought together 280 faithful from across Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and beyond to discuss the future of the local Church.
Listen, Love, Live - Aboriginal Voice - Social Justice Statement 2023 Bishop Vincent Long
14 October 2023
Bishop Vincent Long, during the launch of the social justice statement 'Listen, Love, Live' in August 2023, emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the Church and the broader Australian community. He began by recalling Pope John Paul II's words from 1986, highlighting the significance of justice, respect for cultural diversity, and protection of the dignity and heritage of Indigenous Australians. Bishop Long stressed that despite several decades passing since those words were spoken, the need for non-Indigenous Australians, especially Australian Catholics, to joyfully receive the contributions of First Nations peoples remains relevant.
Marist Laity Australia Newsletter - October 2023 Marist Laity Australia
04 October 2023
The October 2023 edition of the Marist Laity Australia newsletter highlights the organization's priorities for 2024, with a focus on engaging young adults and those seeking silence, reflection, and meaningful conversation. There's an enthusiastic mention of another Marist Camino event in 2024, following the success of the 2023 event. The Marist Family Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Committee hosted an event discussing the upcoming referendum on The Voice to Parliament, facilitated by renowned journalist Kerry O'Brien. The newsletter also commemorates the recent passing of Br Des Murphy FMS and updates on Barbara Ashwell's health. As the Synodal Assembly approaches, prayers for the Church's mission are requested. Additionally, reflections on the life of Mary and the Marist movement are provided by Fr Kevin Bates and Sr Margaret Tisch. Lastly, a conversation with Kerry O'Brien emphasizes the importance of recognizing the voice of Australia's indigenous population.
Unpacking the Australian Constitution ABC
20 September 2023
The ABC episode titled Unpacking the Australian Constitution delves into the history of the Australian Constitution, the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and personal perspectives on what it means to be Australian.
Kerry O’Brien - the Aboriginal Voice - responds to the NO Campaign - part 2 of 2 Kerry Obrien
04 September 2023
On Sunday, September 3, 2023, the Marist Justice Peace and Integral Ecology Committee (JPIC) hosted the former ABC Journalist and presenter Kerry O’Brien. Kerry O’Brien responds to several concerns and questions for the “No campaign” case against the Aboriginal Voice.
Kerry O’Brien Discussion and Aboriginal Voice Marist Family JPIC Committee
03 September 2023
Join us for an engaging and thought-provoking Q&A session with esteemed former ABC journalist, Kerry O'Brien, as we delve into the topic of the Australian Aboriginal Voice to Parliament. Participants will have the unique opportunity to pose a series of questions related to the establishment of an Aboriginal body with national representation, advising Parliament on crucial Aboriginal issues. Kerry O'Brien will offer insightful responses to questions like the specific powers and responsibilities of the Aboriginal Voice, ensuring diverse representation, potential impacts on legislation, and addressing conflicts between recommendations and parliamentary interests. Don't miss this chance to gain valuable insights and explore the path towards a more inclusive and unified Australia.
Lessons - Preparing for the Voice Referendum Edmund Rice Centre
03 September 2023
The educational resource titled 'Preparing for the Referendum: An Introduction to the upcoming Referendum' by the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education provides valuable insights into the upcoming Australian Referendum, scheduled for October 14, 2023, which will focus on recognizing First Nations Australians in the Constitution through the establishment of a First Nations Voice to Parliament.
Marian Lecture - Frank Brennan - Dignity for All Frank Brennan SJ
03 September 2023
In the 2022 Marian Lecture delivered by Father Frank Brennan, he began by highlighting the unique challenges faced by the younger generation in Australia today. He emphasized that they are the first generation since World War II that does not have the expectation of a materially better life than their parents. Young people are grappling with existential issues such as climate change, the aftermath of the pandemic, and global conflicts like the situation in Ukraine. Father Brennan called for a deeper consideration of human dignity, particularly in the context of these challenges.
2023 - Social Justice Statement - Listen - Learn - Live Australian Catholic Bishop Conference
03 September 2023
The Social Justice Statement calls for a new engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, emphasizing the importance of listening, learning, and loving in building a more equitable society. It highlights the need for Catholics and all Australians to understand the history, support the voice referendum, and work collaboratively with Indigenous communities to bring about healing and justice. Love and respect are at the heart of this commitment, offering hope for a better future where the voices and experiences of First Australians are valued and heard.
Lessons - Voice to Parliament - Debate - Video - Newsletter Marist Laity Australia
02 September 2023
This lesson plan is designed to engage students in a comprehensive exploration of the 'Voice to Parliament' issue in Australia, allowing them to develop a well-rounded understanding of the topic, including arguments for and against it. The plan includes three options for students to choose from: creating a newsletter article, producing a professional video, or participating in a debate. Each option encourages research, critical thinking, and the presentation of unbiased information.
Video - The Pope - the Environmental Crisis - and Frontline Leaders Youtube Orginal
23 August 2023
The YouTube Original Film 'The Pope, The Environmental Crisis and Front Line Leaders' explores the global environmental crisis through the perspectives of individuals from different backgrounds and regions.
Debate on the Voice to Parliament Centre for Independent Studies
09 August 2023
This year Australia will hold a referendum on whether to change the constitution and ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ views are better represented in Parliament. Is the Voice about giving Indigenous Australians a right to express their views on policy through representatives elected by their communities? Or would the Voice provide cover for an activist government to legislate radical policy with no genuine democratic consent?On the affirmative side were Australia’s first Indigenous Senior Counsel, Anthony McAvoy, and constitutional lawyer Shireen Morris. Against the proposition were Northern Territory Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and head of CIS Indigenous Forum Nyunggai Warren Mundine.Referendum question: The question to be put to the Australian people at the 2023 referendum will be: “A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Do you approve this proposed alteration?”
Garma Festival and the Aboriginal Voice ABC News
07 August 2023
In this exclusive interview at the Garma Festival, David Speers engages with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, discussing the pressing topic of constitutional change for an Indigenous voice in Parliament. The Prime Minister reiterates his commitment to the referendum, highlighting the practical benefits the voice will bring to Indigenous Australians, addressing education, health, and housing disparities. Despite recent poll results, the Prime Minister remains optimistic about the generosity of the Australian people and their willingness to embrace change for a more inclusive future. He dismisses concerns about alternative forms of recognition, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling the Indigenous community's request for substantive constitutional recognition. The discussion also touches on the possibility of a treaty and the importance of respectful conversations in advancing reconciliation. With the referendum expected in mid-October, the Prime Minister aims to unite the nation, emphasizing that a successful vote will be a significant step towards closing the gaps and advancing reconciliation.
Everything you need to know about the Aboriginal Voice - Yes or No ABC News
05 August 2023
The Australian Voice is a proposed alteration to the Australian Constitution aims to recognize the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voice. This initiative comes as a response to historical injustices and a desire to empower Indigenous communities with greater influence over decisions that directly impact their lives and well-being. The concept of an Indigenous voice is rooted in the Uluru Statement from the Heart, which was born out of the 2017 Uluru National Constitutional Convention. During this gathering, Indigenous leaders across the country came together to address the longstanding issues faced by their communities and to chart a path towards greater self-determination and reconciliation.
Fact Check about the Aboriginal Voice ABC News
21 July 2023
In the run-up to the referendum on an indigenous voice, fact-checkers from RMIT Fact Lab and AAP Fact Check have been diligently examining claims made online. Notably, they have observed that the majority of false claims appear to be originating from the 'no' supporters. One of the primary subjects under scrutiny is the campaign group Advance Australia, known for its conservative views and significant investment in Facebook ads related to the voice issue. RMIT flagged several of Advance Australia's ads, finding them misleading and lacking context. For instance, one ad claimed that the voice would grant indigenous people special rights, which was deemed false. Another misleading claim was made by Advance Australia, arguing that race is not mentioned in the Australian Constitution, despite the presence of references related to race in sections 25 and 51(xxvi).
Why Atonement Theology will Kill Christianity Bishop John Shelby Spong
17 July 2023
In this presentation, Bishop John Shelby Spong addresses a unique and courageous church gathering, emphasizing the tension between embracing the Christian faith seriously while being citizens of the 21st century. He points out that some people, referred to as fundamentalists, hide from contemporary challenges by retreating into a religious bubble of outdated beliefs. These entrenched mentalities often lead to prejudice and discrimination justified by selectively quoting the Bible. Spong urges for a more open, inclusive, and rational interpretation of the Scriptures that resonates with the realities of the modern world.
Climate change - A verting catastrophe DW Documentary
14 July 2023
The documentary 'Climate Change' explores the alarming impact of global warming on the Earth's climate and the urgent need for action. The film follows extreme mountaineers Danny Arnold and his friend as they embark on a thrilling mountaineering adventure, scaling the melting glaciers. However, their awe-inspiring experiences are juxtaposed with the growing concern among scientists that such adventures may soon become impossible due to climate change. The documentary highlights the devastating effects of climate change around the world, including torrential rain, floods, droughts, and the melting permafrost.
Tony Abbott says the Voice reinforces the separatism Tony Abbott
10 July 2023
In this interview, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott discusses his opposition to the proposed Indigenous Voice and constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians. Abbott argues that the Voice, as currently conceived, would entrench race-based separatism and undermine the unity of the country. He expresses concerns about the power and influence the Voice would have, suggesting that it could become a de facto veto over government decisions. Abbott emphasizes his belief in equal treatment for all Australians and questions the need for a separate Indigenous body.
Everything you need to know - about the - Indigenous Voice Referendum ABC News
03 July 2023
The video explains the Indigenous Voice Referendum. Why do people want a voice in the first place? Take the white Australia policy or the Stolen Generation. These were government policies that may the lives of indigenous people much harder. Combine that with issues caused by colonisation and a lot of indigenous people are worse off than the broader population in terms of health, wealth and education. Closing the gap has been the aim of a lot of different governments. But, nothing has made a huge difference so far. As of last year, the gap is mostly getting wider. Of all the areas being measured, just a few are on track, some are going backward. Indigenous people are still living much shorter lives. That is where the Voice comes in. Getting Indigenous people to have a say to what happens to them. Sometimes called self-determination. Is seen as one of the best ways to close the gap.
The Eucharist is bread of sinners, not reward of saints John Larsen sm
11 June 2023
It’s a good time to reflect, each of us, on the role of the Eucharist in our personal, community and missionary lives. As Marists, how is the Eucharist “the source and summit of our whole Christian lives”? (Lumen Gentium, 11)
Marcellin Champagnat‘s dream FMS Champagnat
06 June 2023
Marcellin, born in the small village of Lebasat in France, witnessed the lack of educational opportunities and the mistreatment of children in existing schools. Motivated to bring about change, he founded a school in Lavala to teach reading, writing, and religious values to underprivileged youth. Marcellin's vision inspired the formation of a network of Marist schools, which rapidly expanded across continents. From Sydney to London, Cape Town to Iberville, and finally Peking, Marist education reached all five continents. Today, spanning 80 countries, nearly 500,000 children and young people receive a quality education in over 600 Marist schools. Guided by Marcellin's dream of accessible education for all, the Marist global network continues to embrace new technologies and collaborate as a global family, generating opportunities and fulfilling its educational mission for children and adolescents worldwide.
Australian Indigenous leader - in the Vatican for week-long visit Joseph Tullock
04 June 2023
Doctor Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, a highly respected Australian Aboriginal leader, is currently visiting the Vatican for a week-long visit. During her stay, she will engage in meaningful discussions with Pope Francis and other senior Vatican figures, focusing on spirituality, ecology, and the reconciliation between the Catholic Church and Indigenous Australians. As an artist, she will also unveil a new artwork at the Vatican Museums, drawing on both Indigenous and Christian traditions. Her painting, titled 'We Found God in Nature,' portrays the dry season in her region of Australia, emphasizing the connection between nature and her Catholic faith. Additionally, she will attend a Mass commemorating fifty years of Indigenous liturgies and participate in discussions with various Vatican officials, including Bishop Paul Tighe and representatives from Caritas Internationalis and the Union of International Superiors General, where she will present her perspective on integral ecology from an Indigenous standpoint.
World passes the 1.5 degree warning threshold ABC News
21 May 2023
According to an ABC News report, researchers are once again raising concerns about the state of the climate and warning that temperatures are expected to reach record levels in the next five years. The World Meteorological Organization states that there is a two-thirds chance the global average temperature will surpass the critical threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius for the first time between now and 2027. This breach of the limit signifies the rapid acceleration of climate change and the increasingly severe impacts it will have. The continued high-level emissions from human activities and the emergence of an El Niño weather pattern in the Pacific contribute to the rising risk. The report emphasizes that even temporary breaches of the 1.5-degree threshold have significant environmental consequences, including more extreme weather events and devastating impacts. Scientists are calling for urgent action to reduce emissions and prevent further damage. The article concludes by stressing the importance of not becoming desensitized to these alarming warnings and highlights Australia's vulnerability to climate-related disasters. It urges the government, businesses, and policymakers to respond swiftly and take responsibility for reducing emissions and addressing the issue.
Australia on the frontline of climate change ABC News
07 May 2023
This week world leaders, pushing for more coordinated and strenuous action on climate change, no doubt hoping to capitalise on the lesson of coronavirus while it's still fresh - that doing too little, too late has dire consequences. So far, most nations - including Australia - have acted with insufficient urgency, meaning that the task ahead is now both mitigation and adaptation.
News - Marist Prayer and Reflection via ZOOM Marist Laity Australia
01 May 2023
On Sunday, April 30, 12 Marist Lay people and Marist Religious joined together for a Prayer and Reflection on “Christ is Risen”. Attendees came from Melbourne, Sydney, and as far away as Gladstone in Queensland. As we gathered there was some smiles and many memories of when we last saw each other. There was rich discussion around the spirit of Easter and Resurrection was present in our lives. The participants came away feeling a renewed sense of connection and touched by the importance of prayer.
Marist Laity Australia Newsletter - April 2023 Marist Laity Australia
22 April 2023
Welcome to the Easter Edition of the Marist Laity Newsletter. You will find a number of articles of Easter, reflections on death and young people visiting homeless people and an invitation to join us on Sunday April 30 for prayer and reflection via zoom.
Movie - 2040 Mad Man Films
11 March 2023
An amazing documentary that envisions how our world could be in 2040 if we took the environment seriously. Don't do this for yourself. Do this for our children and grandchildren.
Seize the day Dead Poet Society
07 March 2023
Mr Keating makes his students leave their classroom for his first class with them, and so tells them that they should 'seize the day' - live life, before you eventually die. From Dead Poets Society.
Bearers of Hope Prayer for the Marist Sisters Marist Laity Australia
12 February 2023
Marist Laity Australia invites you to pray the following prayer between April 24 to May 15, 2022 for the Marist Sisters and their Marist Sisters General Chapter in Rome.
Turkey Syria Earthquake News Organisations
11 February 2023
As many thousands of people were killed. There are many thousands exposed in sleeping outside in freezing conditions. The Turkey and Syrian governments are asking the International Community to respond by sending support and aid. Please watch these videos to make people aware of what is going on. Please give to the many organisations such as Caritas and UNHCR who have people on the ground helping these people.
Sister Natalie - Towards a Spirituality of Synodality Sister Nathalie Becquart - Parramatta Diocese
05 February 2023
When we think of synodality it is a spirituality of pilgrimage. When you come from Europe to Australia or from Australia to Europe it is a long journey. You have beautiful moments, but, it can be tiring and it is long. A pilgrimage is like this. We receive joy but other moments are difficult. This is the life with Christ. When we want to become missionary pilgrims together who are the road. This is what synodality is about. Synodality reveals the diversity of God. The main impulse is the Holy Spirit and the cross of Christ. All these people are journeying together. Becoming a synodal church is becoming a church on the move. Synodality is a dynamic vision of the church in history. The church is on pilgrimage on this earth. The church is journeying towards “the Kingdom of God”. As the baptised, all together we are the realisation of the church in history. This is a dynamic vision of the church. Not just a theoretical abstract vision of the church as it should be, but the church, “in” history and “in” a specific “context”.
One in every 150 people are trapped in modern slavery Acrath
29 January 2023
Almost 50 million people were living in modern slavery in 2021, either forced to work against their will or in a marriage that they were forced into, according to Global Estimates of Modern Slavery, a new report from the International Labour Organization (ILO), Walk Free and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The new data shows that the number of people trapped in modern slavery has risen significantly in the last five years, and that it affects every region of the world. The world needs to move quickly and decisively to get progress back on track. However, the report also details several actions which, taken swiftly and together, can make significant progress towards ending modern slavery, worldwide.
Please share - I support the Aboriginal Voice in our Parliament ABC
23 January 2023
The Prime Minister Anthony Albanese launched the proposal for the indigenous voice to parliament. The focus is of hope and humility. Years of broken promises, failures, and false starts demand nothing less. The prime minister outlines some of the detail for this reform. The draft question is Do you support an alteration to the constitution that establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice?
Link - Marist Sisters in the Asia Pacific Marist Sisters
16 January 2023
Check out this informative Marist Web site. It contains news from different parts of the Marist world, an outline of Mission and Spirituality, Resources on Jean Marie Chavoin, stories of Marist Sisters who have passed, and much more.
56th World Day of Peace - Pope Francis Pope Francis
16 January 2023
No one can be saved alone.Combatting Covid-19 together, embarking together on paths of peace.
Link - Marist Fathers Australia Marist Fathers
04 January 2023
Check out this awesome Marist Web site. It contains the most up to date news section, an outstanding Social Justice blog (JPIC), it explores the Marist beginnings, and information about the Marist Vocation.
Pope Francis is Dividing the Church. Here is why. Breaking in the Habit
31 December 2022
There is little doubt that Pope Francis has been the most controversial Pope in any of our life times. Dividing the church into those who think he is the greatest pope ever and into those who think he is a heretic. In later years the later group has grown louder with some saying he is not even the real pope at all.
Why Does Evil Exist? National Geographic - Morgan Freeman
29 December 2022
Where does evil come from? Morgan sets out to understand the root of evil and how our ideas of it have evolved over the millennia. Is the devil real? From the underworld of ancient Egypt to a modern-day maximum-security prison, Morgan discovers that evil might be more than a supernatural force. The birth of religion may be inextricably tied to the need to control evil.
Audio - Who is ruling Myanmar? ABC - Phillip Adams
24 December 2022
A number of activities were executed in Myanmar. These are the first executions since 1988. There has been a continuing coup by violence of the military. The military is not monolithic. There are different factions within the military. The coup was a product of these factions. Ever since Myanmar's military leaders took control in a 2021 coup, the country has deteriorated into civil war. But who are the men in charge and what do they really want?
Bishop Vincent Longs - Christmas 2022 Message Bishop Vincent Long
21 December 2022
We live in an increasingly dangerous world where a spiral of violence seems to be out of control. Violence and selfishness dominate our daily news, as the ‘answer’ the world offers to us. The horrors unfolding in Ukraine and the scandal of the arms race, and even more the danger of nuclear war frightens us all. Our planet continues to be exploited and the beauty of God’s creation plundered for profit. And the ongoing tragedy of refugees continues with many people closing their hearts to compassion.
NEWS - Europe Marist Lay LINK Marist Laity Europe
17 December 2022
'STARTING A NEW CHURCH'. These are the words of our Founder, FatherJean Claude Colin. Pope Francis, in callingthe Synod of the Universal Church, said: 'We must live another way of being Church'. I believe that the mostbeautiful thing about the Chapter of the European Province of the Marist Fathers, held in Rome from 6 to 14June 2022 - preceded by an electronic session held from 27 to 29 May, in which some Lay Marists alsoparticipated - was precisely putting as the underlying theme of every moment these words of our Founder andof our current Pope; thereby, combining and comparing every prayer, action, thought, word, aspiration andperspective with this interpretative key. Finally, moving beyond the limits of our own horizon, our Founder'sprophecy, and fidelity to the Pope's action - aiming to trigger processes of renewal in the Church, so that shemay be ever more perfectly embodied in our time, marking a change of epoch - are the key criteria groundingour Spirituality and our journey in the Church and in the world.
Marist David Gergen on leadership and finding your passion David Gergen
14 December 2022
For those who are younger there is a good chance you will have 6, 8 or 10 jobs. Different organisations over the years. This is just change. You have to get an instinct of how to think about your boss and the organisation that you find yourself in and the organisational structure. You need to figure that out so that you can serve people well.
12 year old Ukrainian refugee shares diary of escaping war Yeva - 12 year old Ukrainian refugee
14 December 2022
I remember the 19th of February was one of the happiest days of my life. We had bowling between friends. We had a competition between friends. It was a normal and happy day of my life. The 23rd of February was the last day I saw and met my classmates. On the 24th of February you woke with loud noises and they turn out to be being rain-down on Kharkiv.....
Seaspiracy documentary Ali Tabrizi
11 December 2022
A 2021 documentary film about the environmental impact of fishing directed by and starring Ali Tabrizi, a British filmmaker. The film is produced by Kip Anderson, director of animal consumption documentaries Cowspiracy and What the Health.
Event - The Spirit of the Lord is upon me Marist Laity Australia
11 December 2022
It is time to join together with other Marists from across the world as we prepare for Christmas. Marist Laity Australia would like to invite you to join us on Sunday December 11 at 7 pm (EAST Eastern Australian Time) to As we prepare for Christmas.
Marist Laity Australia Newsletter - December 2022 Marist Laity Australia
04 December 2022
As the Jesuit scholastic Brendan Busse reflects: “The true beauty of this season lies in the way in which it sanctifies that which is most human in us: our desire to love and call ourselves beloved, the desire for the eternal to break into our mortal lives, for light to break into our darkness, for God’s loving presence to become a felt reality in our all too frail human condition.”
Collegiality Leadership in the Church with Mary McAleese Mary McAleese
30 November 2022
A conversation between a prominent theologian Mary McAleese and former head of state on models of leadership in the Church and the Vatican II notion of broad participation and shared responsibility.
Is COVID-19 an apocalyptic event? Richard Rohr ofm
29 November 2022
Apocalyptic literature from the scriptures often gets miss interpreted. Apocalyptic does not mean the “end of the world”. This is a miss interpretation. But, what the world is going through with COVID-19 is an “apocalyptic” event or a revelation. This event is an unveiling or to pull back the veil. This style of text, Apocalyptic, uses exaggerated images and metaphors. Like stars falling from the sky or the moon turning to blood in the scriptures. This is like a Steven Spielberg movie like Close Encounters or ET where suddenly you are placed in an utterly different world. What was normal before does not apply any more.
Event - Looking forward in the Australian Church after the Plenary Council Bishop Shane Mackinlay
13 November 2022
The 4-year journey of the Plenary Council led to important decisions in eight critical areas for the Catholic Church in Australia. It also provided an invaluable immersion in synodality, with an unprecedented experience of broad consultation, honest and respectful dialogue, extended discernment, and co-responsible decision-making. This talk will review some of the main decisions made by the Plenary Council, as well as reflecting on its significance for strengthening synodal processes in the Church.
Refugee teens tell their stories on stage SBS World News
05 November 2022
They have fled war zones around the world for the safety of Australia and now a group of teenaged refugees are sharing their personal stories on stage at a Theatre in Sydney. The performance was a drama-focussed trauma recovery play which aims to help heal the young refugees and educate the audience about the process of resettlement.
The Unluckiest Refugees Tanya Jackson-vaughan
04 November 2022
Zahra, her husband, and 3 children have been in Australia for the past 4 years. Her eldest daughter won 2 scholarships to uni, the middle daughter is at high school and the little boy starts school next year. Zahra has a cleaning business, her husband works 6 days a week as a tiler. But their life is far from normal.
News Archive - December 2011 Marist Laity Australia
01 November 2022
View the December 2011 Marist Laity Australia Newsletter.
The Hungry Tide Ronin Films
30 October 2022
A film about a nation on the front line of climate change: the central Pacific nation of Kiribati is one of the countries in the world most vulnerable to rising sea levels.
Fratelli Tutti - What Catechists, Catechetical Leaders, and Other Ministry Leaders Should Know Dr Joseph White
30 October 2022
The purpose and goal of Fratelli Tutti paragraph 8 Pope Francis says it is his desire by acknowledging the dignity of each human person we can contribute to the rebirth of a universal aspiration to fraternity. The title of the document is inspired by a quote from Saint Francis of Assisi. A love that transcends the barriers of geography and distance and declares blessed all that love their brother as much as he his far away from him as much as he is with him. Issues of fraternal friendship have always been a concern of Pope Francis. In this encyclical Pope Francis brings together these ideas for reflection. This is open to all people. An invitation to all people to dialogue. Not just for Catholics and the Catholic church but all people.
5 Fundamentals of Leadership - Leadership Development Simon Sinek
22 October 2022
You have to have the capacity for existential flexibility. What does that mean? Apple had already come up with success with Apple One and Apple Two. It is already a huge company and is very successful and they are working on their next big project. And then in 1981 Steve Jobs and his senior executives went on a tour of Xerox PARC. Their XEROX showed them an innovation they had come up with called the Graphic User Interface. This would allow us to use a mouse to control the cursor on the screen to click on folders move them around to use the computer. Prior to that you had to use a (text based) computer language like DOS. Remember Steve Jobs' vision and just cause to empower the individual to stand up to the status quo. When he saw this amazing Graphical User Interface he immediately saw that this was a way more powerful way to get more people to use a computer because it was so much more simpler and easier to use. As they are leaving Xerox, he says to his executives, we have to invest in this. And his people say 'we can't'. One of the voices of reason says 'Steve we cannot'. We have already invested countless man hours and millions of dollars in an entirely different strategic direction. If we invest in the Graphical User Interface we will blow up our own company. To which Steve Jobs responds 'better we blow up our own company than someone else'.
Video - Blood Cobalt in the Congo ABC Foreign Correspondent
07 October 2022
The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the poorest countries on Earth. But it holds the world’s richest deposits of cobalt. Now the race is on to mine the metal essential to making electric car batteries. People in this region are digging and dying for. It is dangerous work. The massive industrial mines are a law until themselves. People are dying for lack of safety. Corruption and violence and rampant. Small scale miners who work on the fringes of the mine risk arrest and even death. Many are children. This is the cost of our green energy revolution.
Event - After the 2022 Election and Plenary Council Father Frank Brennan SJ
28 August 2022
What Matters to Australian Catholics – Blue, Red, Green and Teal – After the 2022 Election and Plenary Council. Father Frank Brennan SJ
Wrap-up Plenary 2 episode 4 Garratt Publishing
21 July 2022
What equality exists between men and women? Today highlighted the need for more theological input and understanding amongst the members of plenary. This has highlighted some deficiencies in the process up until this point. This process reinforced a sense of hope from real discernment from that rejection. The rest of the day was with that reflection and discernment. The steering committee was surprised because they could not go forward. This is a key issue for the church. whether or not we believe in Vatican 2 and the kind of church this is calling for or whether we belong to a restoration group. That is the tension that is there which is pulling either way.
Wrap-up Plenary 2 episode 6 Garratt Publishing
10 July 2022
Some words are merely mouthed words like 'that women are appropriately represented in in decision making. Who decides what is appropriate?'
Marist Laity Australia Newsletter - July 2022 Marist Laity Australia
04 July 2022
It has been some time since Marist Laity Australia (MLA) produced a newsletter and so we reconnect with you today and invite you to read on and contribute to future editions if you would like to share some news.
Beyond Belief - Myanmar BBC - Beyond Belief
26 June 2022
On February 1st 2021, the government in Myanmar was overthrown in a military coup. Aung San Suu Kyi is now being held in prison and hundreds of protestors have been shot on the streets. For many decades, Christians and Muslims have been at the hard end of military oppression. Now the Buddhist majority are feeling the crack of the whip. To discuss Myanmar’s turbulent history and the current crisis, Ernie Rea is joined by Soe Win Than (Editor of the BBC Burmese Service), Khin Ohmar (a democracy and human rights activist noted for her leadership in the 1988 uprising in Myanmar) and by Benedict Rogers (Senior Analyst for East Asia at Christian Solidarity Worldwide).
Cardinal Bo - Myanmar EWTN
26 June 2022
Asia’s culture and religion go hand in hand, said the cardinal, who also serves as the president of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences. He called the culture and religions – including Buddhism, Islam, and Catholicism – “very rich, very diverse.”
Religion and Climate Justice BBC - Beyond Belief
21 June 2022
Barely a day goes by without some dire warning about the state of the environment. But we also hear that if we act now we may be able to avoid the worst consequences of man-made climate change. The vast majority of the world’s population hold to a faith tradition. So what role can religion play in bringing about the kind of change that is needed? Religion appeals not only to science but to deeply held beliefs and values. Religion can talk the language of hope as opposed to fear and can tap into vast networks and mobilise communities. So what difference can religions make, what kind of things are already happening and are they doing enough to tackle a problem that will connect all people regardless of faith and belief?
Association of Marcellin Champagnat - National Assembly 3 Association of Marcellin Champagnat
07 June 2022
We are delighted to let you know that registrations for the Association National Assembly are still open. Let's join together as a Marist family this year - through June, July and August - to look at where we've come from, and imagine where we are going!
Marian Lecture 2021 - The Post COVID church Christopher Lamb
15 May 2022
Christopher is a religious affairs journalist and Vatican expert who has lived in Rome as correspondent for The Tablet. Since 2013 he has travelled widely and been close to Pope Francis. He has distilled Francis’ message to the wider church and world in his recent book, The Outsider: Pope Francis and His Battle to Reform the Catholic Church.
Marist Sisters Elect new General leadership Team in Rome Marist Sisters
15 May 2022
The Marist Sisters give thanks to God for their new General Leadership Team elected during the 30th General Chapter at Nemi yesterday. Sr Sylvette Mané (Superior General) is pictured here with Srs Silvia Sanz de Diego, Mari Aranda Sánchez-Lara and Kate McPhee. We ask God blessings upon each of them as they take up their role.
Marist Sisters General Chapter - Opening Liturgy Marist Sisters
25 April 2022
The opening liturgy of the Marist Sisters General Chapter 2022.
Marist Sisters General Chapter begins in Rome Sister Sheila Manalo
24 April 2022
The Marist Sisters General Chapter will be held in Rome starting on Sunday April 24. The main goal of the General Chapter is to preserve and foster the spiritual patrimony of the Marist Sisters’ Congregation. It examines carefully what the Lord expects of us, by taking into account the directives of the church, developments in contemporary society and the aspirations of each Units (or region).
Earth Day DB Music & Film
22 April 2022
April 22. EARTHDAY.ORG’s mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Growing out of the first Earth Day in 1970, EARTHDAY.ORG is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, working with more than 150,000 partners in over 192 countries.
Video - How do we see Marist Laity now? Marist Sisters
22 April 2022
In the past laity found out about Marist Spirituality through various parishes. This was led by the Marist Fathers, Marist Brothers and Marist Sisters. There were groups all over Ireland, but they seldom met together and did not know each other. In 2000 we had a big gathering in Longford in central Ireland. We had a liturgy then followed by a party. We got to know each other and forged friendships. In 2007 there was a lay gathering of lay Marists in Tourin. This was the European gathering of lay Marists. We met Lay Marists from all over the world. We learnt how to organise ourselves. We exchanged ideas even though there were cultural differences. We worked through them. We adapted Mary's Magnificat as the official prayer of lay Marists. We returned to Ireland fired up with enthusiasm. We set about organising ourselves in structure, formation and communication. The most important part was to establish ourselves as an authenticate part of the Marist family.Independent and also interdependent with the other Marist branches. We elected 8 leaders we call the resource group. These go out and meet with other group.
David Attenborough A Life on Our Planet 2020 David Attenborough
22 April 2022
Sir David Frederick Attenborough is an English broadcaster, biologist, natural historian and author. He is best known for writing and presenting, in conjunction with the BBC Natural History Unit, the nine natural history documentary series forming the Life
Afghan baby girl sold for $500 by starving family - BBC News BBC News
22 April 2022
Afghanistan is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world, with the country seeing a sharp deterioration in the situation since the Taliban seized power in August.International funds which propped up the country’s fragile economy have been stopped as the world debates how to deal with the Taliban regime.The United Nations has issued a stark warning – that millions will die if urgent aid does not reach the country soon. In this video, the BBC’s Yogita Limaye travels to Herat, in the west of the country, and witnesses first-hand the dire situation on the ground.
Pope Francis Easter blessing and message Thaddeus Jones
21 April 2022
In his Easter “To the Church and to the World” message, Pope Francis announces that Jesus, the Crucified One, is risen, and he remembers victims of war, all those suffering around the world, and appeals ardently that the peace of Christ may enter our lives, our homes, and our countries.
Caritas Ukraine on Twitter Caritas Ukraine
22 March 2022
Caritas Ukraine is caring for people - Children and youth, Healthcare, Migration issues and Crisis situations
Farewell Fr Kevin Bates and Welcome Father Brian Wilson Marist Fathers
20 March 2022
On March 13 the people of Holy Name of Mary parish, Hunters Hill and Woolwich, gathered for a picnic day to farewell retiring parish priest, Father Kevin Bates and welcome their new parish priest father Brian Wilson.
Please pray for Polina and Ukraine Isabella Ross
05 March 2022
Please pray for Polina and Ukraine for peace. Polina was shot and killed in Ukraine's capital city of Kyiv. She was travelling via the family car in her neighbourhood with her mum and dad, and two siblings. Her parents were also killed as a result of the shots fired by the Russians, and her two siblings are being treated for gunshot wounds.
Song - 2014 Ukraine Protest - Blowing in the wind Ron Tally
03 March 2022
How many roads must a man walk down Before you call him a man? How many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand? Yes, and how many times must the cannonballs fly Before they're forever banned? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind The answer is blowin' in the wind.
1963 - Pacem In Terris Pope John XXIII
02 March 2022
In 1963 the cuban missile crisis between communist Russia and the United States saw the threat of nuclear war at its highest point. Pope John XXIII played a pivotal role resolving the conflict between Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and President John F Kennedy. Shortly after, John release Pacem In Terris months before he would die. This document promoted peace in all parts of our lives.
Marist Schools Laudato Si Programs in the Philippines Marist School Admin Philippines
01 March 2022
There is a cost to everything we do. But the biggest cost is doing nothing. This climate emergency is a race. The climate crisis is caused by us and the solutions must come from us. It will require fundamental transformations in all aspects of society. How we grow food, use land, fuel our transport. The COVID pandemic has impacted human well being. It has caused indirect effects on species and the environment. COVID is a consequence of the depletion of nature. Therefore there is a need and proactive in fighting climate change. We are called to become stewards of God's creation. How are we called to take action?
Pray for Myanmar Marist Laity Australia
14 February 2022
We pray for the people of Myanmar.God please bring peace.God please stop the violence.
A Synodal Church - Expectations and Limitations Catalyst for Renweal
13 February 2022
A synodal church - expectations and limitations –appraising the plenary council and seeing beyond
Word Day of Peace Message - Dialogue Pope Francis
26 January 2022
Dialogue Between Generations, Education and Work:
Tools for Building Lasting Peace
News Archive - June 2009 Marist Laity Australia
22 January 2022
View the June 2009 Marist Laity Australia Newsletter.
Please pray for the people in Tonga 9 News Australia
19 January 2022
Please pray for the people in Tonga . This is the story of many people in Tonga and their families. There are reports Tonga is struggling with toxic air and contaminated water, after an underwater volcanic eruption triggered a tsunami, wiping out communications.
A Synodal Church John Larsen sm
10 January 2022
From his vast perspective after his eight years in leadership Pope Francis highlights “synodality” as the future direction for the Church. “It is precisely this theme of synodality which God expects of the Church in the third millennium”, he says. We are all urged to participate as best we can in this synodal journey towards and beyond the “Synod on Synodality” in Rome, in
Parramatta sets off on road to Synod 2023 Raimie Caramancion
10 January 2022
To be honest, the word ‘synodality’ is one of those words that used to fly right over my head because it wasn’t something I was familiar with. Lucky for me, there was an opportunity to unpack what Pope Francis is asking all people to be part of (see Vademecum p16-17). Are we listening to each other deeply or enough? What’s your experience and what can the Church do to be better at it? “What an opportunity…” I thought to myself, “…what an opportunity IF we do this right. So what do I need to know about this synodal process?”
Marist Laity Australia Newsletter - December 2021 Marist Laity Australia
24 December 2021
Thank you for your ongoing support of MLA during this, another challenging year. A huge thank you to All who supported our online prayer reflections and provided such depth of sharing, they were rich exchanges and wonderful times to reconnect across the world.
Laudatio Si Impressions United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
15 December 2021
What kind of a world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up? We need only to take a frank look at the facts to see our common home is falling into series disrepair. These problems are closely linked to a throw away culture.
Is the Catholic Church in Australia stuck in 3rd gear? Marist Laity Australia
11 December 2021
I have three children. Two of who are in their early teenage years. They have arrived at the tipping point of “dad, why do we need to go to mass?” Over the past 6 weeks I have taken them to a neighbouring parish hoping for them to gain an experience of an engaging Australian priest who would enliven their desire to go to church. I was very careful to pick from the roster a mass which this priest would attend. But despite my efforts, each time we would attend a priest from overseas presided. They were very friendly priests, but the same result. A foreign priest with a very strong ascent. We would even sit in the front row despite my kids reluctance. On driving home each time my kids would say “dad, what did he just say?” I thought to myself, this mass may well have been in Latin, as
Event - A voice in the wilderness Marist Laity Australia
05 December 2021
It is time to join together with other Marists from across the world as we prepare for Christmas.
One familys desperate efforts to reach the EU BBC
19 November 2021
A story of a refugee family who have fled afghanistan making their way to the EU.
Reverend James Bhagwan speaks at COP26 World Council of Churches
17 November 2021
Rev. James Bhagwan, general secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches, addresses the High level Segment of COP26 on behalf of the Interfaith Liaison Committee.
We need IMMEDIATE action to stop extinction crisis, David Attenborough BBC
14 November 2021
With a million species at risk of extinction, Sir David Attenborough explores how this crisis of biodiversity has consequences for us all, threatening food and water security, undermining our ability to control our climate and even putting us at greater risk of pandemic diseases.
Vatican calls for clear roadmap as climate summit enters final stretch Catholic News Agency
13 November 2021
It said that a joint message signed by faith leaders and scientists at the Vatican on Oct. 4 recognized the importance of the topic.It also noted that the pope had stressed “the ecological debt and the solidarity that industrialized countries owe to the poor” in Laudato si’
An environmental ZOOM Conversation of Marists Marist Laity Australia
07 November 2021
On Saturday November 6, 25 lay and Religious Marists joined together online to discuss “How are we called to be stewards of God’s creation”? Pope Francis spoke about the Laudatio Si Action Platform. That all people are called to an ecological conversion. Pope Francis calls all of us to be more connected to creation through how we live our lives. This is very urgent because it is the poorest of the poor who are most effected. Those that do not have a voice.
Prayer for COP 26 Marist Laity Australia
31 October 2021
Please share this prayer in your schools and communities. Pray this prayer between October 31 to November 12 2021.
COP26 challenges - BBC News BBC News
21 October 2021
Key global climate talks will be be hosted by the UK in Glasgow in November 2021. Campaigners for action on global warming say the summit will need to agree tough and radical reductions in carbon emissions if they are to limit the worst effects climate change. So what are the main challenges facing those trying to forge a new agreement at the talks?
EWTN attacks on Pope Francis Austen Ivereigh
20 October 2021
Is this what animates EWTN shows like Raymond Arroyo’s? Is this spirit of schism— known by its contempt, arrogance and disdain, but presenting itself as the defense of orthodoxy and tradition—evident in the ongoing hostility and contempt towards Francis?
Plenary Podcast with Bishop Michael, Brother Peter, and Marco Plenary Podcast
12 October 2021
Plenary Podcast, Day 3: Wednesday, 6 October 2021. Journey Catholic Radio’s Jude Hennessy in conversation with Bishop Michael Kennedy (Armidale, NSW) , Br Peter Carroll FMS (Provincial Marist Bros),
MLA Committee Meeting Marist Laity Australia
02 October 2021
On Saturday October 2, Marist Laity Australia Committee came together for two hours to share, pray, discuss and plan. We spoke deeply about the impacts of the COVID pandemic. Where families cannot see loved one’s who are dying and where others are sitting with people as they enter the last moments of their life. This was a rich sharing.
Climate action in Australia urged ahead of Glasgow COP26 talks ABC News
30 September 2021
The time for talk is over. Code red for humanity after a decade of toxic Australian Environmental policy. There is not enough government policy or incentives for businesses to invest. The policy vacuum is slowing down the change. Australian needs to put the political points scoring aside and evolve.
Del Rio - a Can of Worms Fr Ben McKenna SM
29 September 2021
But in recent days up to some 15,000 migrants mainly Haitians (but other nationalities including Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans) crossed the river over the span of a week, by wading over a dam on the river and were then blocked from moving forward . So they made camp under the international bridge on the US side thus creating yet another crisis and for anti-Biden critics a reason to make a lot of noise.
COP26 - Climate Change and the Pacific Conference Edmund Rice Centre
18 September 2021
Listen to four key presenters talk about the current Climate Crisis for Pacific people - Vincent Long, Rev Mata Havea Hillau – Uniting Church, Rev James Bhagwan and Archbishop Peter Chong – From Fiji
The Cruel Sea - The Mission to Save Lives on the Mediterranean ABC Correspondent
18 September 2021
Foreign Correspondent. One Spanish yacht. A quarter of a million square kilometres of sea. Boatloads of desperate men, women & children fleeing for their lives. Can a Barcelona crew help the thousands on this risky journey and steer them to safety?
Event - COP26 - Climate Change and the Pacific Edmund Rice Centre
17 September 2021
Join Archbishop of Suva Peter Chong, Bishop of Parramatta Vincent Long, Pacific Conference of Churches General Secretary Rev. James Bhagwan and Rev. Mata Havea Hiliau Moderator Elect, Uniting Church NSW/ACT, for a conversation facilitated by Sister Jan Barnett rsj.Registrations are essential - please click below on RSVP. The Zoom link for the webinar will be sent to your email address after you register.
Afghanistan Displacement Emergency Appeal Mahbobas Promise
13 September 2021
Afghanistan’s Panjshir valley is in crisis. Families are trapped inside the narrow valley without enough food or medical supplies, and cut off from the outside world as the conflict in the region continues. As we continue to do what we can on the ground we are making an appeal for international intervention from global NGO’s to assist us reach more people in need of our help. We can’t do this alone. We need your help.
Mahboba Promise #Afghanistan Mahboba Promise
13 September 2021
I regret to write to you that the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating very quickly. In over 40 years of war, I have not seen the situation so devastating as it is today. 
The violence in Kabul and the northeast has forced hundreds of thousands of terrified families to flee their homes in desperate search of safety.
I know first-hand what it is like to flee your home in the face of war and terror. When families flee the terror, they have no choice but to escape quickly, with very few or no possessions.
Inspirational insights from Dr Jessy Rogers at the Convocation of the Plenary Dr Jessy Rogers
27 August 2021
Dr Jessy Rogers from Ireland, provided what the Plenary meant as an international church. Pope Francis has called the church to become a synodal church. Synodality needs mechanisms and processes to enable it to happen. This is what plenary councils and plenary councils do. Those are what enable it. Synodality itself is actually a way of being church.
Event - The Future of Catholicism in Australia Australasian Catholic Coalition for Church Reform.
26 August 2021
The second Convocation exploring The Future of Catholicism in Australia will bring together diverse perspectives on the current state, and future prospects, for our Church in Australia.
1979 - Should refugees come to Australia? ABC News
18 August 2021
Conversations and opinions about whether Australia should take refugees.
Australian Refugee Story - Bashir Yousufi ABC News
18 August 2021
Bashir Yousufi is an orphan who fled Afghanistan leaving behind three younger brothers. He's now a high school student in Sydney's west with a passion for the country that gave him refug
Australias Incredible Cruelty to Refugees Phil Glendenning
11 August 2021
Phil Glendenning brings tales of horror about refugees sent back to their countries by Australia. He provides compelling arguments to support the claim that the Australian public is being lied to by its politicians.
a well founded fear Phil Glendenning
11 August 2021
What has happened to the many refugees Australia sent back to Afghanistan? Are they still alive? Phil Glendenning director of the Edmund Rice centre follows the stories of refugees who Australia deemed safe to return home. For many of these people, their stories are chilling.
Taliban take over BBC News
11 August 2021
The Taliban have been making major advances across Afghanistan as foreign troops withdraw, taking at least five regional capitals since Friday. In their most significant gain, the Taliban are now reported to have overrun the northern city of Kunduz.
A journey through Taliban country France 24 English
11 August 2021
Follow the story of many people living in Afghanistan. Both from the Talibans community and the democratic Afghanistan.
Climate change report a code red for humanity ABC News
10 August 2021
United Nations chief warns. The Earth could be just 10 years from heating by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius since industrialisation — a global warming threshold beyond which even more serious and frequent fires, droughts, floods and cyclones are expected to wreak havoc on humanity.
Aboriginal traders before European settlement ABC Landline
01 August 2021
There are small clues if you know what you're looking for. An Indonesian tree where it shouldn't be, a fragment of foreign pottery on a scenic northern beach. They are markers of an annual Asian occupation of the northernmost tip of Western Australia that remains a mystery. 'This contact was happening prior to colonisation of this part of the northern coast, so it's an Asian industry working with Aboriginal traditional owners.
Pacific New Update Philip Adams
31 July 2021
The Fijian government is taken a very serious stance on vaccination. At the latest count 78% of the population has received one dose of vaccine. They are using Astra Zeneca. About 19% are fully vaccinated. The government has said for public servants that anyone who has not commenced vaccinated by the 1st of November will find themselves out of work. The governments “no jab no job” policy.
Marist Voices Newsletter plus Audio Marist Laity World Committee
31 July 2021
Listen to the audio of the Marist Voices is a publication to share and promote the life of the Marist laity.
Awaken to an Earth Centred Cosmology Father Thomas Berry
25 July 2021
All of us are called upon to play a part. We are all contributing to vast planetary Ark, like Noah’s Ark, to avoid the devastating destruction which has been imposed upon this present planetary process during the 20th century. This idea of Noah’s Ark gives us a basic idea of how things function in a time of comprehensive decision making.
Reform refugee and asylum seeker policies Catholic Religious Australia
24 July 2021
Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) has written to the Government highlighting where its refugee and asylum seeker policies do not uphold Australia’s international human rights obligations, contrary to the Government’s insistence otherwise. The United Nations Human Rights Council has reached the same conclusions in its recent Universal Periodic Review (UPR)
Plenary Council Abundance of goodwill Marist Father Ben McKenna SM
21 July 2021
By Marist Father Ben McKenna SM. We Marists SM are committed to having an International 'Omnes Gentes' community in Paramatta. Covid has slowed us down, and while we are waiting it is worthwhile to ponder on a summary reflection of the Bishop of Paramatta, +Vincent Long OFM Conv, in his recent Helder Camara lecture. 'My hope for the [Australian] Plenary Council'
Blog - A case for Women in leadership in the Church Marist Laity Australia
15 July 2021
If we are to truly reflect the divine feminine and masculine image, we must consider women in leadership. Yet, our culture and our Catholic tradition choses to say “this is not our practise”. This is not just about who is right and who is wrong, but rather, if we do not embrace more women in leadership, what will that do? I can see what it has done, and this has been devastating.
Ruby Bridges Fought Racism at 6 Years Old Goal Cast
11 July 2021
At 6 years old, Ruby Bridges went to school in the protection of U.S. Marshals due to threats from white families who didn't want a Black child attending school with their children.her attending a formerly all white elementary school. Ostracized by teachers & peers, Ruby soon realized she was the target of their hate simply for being born Black. Today, she speaks on the experience & the continued fight against anti-Black racism in America.
Court finds Shell liable for climate change Phillip Adams
11 July 2021
The Royal Dutch court has held that Royal Dutch Shell is liable for its contributions to climate change. The court found that its ongoing fossil fuel operations undermined basic guaranteed human rights and authorised the company by slashing its global carbon omissions by 45% by 2030.
The story of ZarZar in Ranong Thailand Zarzar
11 July 2021
My name is Zar Zar and I am 17 years old. I live in Ranong with my father, mother, and cousins. My parents are Mon ethnicity and also migrant workers. I am currently studying at Marist Asia Foundation (MAF) in Ranong, Thailand.
Cardinal John Ribat - - A Cardinal for the peripheries: Papua New Guinea Cardinal John Ribat
08 July 2021
Cardinal John Ribat is the first Cardinal from Papua New Guinea. He shares to Mark Riedemann his first impressions after he was notify of election. He comments on the heroic work of missionaries in these lands, and yet this is still a land for first evangelization. The local Church is trying to develop their own vocations in this country were modernity and “stone age” costumes clash.
If one member suffer, all will suffer Sr Jane O'Carroll SM
08 July 2021
Sr Jane O'Carroll is a Marist sister. She serves in the Auckland Catholic Diocese as Bishop Pat's Pastoral Assistant and is Vicar for religious. Jane is also a member of Te Ropu Tautoko. Te Rōpū Tautoko exists to co-ordinate and manage cooperation between the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care and the Catholic Church in Aotearoa, represented by the Catholic Bishops and Congregational Leaders of Aotearoa New Zealand. In this short video Sr Jane explains the role and function of Te Rou Tautoko.
Bishop Vincent Long ‘My hope for the Plenary Council’ Bishop Vincent Long
02 July 2021
There is a sense in which the Church must change into a more Christ-like pattern of humility, simplicity and powerlessness as opposed to worldly triumphalism, splendour, dominance and power. Christians in the post-Royal Commission are like the Jews after the exile. The future of the Church, like the New Jerusalem that the exilic prophets often speak of, will not be revitalised by way of simply repeating what was done in the past. It will not be simply a restoration project or doing the old things better. Rather, we must have the courage to do new things; we must be open to the Spirit leading us to new horizons even as we tend to revert to the old ways.
Turning Conscience into Action For Global Collaboration Earth Charter
28 June 2021
29 June 2020, marks the 20th anniversary since the official launch of the Earth Charter. Therefore, Earth Charter International, in collaboration with various partner organizations, organized a series of webinars under the theme “Earth Charter 2020 Turning Conscience into Action for a Thriving Earth”. The event offered a space for presenters and participants to consider the relevance of the Earth Charter to current times, for instance, as an ethical compass for building the “new normal”.This is the recording of Webinar 1: Turning Conscience into Action for Global Collaboration Sunday, 28 June 2020
World Environment Day 2021 Dr Rachel Mash Sermon
27 June 2021
We are stealing from the generations to come. The thief comes to steal and destroy. We are the thieves from the generations to come. The rich are getting richer. While the poor are becoming ever more poor.
The Wiradjuri Echoes story Duncan Smith
27 June 2021
Wiradjuri man Duncan Smith is an inspiration to many, but most especially his children. Meet the Wiradjuri Echoes and see them perform by the Murrumbidgee River. This film was produced for the Canberra Museum & Gallery.
The Plight of Refugees TRT World
27 June 2021
Displaced by war, persecution and natural disaster, tens of millions of refugees have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety. Are we doing enough to protect the most vulnerable among them: children?
Journey with the Story of Refugees Parramatta Diocese
24 June 2021
Be inspired and moved hearing Bishop Vincent, Idrissa, Kane and Len share their first steps on their journey as migrants and refugees.
Church divestment away from fossil fuels Brian Roewe - NCR
18 June 2021
In June 2016, days ahead of the first anniversary of Laudato Si', the Global Catholic Climate Movement made its first joint divestment announcement, consisting of four religious orders in the Pacific, one of the parts of the world most threatened by rising sea levels tied to global warming. Among them were the Marist Sisters in Australia.
Homelessness in Wilcannia-Forbes CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes
18 June 2021
Listen to the important stories of these members of our community. CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes as experienced a 20% rise in demand for our services - particularly for homelessness and emergency accomodation. Please help support the most vulnerable in our community.
Pray for peace in Myanmar The World is One News
14 June 2021
We pray for peace in the country of Myanmar in Asia. We pray that greatly needed food arrive to the people who are hungry. We pray for medical supplies comes for those who are sick. We pray for the people who wish to stir up violence. May they stop. We pray that that there is an immediate halt to violence that they stop. We pray that peace may enter the hearts for the people of myanmar. We pray that the UN special envoy should be aloud in Myanmar.
MMC Winter 2021 Newsletter Marist Mission Centre
13 June 2021
We continue to hear sad stories from the Myanmar refugees in Thailand. MMC funds a hostel program for young refugees and an education and health program in Ranong. Some of these programs have been disrupted due to the uncertain and violent times in their country. The refugees from Myanmar attending our program in Ranong Thailand are directly across the border from Myanmar and these young people are deeply concerned for their families and relatives back in Myanmar.
Another Options Catholic Health Australia
12 June 2021
Victoria and South Aust have passed this bill with options within it. For providers to conscientiously object but Queensland look to Pass the bill with no Options for Providers to object…this is very concerning.For all Christian based health and aged care facilities.
Sir David Attenborough Presents: Breaking Boundaries David Attenborough
05 June 2021
Breaking Boundaries tells the story of the most important scientific discovery of our time - that humanity has pushed Earth beyond the boundaries that have kept Earth stable for 10,000 years, since the dawn of civilization. The 75-minute film takes the audience on a journey of discovery of planetary thresholds we must not exceed, not just for the stability of our planet, but for the future of humanity. It offers up the solutions we can and must put in place now if we are to protect Earth’s life support systems.
Go and Make a Difference Steve Agrisano
16 May 2021
Go make a dff'rence, we can make a diff'rence. Go make a diff'rence in the world. Go make a diff'rence we can make a diff'rence. Go make a diff'rence in the world.
Balay Pasilungan celebrates 32 years Marist Fathers
10 May 2021
A shelter for street boys located in the heart of Bankerohan, Davao City, Philippines. The center is administered by the Society of Mary-Marist Fathers & Brothers.
Pray for the people of Yemen Vatican News
17 April 2021
More than 200 people were killed or injured in Yemen in March, the deadliest so far this year. The world’s biggest humanitarian crisis has exacerbated with a second wave of Covid-19 infections. The UN is urging for a ceasefire and eventual end to the war
Event - The Future of Catholicism in Australia Sister Joan Chittister OSB
13 April 2021
Presented by Sister Joan Chittister OSB. Our Catholic Church in Australia has reached a critical juncture. Scandals and stagnation leave it in crisis. Inspired by Pope Francis and the commitment of many Catholics, both lay and religious, the Plenary Council offers an opportunity for creating a better future.
Andrew Forest on the care of the ocean Andrew Forest
10 April 2021
The spotlights illegal fishing fleets use are so powerful, they can be detected from space. The EU, the world's champion of sustainability, takes home almost a quarter of the yellowfin tuna court in our Indian Ocean, a species that has been overfished for years and is on the brink of collapse. Iran's fishing fleet illegally plunders the water of Yemen and Somalia, where millions of children are on the brink of starvation. And our own Australian trawlers fished out 90% of the population of orange roughy, a deep-sea perch, before we realised that this fish grows incredibly slowly and lives for up to 200 years
Blog - People of the Resurrection Marist Laity Australia
07 April 2021
We have gone away for a break. This reminds me of how Jesus would go off often by himself for some rest. Into the wilderness. By himself. After such as a crazy year of uncertainty, of Covid, of my mum being in hospital 3 times, changing jobs, of many fires in Australia and recently floods. It is good to step away from craziness. To find a space to rest.
Pray for Indonesia & East Timor DW News
06 April 2021
Floods & landslides in Indonesia & East Timor leave scores dead | DW News
Polish Catholic family, killed by Nazis for helping Jews Catholic News Agency
24 March 2021
Early on March 24, 1944, a Nazi patrol surrounded the home of Józef and Wiktoria Ulma on the outskirts of the village of Markowa in southeast Poland. They discovered eight Jewish people who had found refuge with the couple and executed them.
Pray for Myanmar GMA News Online
20 March 2021
Kneeling before them in the dust of a northern Myanmar city, Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng begged a group of heavily armed police officers to spare the children and take her life instead
Pope meets Grand Ayatollah DW News
14 March 2021
On the second day of his trip to Iraq, Pope Francis has held talks with the country's influential Shia Muslim cleric, the Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani. The historic meeting took place at Sistanis home in the holy city of Najaf. No press were allowed inside for the talks, but a few white doves were released as the Pope entered – underscoring his message of peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians in Iraq. The Christian community there has dwindled after years of war and persecution. Those that remain hope a show of solidarity from Sistani could help secure their place in Iraq.
Oliva from Tanzania - Caritas Caritas Australia
02 March 2021
Twenty-two-year-old Oliva lives in Tanzania with her farmer husband, two young sons and an adopted niece and nephew. She didn’t have the opportunity to go to school growing up - and was embarrassed that she couldn’t read, write or count. Around 25 percent of Tanzanian girls and women over 15 years cannot read or write, with many families unable to afford school fees or uniforms.
Vincentian priest Pedro Opeka Redacción ACI Prensa
17 February 2021
Missionary priest in Africa nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.
Marist Laudato Si webinar Marist Fathers
17 February 2021
Marists from all over the world and representing all branches of the Marist Family connected on Feb 11 with Fr Joshtrom Kureethadam for a webinar on Laudato Si's 7-year planning. Fr Joshtorm is Coordinator of the Sector of “Ecology and Creation” at the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.
Human Trafficking Sister Noelene Simmons sm
08 February 2021
Pope Francis has declared the feast of St Josephine Bakhita on February 8 the International Day of Prayer, Reflection and Action against Human Trafficking. Join ACRATH and mark this day by sharing information, joining the world community in prayer and committing to do something in your own life to end slavery.
Gurrumul and Paul Kelly - Amazing Grace Gurrumul and Paul Kelly
26 January 2021
A very moving song with former renowned Aboriginal singer Gurrumul and Paul Kelly of Amazing Grace.
The Smiling Boy Neil Sanders
25 January 2021
1989. Two lines of Kurdish refugees, children in the foreground and adults behind. Eyes forward or staring down the barrel of the camera, they stand squashed together, chests pressed into the backs of their line neighbour as though queueing for some inane activity. Only one young boy in a small blue parker breaks the continuity by looking directly into the camera and smiling. His smile is broad and genuine, as though he recognises the photographer – as one would smile at a friend or a beloved relative. He is calm. He shows no fear. He looks happy.
Combating Climate Change Patricia Lane
11 January 2021
As part of a series highlighting the work of young people in addressing the climate crisis, writer Patricia Lane interviews Matt Humphrey, an Anglican priest, writer and educator who mixes faith with environmental stewardship
Endangered great apes World Wild Life
11 January 2021
Since the 1950's, orangutan numbers have halved. Young orangutans are being snatched from the wild for the illegal pet trade, and their mothers often killed to fuel the illegal wildlife trade.
An Ecological Conversion Marist Father John Larsen s.m.
10 January 2021
The heart of our response as Marists to the crises in the natural world around us is a profound “ecological conversion”. Pope Francis writes: “what is needed is an ecological conversion whereby the effects of their encounter with Jesus Christ become evident in their relationships with the world around them”. (L.S. 217). “Ecological conversion” happens when we meet Christ both in Word and Sacrament and at the same time also in the cry of the poor and the cry of the land.
Christmas in Asia 2021 Father Christopher Thadoes R. Ganzon SM
01 January 2021
This Christmas is certainly different from the many years of our celebrations. COVID 19 has undeniably changed the world from the moment of its out break. The world was not prepared to face this pandemic. But slowly people have faced it positively despite the challenges it brought to them. It is also undeniably true that this pandemic has taught us lessons; lessons that are already present but we have neglected before. COVID 19 would be part of our lives in the years to come, but it showed us and brought us closer to essential things that truly matter faith in God, family, friends, support, love, generosity. These essentials thrive along the way.
Belay Banaag Belay Banaag – House of Hope
29 December 2020
Belay Banaag is a centre for girls at risk in the south of the Philippines. Balay Banaag – “House of Hope” is a ‘safe place’ for girls at risk. This Marist Sisters Centre provides shelter, support, education and an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for ‘at risk behaviours and abuse of girls’. These young girls come from families at risk and are very vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Often these girls cannot return home because they are at risk. Balay Banaag offers these girls a future with dignity, hope and independence.
Europe Lay Marists Link Europe Lay Marists LINK
29 December 2020
During our EMLC delegates' Zoom meeting in July, we had the pleasure of getting to know the new European Provincial Delegate for Marist Laity, Fr Antonio Aira (Italy), who has taken over from Fr Jan Hulshof. With Father Antonio, it was decided to continue with the circular letter that Father Jan looked after for several years—thank you to him for all he did for this networking.
Grand Mother Tree Vanessa Cavanagh
29 December 2020
This grandmother tree connects me to Country. I cried when I saw her burned. I remember brushing my teeth over the green enamel sink. I would gaze out the window at a prominent grandmother and ponder her age. This grandmother had soft pink skin, smooth and dimpled, and incredible curves that burled in places. She stood at least 25 metres tall.
This is my eighth Christmas locked up in immigration detention. Mardin Arvin
26 December 2020
I was exiled to that prison in August 2013. The comments underneath were full of hate towards refugees. Do the people writing this know that this place was a torture camp? Have those people ever asked themselves why refugees leave their families and flee their homelands?
Cyclone Yasa in Fiji Tracey Shelton – ABC
22 December 2020
Up to 93,000 others were affected by the cyclone, the Disaster Office said — adding that those numbers may rise as communications are restored with affected areas.
A Climate Emergency Father Ben McKenna SM
22 December 2020
Yesterday, 12 December, on the 5th Anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, called on the leaders of the world's nations to declare states of 'climate emergency' in their countries to spur action to avoid 'catastrophic' global warming.

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