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Living Simply - Francis Chan Francis Chan
26 May 2024
In his speech 'Living Simply,' Francis reflects on the impactful life of a close friend who embraced a minimalist lifestyle, owning barely anything even as a prominent leader. This friend's existence starkly contrasted with societal norms, particularly in his commitment to poverty and charity, principles that proved his integrity when challenged by financial allegations. Francis explores the deeper implications of such a lifestyle, especially in contexts like India, where converting to Christianity often results in severe personal losses. He contrasts this with the casual approach to faith he observes in more affluent societies, urging a reevaluation of what it means to truly live one's faith, inspired by those who sacrifice everything for their beliefs.
Presence - You can be happy - without changing your life - Professor Cassie Holmes Cassie Holmes
24 April 2024
In her TED Talk, 'You can be happy without changing your life,' Cassie Holmes, a professor specializing in happiness and time management, shares her personal journey grappling with time poverty—a state where one feels there's never enough time to accomplish everything. Holmes narrates a particularly overwhelming day where the demands of her professional and personal life made her question her ability to maintain her pace without sacrificing joy and fulfillment. This moment of exhaustion on a train ride home led her to a critical realization about her relationship with time and sparked her interest in exploring whether having more free time equates to greater happiness.
Letting Go Gently - Embrace the Real Treasures Reflections on Life
24 January 2024
The YouTube video 'Letting Go Gently - Embrace the Real Treasures' features a reflective narrative centered around themes of personal growth, coping with loss, and finding joy in life's simple moments. The speaker shares her journey of emotional healing and self-discovery following a significant life change, presumably a separation or divorce.
Inspiration - How much is enough Reflections on Life
23 January 2024
The video 'How Much is ENOUGH' by Reflections for Life delves into the contemplation of material wealth versus true happiness and contentment in life. It begins with a provocative statement about the common ambition to accumulate wealth and enjoy life, only to find that when one finally has the means, the passion for enjoyment may have waned. This introduces the core theme of the video: questioning the relentless pursuit of material gains and its impact on genuine well-being.
Tips for Making and Keeping a New Years Resolution Father Mark-Mary
31 December 2023
In his presentation on making New Year's resolutions, Father Mark-Mary of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal shares a technique for setting and keeping resolutions. He emphasizes the importance of having resolutions that are concrete, clear, convenient, and accountable. Instead of vague goals like being more patient or improving prayer life, he suggests specific, measurable actions, such as praying an extra 10 minutes a day or exercising patience at least once daily. He highlights the convenience of tracking progress in a simple, sustainable way, like using a Google Doc for daily check-ins on specific goals, including sleep times, meals, exercise, and prayer. Father Mark-Mary also stresses the importance of accountability, suggesting sharing goals and progress with someone else for regular review. He concludes by reminding viewers that good intentions combined with a solid strategy can lead to transformative growth in virtue, prayer, and overall holistic health.
Song - You make me brave Bethel Music Kids
30 December 2023
The song 'You Make Me Brave' is a profound expression of faith, emphasizing the overwhelming power and support found in God's love. The opening lines set a tone of humility and awe, acknowledging God's greatness and majesty. This reverence is directed towards the 'King of Heaven,' indicating a deep respect and recognition of God's supreme authority. The imagery of God's love as waves that crash over the singer is striking and central to the song. It suggests that God's love is not just a gentle presence but an overwhelming force, akin to the relentless and enveloping nature of ocean waves.
Poem - The Hidden Symphony Andrew Dumas
27 December 2023
The poem is an allegory of life's journey, with the drawn curtain symbolizing the divine mystery, the veiling of God's full revelation to humanity. It captures the essence of human experience, beginning with the innocence of birth, as represented by the anticipation of an orchestral performance. As the narrative unfolds, the unraised curtain reflects the unseen aspects of life's path and the faith required to navigate it. The unrest among the audience mirrors the disillusionment some face when expectations of clarity and revelation are not met, akin to those who depart from the church when confronted with spiritual obscurity. Despite the challenges and changes in the melody of life, marked by the conductor's fall and the subsequent shift in music, the speaker stays in the opera house—just as some steadfastly remain in their faith. The poem concludes with a note of gratitude, acknowledging the value of participating in life's great, albeit often unseen, performance. This layered narrative invites reflection on the complexities of faith, the search for divine understanding, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of life's unresolved mysteries.
The Serenity Prayer Marist Laity Australia
15 December 2023
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference...
Song - Let There Be Peace Matt Maher
15 December 2023
One star burns in the darkness. Shines with the promise, Emmanuel. One child born in the stillness. Living within us, Emmanuel
The Science of Kindness Dr. Laurie Santos
15 December 2023
'The Science of Kindness' discusses how engaging in acts of kindness can lead to increased happiness. Contrary to popular self-care mantras that emphasize treating oneself, the video suggests that happiness is more closely linked to altruistic behaviors, such as volunteering, reaching out to friends, and donating money. Studies cited indicate that people who spend money on others tend to be happier than those who spend on themselves, regardless of the amount. Additionally, being kind has benefits beyond emotional well-being, including physical health improvements like reduced blood pressure and stress levels. The advice offered is to perform acts of kindness, which can be as simple as giving compliments, to harness the psychological benefits of such actions and ultimately contribute to personal happiness.
Song - For King and Country King and Country
14 December 2023
The song 'God Only Knows' by for KING & COUNTRY speaks to the inner struggles and hidden pain that individuals face, which often go unseen by others. It acknowledges the loneliness, fear, and shame that can haunt someone, especially when they feel misunderstood or judged. The lyrics suggest that while people might try to hide their pain and the weight of their experiences, there is a divine understanding and love that sees beyond the facade. This love knows the true self, the hardships one has endured, and offers a nonjudgmental, redemptive kind of love. The song carries a message of hope and encouragement, suggesting that a fresh start is possible and that there's a compassionate presence that knows and loves us completely.
Life will break your heart - Kate Bowler Kate Bowler
01 December 2023
Kate Bowler's speech 'Life Will Break Your Heart' is a powerful and introspective narrative that weaves through her personal journey, beginning with her ambitions and academic pursuits to her unexpected struggle with stage four cancer. Bowler, who specialized in studying the American prosperity gospel, a subset of Christianity that preaches health and wealth as God's rewards for faithfulness, found her life upended by her cancer diagnosis.
The Shack - The Together Scene - Forgiveness Movie - The Shack
25 November 2023
In the movie 'The Shack,' the 'together' scene is a pivotal moment where the main character, Mack, is struggling with the deep pain and anger he feels towards God after the tragic murder of his young daughter. In this scene, God explains to Mack that despite the immense pain he is going through, God has been with him through his suffering, experiencing it alongside him. God is portrayed as being deeply empathetic and sorrowful about Mack's loss. This scene addresses the problem of evil and suffering in the world and God's presence (or perceived absence) in the midst of human pain. It's a cinematic exploration of the theme that God does not cause suffering but is present with humans in their suffering. This scene, like the book it's based on, is an attempt to provide comfort and understanding about how a loving deity can exist in a world where terrible things happen.
TED Talk - The Benefits of Nature for Mental Health Kayann Humble
22 November 2023
The TED talk 'The Benefits of Nature for Mental Health' emphasizes the multifaceted benefits of interacting with nature, particularly its positive impact on mental and physical health. The speaker begins by sharing a personal anecdote about gardening, using this as a segue into a broader discussion about the holistic benefits of nature. It's highlighted that 970 million people worldwide struggle with mental illness, with many others experiencing symptoms that disrupt daily life.
Water from the Rock - Paragraph 43 Water from the Rock
19 November 2023
The story of our spirituality is indeed a simple one. It is a story ofwomen and men who find within a thirst that only God canquench. Having drunk deeply, they find themselves filled with Jesus’own desire – to give flesh to God’s Good News. Moved by the Spirit,urged by God’s own longing to bring life to the world, we becomestreams of living water, flowing through the personal, communal, andministry aspects of our lives.
Blog - Remember who you are Marist Laity Australia
04 November 2023
In the cinematic masterpiece 'The Lion King,' we find Simba grappling with his identity and destiny. The spectral vision of his father, Mufasa, implores him to 'remember who you are,' a pivotal moment that ignites Simba's journey back to his rightful place. However, it is his encounter with the sagacious Rafiki that serves as the true catalyst for Simba's awakening. Rafiki's challenge and the realization of his family's plight galvanize Simba to shift his focus from the frivolities of an aimless existence to a profound desire to forge a difference.

Song - Valuable Lauren Daigle
29 October 2023
The Song conveys a message of inherent worth and divine love. It speaks to someone who, despite their inherent beauty and kindness, struggles with self-worth and might have been influenced by external narratives or past traumas. The text emphasizes the divine's perspective, suggesting that God sees the person's true value, catching every tear and understanding their pain. It's a reminder that no matter how one feels or the stories they've internalized, from a higher perspective, they are infinitely valuable and loved.
Song - Head Above Water Avril Lavigne
20 August 2023
The song 'Head Above Water' by Avril Lavigne reflects themes of struggle, strength, and faith in the face of challenging circumstances. The lyrics convey a sense of being overwhelmed by difficulties, yet seeking the strength to overcome them and keep moving forward. The song's central message is one of resilience and the determination to stay afloat amidst adversity.
Blog - Orges are like onions Marist Laity Australia
11 August 2023
In the original film Shrek, Shrek talks to the donkey about being like an onion with layers. Stating “Ogres are like onions. We both have layers.”Each of us have these layers that need to be stripped away. Sometimes these layers unnecessary as they are, allow us to operate and exist in various settings such as at work, at school, or in our family environments. We have different roles and different expectations. We may even behave differently.
Song - Fix You Cold Play
10 August 2023
'Fix You' by Coldplay is a song that conveys themes of comfort, support, and healing in times of difficulty and despair. The lyrics suggest a deep empathy for someone who is struggling, facing challenges, or experiencing emotional pain. The singer offers to be there for the person, metaphorically using the idea of 'fixing' to represent offering solace, guidance, and emotional support to help them overcome their troubles.Throughout the song, there is a recurring motif of 'lights guiding you home' and 'igniting your bones,' which symbolize hope, guidance, and renewal. The message is about being a source of strength for someone during their darkest moments, and the song encourages the listener to keep pushing forward, even when life feels overwhelming or when faced with loss and heartache.In essence, 'Fix You' is about the power of love, compassion, and empathy to help mend emotional wounds and bring light to difficult situations.
Coffee and the Second Half of Life Marist Laity Australia
04 August 2023
Recently I was sitting outside of a coffee shop waiting while my wife ordered coffee inside. From a distance I overheard two older men in their late 60s talk about business, management and how they can more effectively direct people to do things and be productive. They used words like “2IC” or “second in command”. I reflected silently to myself, “when you are on your death bed, will you care about these things?” and “have they entered the second half of life in a Jungian psychological sense?” When life seems to have fallen apart. Where our systems and or ways of seeing things seem to no longer work. In the Second Half of Life through individuation each person tries to integrate things of deeper of value things which may have been sub conscious through our personal choices and our sense of who we are. Our identity.
Prayer - Veni Sancta Spiritus Taize Community
30 July 2023
There is a rich tradition within the Christian churches of chanting and singing to God. Saint Augustine said “that when you sing you pray twice”.
The Inner Landscape of Beauty - John ODonohue John ODonohue
21 July 2023
In this captivating interview, Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donoghue emphasizes the human calling to embrace beauty. With a deep fascination for the inner human landscape and the interconnectedness of the visible and invisible worlds, O'Donoghue's words continue to resonate even after his untimely passing in 2008. His works, such as 'Anam Cara' and 'Bless the Space Between Us,' have touched hearts worldwide, bringing ancient mystical wisdom to contemporary longings and uncertainties. Growing up in the limestone landscape of County Clare, Western Ireland, O'Donoghue found himself immersed in a world where the divine manifested everywhere and in everything.
How do we live a more integrated life as a Lay Marist? Marist Laity Australia
12 July 2023
In our modern Western culture, it is all too common to compartmentalize various aspects of our lives. We tend to view ourselves through the lenses of our professions, roles, and identities, even how we are feeling in one moment often forgetting the interconnectedness of each part. As Lay Marists, we are called to embrace an integrated life, where our roles as teachers, parents, and members of the community may merge more harmoniously.
Blog - Embracing the real in faith Marist Laity Australia
03 July 2023
In a world inundated with distractions and illusions, it can be challenging to discern what is truly real. As Christians, we are called to seek the truth and embrace authenticity in all aspects of life. Recently, I had a thought-provoking experience that highlighted the stark contrast between the reality of homelessness and the façade of materialism. We explore the significance of encountering the real and how it can deepen our understanding of faith and compassion.
Brené Brown on braving the wilderness Brené Brown
14 June 2023
Brené Brown reflects on their deep admiration for a person referred to as 'my Angela,' who has been their constant source of guidance and inspiration throughout their life. They express their love and appreciation for my Angela's work, except for one quote that has bothered them for decades. The quote suggests that freedom comes from belonging nowhere, which contradicts Brené Brown's understanding of the importance of love and belonging in human suffering. However, upon further exploration, Brené Brown discovers a deeper meaning behind my Angela's words. True belonging, as my Angela explains in an interview, is a spiritual practice that involves finding sacredness in both being a part of something and having the courage to stand alone, even if it means disagreeing or having different opinions. Brené Brown concludes that belonging everywhere and nowhere is liberating.
Blog - How to live the virtue of simplicity Marist Laity Australia
02 June 2023
Living the virtue of simplicity as a Christian in a complex and materialistic world can be challenging, but it is possible with conscious effort and a focus on your faith. Here are some suggestions for embracing simplicity in various aspects of life.
How to deal with dark times | Tim Keller Tim Keller
28 May 2023
This sermon by Tim Keller begins with an apology for the upcoming message, acknowledging the contrast between the joyful worship service and the dark theme of Psalm 88 that will be discussed. The speaker highlights that while the psalms often end with a note of hope, Psalm 88 does not, making it a unique and challenging prayer. The psalm teaches four lessons: darkness can last a long time for a believing Christian, dark times are an opportunity to learn about the grace of God, greatness can be cultivated in dark times, and darkness can be put into perspective. The sermon emphasizes the realism of Christianity, cautioning against false expectations and highlighting the mercy of understanding the reality of suffering. The speaker also discusses how the psalmist's desperate prayer, though not perfect, is included in the Bible as a testament to God's understanding and grace. The sermon concludes by suggesting that dark times are not only places of learning but also opportunities for personal growth and the development of greatness.
Mindful Colouring - Pentecost Marist Laity Australia
28 May 2023
Spend 20 minutes mindfully colouring this artwork. Print the PDF and share this as a family, school or community.
Mindful Colouring - Marcellin teaching in Lavalla Marist Laity Australia
27 May 2023
Spend 20 minutes mindfully colouring this artwork. Print the PDF and share this as a family, school or community.
Mindful Colouring - Aboriginal Childrens Corroborree Marist Laity Australia
21 May 2023
Spend 20 minutes mindfully colouring this artwork. Print the PDF and share this as a family, school or community.
Mindful Colouring 4 - Young John Claude Colin - Praying in the Forest Marist Laity Australia
14 May 2023
Spend 20 minutes mindfully colouring this artwork. Print the PDF and share this as a family, school or community.
Mindful Colouring 3 - 12 yr old Jean Maree Chavoin - her family helping the poor in 1790s Marist Laity Australia
08 May 2023
Spend 20 minutes mindfully colouring this artwork. Print the PDF and share this as a family, school or community.
Mindful Colouring 2 - Marcellin Champagnat Visits Dying Montagne Marist Laity Australia
07 May 2023
Spend 20 minutes mindfully colouring this artwork. Print the PDF and share this as a family, school or community.
Mindful Colouring 1 - Mary Visits Elizabeth Marist Laity Australia
06 May 2023
Spend 20 minutes mindfully colouring this artwork. Print the PDF and share this as a family, school or community.
Song - Show me Your way Hillsong
05 February 2023
Show me Your ways. That I may walk with You. Show me Your ways. I put my hope in You.
The Secret of Successful Relationships of Rupture and Repair School of Life
04 January 2023
Many tensions within a relationships can be looked at within a concept used within psychotherapy. The idea of rupture and repair. For psychotherapists every moment can be a moment of frustration or rupture. When we suffer a loss of trust within another person in someone we can safely deposit our love and where we believe who can be kind and understanding of our needs. The ruptures can be quite small and the outside observers and outside observers see them as imperceptible.
My Guardian Angel Marist Laity Australia
04 January 2023
I call upon my guardian angel, to be more active in my life. In moments of doubt and concern, encourage me to step out of my comfort zone. Challenge me Guardian Angel, to be more motivated in my life To get off the couch of laziness.
Song - Look Up Chosen - Lauren Daigle Lauren Daigle and the Chosen
30 December 2022
Where are You now. When darkness seems to win? Where are You now. When the world is crumbling?
A Fathers love letter to you Fathers Love Letter
30 December 2022
An intimate message from God to you.
Story - Falling down the stairs Father Richard Rohr
29 December 2022
About ten years ago I was invited to dinner by a familyin Cincinnati (it's always nice to invite the pastor). This niceItalian family had three charming children. The youngestwas named Christopher; he had big brown eyes, and hehad just learned to run. After dinner he ran through theliving room and fell down the stairs. But we didn't heara sound or any crying, so we were very worried becausewe didn't know whether he had injured himself.
It’s a Wild Spirit - the Spirit of Mary Noel Davis
29 December 2022
Whatever happened to wild Mary to that spirited village woman who brokethe chains and shattered the moulds that tried to tame and angel her?
Prayers of Gratitude Unknown
29 December 2022
Free PRINTABLE bookmark you could give away as a gift - Thank you, God for creating me and for Loving me. Your love is so powerful yet so gentle. Your life giving grace catches me when I stumble, encourages me when I fail, and assures me that I can do better.
Song - Living Hope Life Church Worship
22 December 2022
How great the chasm that lay between us. How high the mountain I could not climb. In desperation, I turned to heaven. And spoke your name into the night. Then through the darkness. Your loving kindness. Tore through the shadows of my soul. The work is finished, the end is written. Jesus Christ, my living hope
December Cooking Recipes Marist Laity Australia
05 December 2022
Dear ALL, We are looking for your favourite cooking recipes to share with other Marists.As we are getting closer to Christmas, it is great to share these recipes with each other.Please write the title, then List the Ingredients First and Second List the methods or steps to follow.See the examples below.Please click on “Add to conversation”.Thank youMarist Laity Australia
Reflection - The paradox of our time Unknown
02 December 2022
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings,      but shorter tempers; wider freeways,      but narrower view points; we spend more,      but have less; we buy more,
     but enjoy it less.
December Prayer Intention Marist Laity Australia
02 December 2022
Could you please share a “December Prayer Intention” for Marists and other Christians can pray for?
Prayer - Instruments of God Joyce Rupp
30 November 2022
A small, wooden flute, an empty, hollow reed, rests in her silent hand. it awaits the breath of one who creates song through its open form.
Song - Jeremiah 29:11 - Jeremy Lowe Jeremy Lowe
29 November 2022
For I know the plans I haveFor I made you beautifulFor I know the plans I have for youWon't you open up your heartStand & watch my grace aboundFor I know the plans I have for you(They’re good)
November Prayer Intention Marist Laity Australia
20 November 2022
Could you please share a “November Prayer Intention” for Marists and other Christians can pray for?
November Cooking Recipes Marist Laity Australia
20 November 2022
We are looking for your favourite cooking recipes to share with other Marists.
Song - Enya - Pilgrim Enya
30 October 2022
Pilgrim, how you journey. On the road you chose. To find out why the winds die. And where the stories go. All days come from one day. That much you must know. You cannot change what's over. But only where you go.
Song - What A Beautiful Name Anne Wilson
27 October 2022
You were the Word at the beginning. One with God the Lord Most High. Your hidden glory in creation. Now revealed in You our Christ.
Song - God Is In This Story Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave
22 October 2022
There's torn up pages in this book. Words that tell me I'm no good. Chapters that defined me for so long. But the hands of grace and endless love. Dusted off and picked me up. Told my heart that hope is never gone
Overcoming bad inner voices School of Life
21 October 2022
Overcoming bad inner voices. We don't often think about it and may never discuss it with others at all, but pretty much everyone has voices in their heads. A murmuring stream of thoughts that run along our minds most of the time. Sometimes the inner voices are encouraging calling you to run those final few yards. 'You are nearly there. Keep going. Keep going'. Or urging you to come down because you know it will be okay in the end. But sometimes, the inner voice is not very nice at all. It is defeatist, punitive and panic ridden, and humiliating. It does not represent anything like our best insights or most mature capacities.
6 Ways to Process your Feelings in Writing Therapy in a Nutshell
10 July 2022
I am going to teach you another way to process emotions. This is a powerful way to process all the jumble of emotions that are all up in your head. Therapists have this phrase 'make the implicit explicit'. You might think you are doing something wrong. But what the academics are saying take something inside your head and to make it clear. Solid. External. Something you can physically touch almost. One thing that is common among all therapy is making the implicit explicit. Taking the vague and making it solid. This is an effective way to solve problems. To resolve internal conflicts and too sooth painful emotions.
Journal Your Way to Spiritual Growth NCR - Katie Warner
08 July 2022
For many, the spiritual life may not seem to require the presence of a writing utensil, but some Catholic groups are encouraging journaling in connection with one’s faith to bring about fruitful spiritual progress in the lives of individual Catholics.
Blog - Journaling is a spiritual tool Marist Laity Australia
08 July 2022
The year of 1992 changed my life because my English teacher asked me to get a second exercise book and start journaling at the beginning of each lesson for 10 minutes. For the past 30 years I have kept a journal. Through the ups and the downs. Especially in difficult moments. Keeping a journal has helped me process my emotions. When someone has died. Breaking up with a girlfriend. Losing a job. Changing jobs. Dealing with major family issues. Mental illness. COVID. The list could go on.
Who is our true self? Father Richard Rohr
03 July 2022
Our True self is who we really are. Who we are before God. In contrast our false self is who we think we are. It is our mental self-image and social agreement, which most people spend their lives living up to
Steve Biddulph and the lightbulb moment Steve Biddulph
03 July 2022
Steve Biddulph likes to remind us that humans are 'big sensitive mammals' with needs for connection and self awareness.
How to Get in Touch With Your Feelings... and Why It Matters School of Life
18 June 2022
Many of our sensations are like bells which may not have no solid hard wire back to our consciousness. They ring at a peculiar frequency that is not picked up by our minds when these have been attuned incorrectly. This may for example, happen around tiredness. Our body may have growth extremely weary over many years, but consciousness may not be simply interested because it has been calibrated only to an agenda which sets store by a fast paced pursuit of status and money.
Song - Getting Started Jeremy Camp
11 March 2022
Are you running round in circles with no place to go?Is there a person in the mirror you don't even know?Someone still sees who you are
Song - A Beautiful Day - Jamie Grace Jamie Grace
26 January 2022
Wake up and smile 'cause it's been awhile. It's been like a whole day since I stopped so You could hold meThis child awaits, strong in the faith. Lord you are the refuge that I can't wait to get to'Cause I can't let a day go. Can't let a day go by. Without thanking you for the joy that you bring to my life.
Song - Patience People John Foley, S.J
06 December 2021
John Foley, S.J. Patience, people, till the Lord is come.
Song - Slow Down - Nichole Nordeman Nichole Nordeman
17 November 2021
Slow down. Won't you stay here a minute more. I know you want to walk through the door. But it's all too fast. Let's make it last a little while. I pointed to the sky and now you wanna fly. I am your biggest fan. I hope you know I am. But do you think you can somehow. Slow down
Song - God of Wonders Chris Tomlin
12 October 2021
Lord of all creation. Lord of water, earth and sky. The heavens are your Tabernacle. Glory to the Lord on high
Blog - Stop the Violence Marist Laity Australia
09 October 2021
In 2020 there are estimates that people world-wide spent $152 billion on computer games. Most of these computer games promote violence. Some of these top games include Hitman 3, Resident Evil Village and Deathloop 2021. These games simulate killing where users glorify murder.
Prayer for the Sabbath Marcia Falk
09 October 2021
At Candlelight May this Sabbath lift our spirits, lighten our hearts.Washing the Hands: Washing the hands, We call to mind the Holiness of the body.
Prayer of Springs Return Andrew Dumas
05 October 2021
Dear God, We celebrate the dawning of spring. As the sun rises on a new day, and as the rain of winter is blown away, may we awaken to the new life deep from within.
Acceptance and Mental Health School of Life
25 September 2021
Can we accept our imperfections? What philosophies can we take to recognise the nature of our humanity both fragile and sometimes not perfect. This will allow ourselves to be ourselves and less defensive. With a philosophy of acceptance. Our pains fit into a broader picture.
Song - Halo Beyonce
19 September 2021
Remember those walls I built. Well, baby, they're tumbling down. And they didn't even put up a fight. They didn't even make a sound
Song - Overwhelmed Big Daddy Weave
15 September 2021
By Big Daddy Weave. I see the work of Your hands. Galaxies spin in a heavenly dance, oh God. All that You are is so overwhelming.

An encounter of the environment, land and identity Anglican Parish of Gosford
13 September 2021
The theologian and ecologist Thomas Berry says, 'We are talking only to ourselves. We are not talking to the rivers, we are not listening to the wind and stars. We have broken the great conversation. By breaking that conversation we have shattered the universe. Berry goes on to say, “The universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.”
Good Good Father Chris Tomlin
05 September 2021
By Chris Tomlin. Oh, I've heard a thousand stories of what they think You're like. But I've heard the tender whisper of love in the dead of night. And You tell me that You're pleased and that I'm never alone
Meeting the Trinity scene - The Shack Movie - The Shack
20 August 2021
Macks daughter was brutally killed by a man. Through an encounter in the shack where Mack tries to find the killer of his child, he is knocked unconscious and has an encounter where he meets the Trinity or God.
Jesus you raise me up Josh Groban
03 August 2021
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas. I am strong, when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up to more than I can be.
Song - Lord I need you Chris Tomlin
01 August 2021
Lord I come, I confess. Bowing here, I find my rest. Without You, I fall apart. You're the one that guides my heart.
2 min Reflection - How to build resilience School of Life
01 August 2021
It’s perfectly normal to feel weak, lost, and unable to cope. Here is a collection of thoughts to remind us of our inner reserves of resilience.
Prayer - Let Go and Trust God Beatrix von Watzdorf
09 July 2021
Listen to a 10 minute guided meditation on letting go and trusting God.
Song - Peace Be Still Hope Darst
09 July 2021
Peace be still. Say the word and I will. Set my feet upon the sea. Till I'm dancing in the deep. Peace be still. You are here so it is well. Even when my eyes can't see. I will trust the voice that speaks
Blog - ‘Who do you say I am’ is transformational Marist Laity Australia
19 June 2021
Jesus poses the question to his followers “Who do you say I am?” in Matthew 16:13-16, Mark 8:27-29, and Luke 9:18-20. When we listen to the question, we hear a surface level answer “some say John the Baptist, still others Elijah, while others one of the prophets”. But Jesus is looking for a deeper answer “who do you say I am?” Simon responds, “You are the Messiah”. But in in effect the Messiah was something they did not expect. Jesus was not a political Messiah who would free Jews from the Romans. But are we today to answer also with surface level answers? Jesus’ is someone far beyond our words or labels. In effect, the question is an existential question. A question which could have an infinite ending. When Moses asks the burning bush for a name God answers, “I am who I am” (Exodus 3:14).
Song - Praise You In This Storm Natalie Grant
18 June 2021
I was sure by now. God, You would have reached down. And wiped our tears away. Stepped in and saved the day. And once again. I say, 'A-men' and it's still rainin'

Trusting God in the Storm of Chaos Above Inspiration
18 June 2021
We are all sailing across the sea of life. Some of you are sailing across a storm right now. God didn’t promise smooth sailing. But, he did promise you will reach the other side. Some of you have lost your jobs. Some of you are going through a marriage crisis. Some of you are experiencing business failures. Some of you are going through a time of illness. Some of you have experienced unexpected tragedy. It is like lightning striking you out of a clear blue heaven. What can we learn from chaos?
Prayer by Saint Hildegard of Bingen Saint Hildegard of Bingen
06 June 2021
Pray with the healing power of Christ. In twelfth century German Saint Hildegard of Bingen had a vision of a “man in sapphire blue” whom she named as Christ who is present in all things. Christ is “the son of justice having the lightning of burning love and existing with such glory that every creature becomes illuminated by the brightness of his light.” He bends “compassionately in the direction of the poverty of the human race.” We become that Blue Man; we become the compassionate Christ; we become the radiance of God.
Journaling improves mental health Hayley Phelan
28 May 2021
Studies have also found that writing in a journal can lead to better sleep, a stronger immune system, more self-confidence and a higher I.Q.
A 30 day journalling project Matt D Avella
28 May 2021
A 30 day project of seeing whether journalling works...
Holy Spirit by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes
23 May 2021
Holy Spirit, You are welcome here. Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere. Your glory, God, is what our hearts long forTo be overcome by Your presence, Lord
Reflection - Life is an opportunity Unknown
09 May 2021
Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.Life is beauty, admire it. Life is bliss, taste it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it.
Actions Speak Louder Than Words Craig Larkin sm
19 April 2021
There is a vehement passion in man. That propels him to search for God. In these days, This drive, as it appears, Is inarticulate, And dimly realised.
Stop comparing yourself to others Dean Furnness
18 April 2021
When you stop comparing yourself to others, you can accomplish great things, says wheelchair athlete Dean Furness. He shares how, after losing the use of his legs in an accident, he discovered a powerful new mindset focused on redefining his 'personal average' and getting better little by little.
A Broken Bowl in Japan Chamieh Anas
13 April 2021
When a bowl is broken in Japan, it's put back together with the cracks being filled with gold, creating a beautiful lining. This is to emphasize the beauty in what was once broken, they believe that when something has suffered damage and has a history. It makes it more beautiful and the same goes for human beings, everything that you're going through.
Video - Dadirri Miriam Rose
23 March 2021
Spend 3 minutes in meditation with Dadirri. Aboriginal spirituality of Deep Listening. Guided by Aboriginal Elder Miriam Rose.
God has a plan for you. Chadwick Boseman
20 March 2021
By Chadwick Boseman. Sometimes you need to get knocked down before you. Can really figure out what your fight is. And how you need to fight it. Sometimes you need to feel the pain and sting of defeat. To active the real passion. And purpose that GOD predestined inside of you. GOD says in jeremiah.
Song - I Wont Let You Go Switch Foot
16 March 2021
By Switchfoot. When it feels like surgery. And it burns like third degree. And you wonder what is it worth?When your inside's breaking in. And you feel that ache again. And you wonder what's giving birth?
4-7-8 Breathing Exercise Go Zen
03 March 2021
This is a great breathing exercise for both adults and children to help alleviate anxiety. Basic breathing exercises that encourage breath control can help release stress. Feel free to modify it so it suits your comfort level and needs.
Song - You Are The Reason Calum Scott
03 March 2021
There goes my heart beating. 'Cause you are the reason. I'm losing my sleep. Please come back now.There goes my mind racing.And you are the reason. That I'm still breathing. I'm hopeless now.
Basketball and Dreams Movie - Pursuit of Happyness
02 March 2021
I donot want you shooting this ball around with you all night.
The Great Divide Parker Palmer
28 February 2021
By Parker Palmer. We live in a world where to let our own identity and integrity reveal itself. We build this wall partly for interior reasons. As we grow older, we work our way through a series of institutions. Especially, schools and the workplace. Where we are actively taught to keep that wall high, wide and thick.
To plant a seed Carl Cregg
27 February 2021
Every moment and every event of every person’s life on earth plants something in her or his soul. For just as the wind carries thousands of winged seeds, so each moment brings with it germs of spiritual vitality that come to rest imperceptibly in the minds and wills of men and women.
Prayer for Letting Go Unknown
26 February 2021
In the end what matters most is:How well did you live? How well did you love? How well did you learn to let go?
A Prayer of Relinquishment Unknown
25 February 2021
Today, O Lord, I yield myself to you. May your will be my delight today. May your way have perfect sway in me. May your love be the pattern of my living.
Song - Sacred Silence Tom Booth
25 February 2021
Sacred silence, Holy ocean. Gentle waters, washing over me. Help me listen, Holy Spirit. Come and speak to me. God my father, Christ my brother
The Primacy of Soul Parker Palmer
20 February 2021
By Parker Palmer. Whenever I speak to people about soul I always try and acknowledge the fact that this is one of those words has to be held very lightly because it points towards a mystery. It is a mystery which nobody has the true name or the real story.
The Empty Water Jar (Prayer inspired by John 4:28)
17 February 2021
Jesus, I come into the warmth of your presence knowing that you are the very emptiness of God. I come before you holding the water jar of my life. Your eyes meet mine and I know what I'd rather not know.
Want to be happy? Brother David Steindl-Rast
31 January 2021
Want to be happy? Be grateful | David Steindl-Rast. The one thing all humans have in common is that each of us wants to be happy, says Brother David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar. And happiness, he suggests, is born from gratitude. An inspiring lesson in slowing down, looking where you're going, and above all, being grateful.
Shawn Mendes - Wonder Shawn Mendes
25 January 2021
An inspiration song by Shawn Mendes about wondering. To be loved by a significant other. Is this significant other .... God?
Amazing Grace - Garth Brooks Garth Brooks
20 January 2021
An Amazing version of Amazing Grace by Garth Brooks Garth Brooks performs 'Amazing Grace' at Joe Biden's inauguration.
Blessed be the longing Unknown
16 January 2021
Blessed be the longing that brought you here and that quickens your soul with wonder. May you have the courage to befriend your eternal longing. May you enjoy the critical and creative companionship of the question: 'Who am I?' and may it brighten your longing.
Photo of two cuddling penguins Tobias Baumgaertner's
26 December 2020
A picture of two little penguins cuddling as the lights of Melbourne's CBD twinkle in the background has won a top photography award. German photographer Tobias Baumgaertner's image, taken at St Kilda in 2019, took out the community prize for Oceanographic magazine's Ocean Photograph Awards.

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